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SWJ El Centro, or "downtown" in Spanish, is our town square for analysis and discussion of Latin America's guerilla wars and criminal insurgencies.  More about El Centro here.

Recent El Centro Journal Articles and SWJ Blog Posts:

by SWJ Editors | Sat, 08/15/2020 - 6:09pm | 1 comment
A new discussion paper from the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) looks at negotiating with criminal groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. Small Wars Journal – El Centro Fellow Vanda Felbab-Brown is principal author of the work.
by SWJ Editors | Sat, 08/15/2020 - 5:50pm | 1 comment
The Atlantic Council has released a report on Venezuela's joint criminal enterprise and its threat to regional security. The report written by Small Wars Journal – El Centro Fellow Douglas Farah is entitled "THE MADURO REGIME’S ILLICIT ACTIVITIES: A Threat to Democracy in Venezuela and Security in Latin America."
by SWJ Editors | Thu, 07/30/2020 - 10:04pm | 0 comments
Justice in Mexico Project at the University of San Diego has released the second edition of Organized Crime and Violence in Mexico. This 2020 Special Report was formerly known as Drug Violence in Mexico.
by SWJ Editors | Wed, 07/08/2020 - 7:39pm | 0 comments
Small Wars Journal – El Centro Fellows Gary J. Hale and Nathan P. Jones just published a Policy Brief on Organized Crime and COVID-19 at the Center for the United States and Mexico at Rice University’s Baker institute for Public Policy.
by SWJ Editors | Sun, 06/14/2020 - 3:57pm | 0 comments
Two Pacific narco submarine seizures demonstrate evolving smuggling trends. This includes common vessel fabrication. This summary describes the interdictions and vessels (low-profile vessels) encountered and links to the orinal analysis by HI Sutton.
by The Washington Post | Tue, 04/14/2020 - 9:12am | 20 comments
"In Afghanistan, the Taliban has dispatched health teams to far-flung provinces to confront the coronavirus. In Mexico, drug cartels are offering aid packages to those feeling its economic impact. In Brazil and El Salvador, gangs enforce curfews to prevent its spread."