Super Bowl and Development Spending Compared

Just food for thought: Super Bowl and Development Spending Compared - Washington Post Infographic.

Between 2003 and 2012, the Super Bowl has generated $1.85 billion in network advertising sales from more than 130 marketers, according to Kantar Media. And as you chuckle at a particularly droll Budweiser commercial on Sunday, you might think to yourself, “But how many mosquito nets would this ad pay for?”

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You do not wish to start wandering down that path. If you do, you'll find mind blowing numbers like:
- 2.4 billion dollars spend on candy in the weeks leading up to Halloween...
- 17.6 billion dollars spend on Valentines Day...
- 59.1 billion dollars spend during the Thanksgiving Hollidays...
- 242.5 billion dollars spend during Christmas...
These are US numbers alone - try doing it on Europe too and matching the numbers to possible actions such as clean water, immunization, education, disaster relief etc. in developing countries.
I'm usually not a cynic, but in this case, you will achieve nothing but getting a very bad taste in your mouth...
So, brush your teeth, flush, and donate as much as you can spare to UNICEF or
I promise you - you'll feel a lot better instantly.