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Egypt News Update II

Thu, 07/04/2013 - 10:53pm

Egypt Update II:

Egypt Swears in Interim President - VOA

Little-Known Judge Sworn in as Interim President - WP

New President Sworn In, Ousted Leader Arrested - WSJ

Morsi Aides Arrested in Widening Sweep - NYT

Egypt Gets New Leader, Uncertain Future - USAT

Interim President Sworn in Amid Crackdown in Egypt - AP

Picking a Political Unknown to Lead Sends Powerful Message - VOA

Egypt Military Cracks Down on Muslim Brotherhood - LAT

Egypt Army Moves Against Brotherhood - BBC

Top Islamist Officials Charged - WP

Mass Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders as Egypt Army Takes Grip - DT

With Egypt's Morsi Detained, a Muslim Brotherhood in Turmoil - CSM

Brotherhood Rejects Role in Transition as Jurist Is Sworn In - NYT

Islamist Gunmen Stage Multiple Attacks on Forces in Sinai - JP

Egypt's Brotherhood Won't Work With 'Usurpers' - VOA

Egypt Prepares for Backlash as Morsi Allies Reject New Regime - TG

Egyptians Struggle to Define ‘New Revolution’ - AP

Egyptians Defend Military as Morsi Remains in Custody - McClatchy

After Morsi, Future of Egypt's Rebel Movement Uncertain - LAT

Egypt Army Allows 'Peaceful Protest' - BBC

Army Says Right to Protest Protected, Urges Restraint - Reuters

ElBaradei Seeks to Justify Morsi Ouster - NYT

Rights Groups Decry Egyptian Media Crackdown - AP

Obama Meets with Aides on Egypt - USAT

Arrests of Islamists Pose Test for US Military Aid - NYT

US Hopes to Use Aid as Incentive to Restore Democracy - TG

A Coup? Or Something Else? $1.5 Billion in US Aid on the Line - NYT

Coup in Egypt: The Middle East Responds - LAT

African Union Likely to Suspend Egypt - VOA

African Union Likely to Suspend Egypt After Army Deposes President - Reuters

Gulf Arabs Greet Egypt's New Leader, Turkey Slams 'Coup' - VOA

Arab Leaders Glad Morsi Gone, Signaling Rare Moment of Unity - WP

Turkey Slams Morsi's Military Ouster - AP

Abbas Rejoices, Hamas Goes Quiet After Egyptian President's Fall - Reuters

Tunisia's Islamists Slam 'Flagrant Coup' in Egypt - AP

Tunisian Rulers Bemoan Egypt's 'Coup Against Legitimacy' - Reuters

Israel Tight-Lipped on Egypt Events - WP

World Bank Chief Says Hopes to Continue Egypt Programs - Reuters

Coup May Give Egypt Window to Tackle Economic Problems - Reuters

Egypt Foreign Minister to Kerry: No 'Military Coup' - Reuters

Coup or No Coup? - BBC

Coup? What Coup? Egyptians See No Evil - Reuters

Q&A: Crisis Explained - BBC

Profile: Adly Mahmud Mansour - BBC

Analysis: What Went Wrong in Egypt? Everything - USAT

Analysis: A Rough Road Ahead for Polarized Egyptians - LAT

Analysis: Revolutionary Reset? - BBC

Analysis: When a Coup is a 'Military Intervention' - TG

Analysis: A Dangerous Moment in the Middle East - BBC

Analysis: Morsi's Fall a Blow to Islamists - AP

Analysis: Cautious Toward Middle East, Obama Gets Second Chance - Reuters

In Pictures: Egypt Crisis - BBC

Egypt’s Next Steps - WP editorial

Egypt's Rough Road to Democracy - LAT editorial

Egypt Must Complete Revolution with the Ballot Box - DT editorial

A Chance to Get it Right - CSM editorial

US Must Suspend Aid - WP editorial

Egypt’s Revolution Part II - NYT opinion

Egypt's Students of Democracy - LAT opinion

Military Has Not Just Ousted Morsi, Democracy Too - TG opinion

Egypt Presents 'Paradoxical Situation' - USAT opinion

A Coup, but Backed by the People - NYT opinion

Witnessing a Coup in Egypt - WSJ opinion

Time for a New US Policy Toward Egypt - WP opinion