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Privacy Policy

Small Wars Journal is operated by Small Wars Foundation, a private, non-profit company. We respect your privacy. We do not and will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We are not a government or official site.

BLUF - we require a valid email address from registered users to gain full access to the site. We protect it as sensitive compartmentalized information and will take it to the grave with us. We don't collect or want any other personal information.

SWJ uses commonly available web tools to analyze page views and other aggregate usage patterns, in order to improve and market the site. This does NOT involve the collection or use of your personal information.

SWJ offers increased functionality and interactivity on the site to registered users. Registered users must provide a valid, authenticated email address with their account, primarily as a spam prevention measure. Your email address is private to your account and protected within the site. We will only use your e-mail address for essential communications from the administrators related to the management of the site.

We use Drupal and vBulletin, two widely used and highly regarded software packages. The software offers various user profiles and community features that enhance your interactions on the site. Any optional information entered there is controlled by the user through the user control panels. You can find out more about Drupal at, and more about using vBulletin in the Small Wars Council FAQs or at Jelsoft's vBulletin website. By the way, we want to integrate the logins and profiles in a future improvement.

Most SWJ transactions are processed by PayPal. We only receive name, email address, confirmation of the amount paid, and, if applicable, shipping address. Your billing and payment information stays with PayPal subject to their privacy policy.

In theory, we will cooperate with duly authorized law enforcement agencies investigating criminal activity; in practice, we haven't had to and don't expect to. Other than that, we will not willingly and knowingly release your personal information to any entity, private or governmental.

We welcome your e-mails and other correspondence with SWJ. When you contact us, we may quote or reference you in our pages and works, using our judgment and discretion when deciding whether or how to do so. If you have any concerns or specific limitations you would like to place on material you send us, communicate them clearly when you transmit the material. If you are overly concerned, don't send it.