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Super Bowl and Development Spending Compared

Just food for thought: Super Bowl and Development Spending Compared - Washington Post Infographic.

Between 2003 and 2012, the Super Bowl has generated $1.85 billion in network advertising sales from more than 130 marketers, according to Kantar Media. And as you chuckle at a particularly droll Budweiser commercial on Sunday, you might think to yourself, “But how many mosquito nets would this ad pay for?”


You do not wish to start wandering down that path. If you do, you'll find mind blowing numbers like:
- 2.4 billion dollars spend on candy in the weeks leading up to Halloween...
- 17.6 billion dollars spend on Valentines Day...
- 59.1 billion dollars spend during the Thanksgiving Hollidays...
- 242.5 billion dollars spend during Christmas...
These are US numbers alone - try doing it on Europe too and matching the numbers to possible actions such as clean water, immunization, education, disaster relief etc. in developing countries.
I'm usually not a cynic, but in this case, you will achieve nothing but getting a very bad taste in your mouth...
So, brush your teeth, flush, and donate as much as you can spare to UNICEF or
I promise you - you'll feel a lot better instantly.