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About El Centro

El Centro is SWJ's focus on small wars in Latin America. The elephant in the hemispheric room is clearly the epidemic criminal, cartel and gang threat, fueled by a drug and migration economy, rising to the level of local and national criminal insurgencies and a significant US national security risk. El Centro explores those and other issues across the US Southern Border Zone, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America to develop a better understanding of the national and regional challenges underlying past, present, and future small wars.

The El Centro Main section presents relevant Small Wars Journal articles and SWJ Blog posts. Other sections have a reading list and research links of relevant external works. We do link to some Spanish language resources and occasionally put up an article in both Spanish and English, but we are pretty much mainly operating in English. We look forward to being able to roll out more El Centro content, en Español, dentro de poco.

The El Centro Fellows are a group of professionals with expertise in and commitment to the region who support SWJ's approach to advancing our field and have generously agreed to join us in our El Centro endeavor. With their help and with continued development on our site's news and library sections, we look forward to providing more El Centro-relevant SWJ original material and more useful access to other important works and resources in the future.

Small Wars Journal−El Centro publishes curated content, including opinion essays, research notes, and research articles. All content is reviewed by members of the SWJ−El Centro Board of Fellows and/or select subject matter experts. Research articles are additionally subject to double-anonymous peer review.