Small Wars Journal

US Army Command and General Staff College Writing Awards

Via the Fort Leavenworth Lamp: The Command and General Staff College’s Golden Pen Award program recognizes personnel assigned to the college for their literary achievements. Four Small Wars Journal articles make the cut.

Michael C. Sevcik, School of Command Preparation, “Army Learning Concept 2015: These are Not the Droids You are Looking For”, Small Wars Journal.

Dr. Dan G. Cox, SAMS, “The Test Case in Afghanistan for Special Operating Forces”, Small Wars Journal.

Dale C. Eikmeier, DJIMO, “Design versus the Center of Gravity”, Small Wars Journal.

Barry M. Stentiford, SAMS, "The Most Dangerous Dumb Idea that Will Not Die", Small Wars Journal.

Kudos to the authors and a hearty thanks for contributing to SWJ!