The fundamentalist rulers of Iran are confident that their goal of establishing a coalition of Shia countries and regions under their control is nearing fruition.

As the Peshmerga retreats in northern Iraq, two American foreign policy experts answer questions about America’s relationship with the Kurds.

Hanna Bohman and Joanna Palani. What do a former model from Canada and a politics student from Denmark have in common?

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The principal recommendation for NATO reform here, is to expel Turkey, recognize Kurdistan, and end Ankara’s pipe dream of accession to the European Union.

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The best example of a group worthy of our attention, care and support is the northern Syria all-female self-defense unit, the Women's Protection Units (or Women's Defense Units - YPJ).

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What role does Iraq play in the development of the Syrian crisis?

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Turkey and the PKK - whither U.S. policy?