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SWJ El Centro, or "downtown" in Spanish, is our town square for analysis and discussion of Latin America's guerilla wars and criminal insurgencies.  More about El Centro here.

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by Center for Complex Operations | Sat, 10/24/2015 - 1:07pm | 0 comments

Continue on for information on this CCO event and how to attend or view it online.

by The Washington Post | Fri, 09/25/2015 - 2:24am | 0 comments

"A sophisticated farm-to-arm supply chain is fueling America’s surging heroin appetite, causing heroin to surpass cocaine and meth to become the nation’s No. 1 drug threat."

by Dave Dilegge | Wed, 09/16/2015 - 11:08am | 2 comments

Millions of Central Americans live outside their countries, with 80 percent living in the US, according to research into the connections between food insecurity, violence, and migration.

by John P. Sullivan, by Robert Bunker, by Dave Dilegge | Tue, 08/11/2015 - 4:20pm | 0 comments

Small Wars Journal and Small Wars Journal-El Centro are pleased to announce an updated line up for the Small Wars Journal-El Centro Fellows for 2015.

by SWJ Editors | Thu, 08/06/2015 - 7:57am | 1 comment

"U.S. officials worry that a confluence of powerful drug-trafficking cartels, terrorist groups and an insecure southern border poses a strategic threat."

by SWJ Editors | Sun, 07/12/2015 - 1:57pm | 0 comments

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman broke out of a high security prison on Saturday night for the second time.

by Robert Bunker | Sat, 06/27/2015 - 7:00pm | 0 comments

They hid in plain sight, the homebrew gun club for a powerful new gang, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.