October, 2012

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October, 2012

Articles Published During October, 2012

10/01 - The Syrian Army's Switch to Murder by Daniel R. DePetris
10/01 - Multi-National Corporations and Stability Operations: A New Role? by Jason Thomas
10/02 - Learning the Wrong Lessons: Where Does the Air Force Go From Here? by Peter Garretson
10/03 - Carl von Clausewitz, Meet Albert Einstein and Max Planck by Grant M. Martin
10/03 - The Iranian View of Stage Two of the Arab Spring by Robert Sharp and Sterling Jensen
10/04 - Iraq in the Middle Part VII: Joost Hiltermann on Iraq’s Relations with Israel by Robert Tollast and Joost Hiltermann
10/05 - Enhancing Red Team Performance: Driving Measurable Value and Quality Outcomes with Process Improvement by Scott Swanson
10/08 - Approaches to Effective Service in Afghanistan by David J. Katz
10/09 - Winning Hearts and Minds During COIN Campaigns by James Khalil
10/10 - We Have Encountered the Enemy... And it is Us by Andrew Lembke
10/11 - War on Terror: Radicalization and Expansion of the Threats by Alain Bauer
10/12 - NATO: ‘Victory Has Defeated You’ by Miguel Nunes Silva
10/15 - Goldwater-Nichols II: It’s Not What You Think by Dan McCauley
10/16 - The Regularity of Irregular Warfare by Robert B. Scaife
10/17 - Narrative Led Operations: Put the Narrative First by Thomas Elkjer Nissen
10/18 - People and Culture: Who Cares? by Scott Kinner
10/19 - It's Not About Us by James Thomas Snyder
10/22 - Abu Sayyaf Crime, Ideology, Autonomy Movement? The Complex Evolution of a Militant Islamist Group in the Philippines by Margaret M. Read
10/22 - Beirut, Oh Mistress of the World by Robert Sharp and Sterling Jensen
10/23 - The (Camouflage) Things They Carried by Chris Miller
10/24 - Policy and Strategy in the New Drug War by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus
10/25 - Using Risk Management to Solve Strategic Problems by Mark Phillips
10/26 - Sharing the Wealth: Burma’s Post-Military Rule and Natural Resource Governance by Kirk Talbott, John Waugh and Douglas Batson
10/29 - Rebalancing the US Military for 21st Century Threats by Octavian Manea and Janine Davidson
10/30 - The Russian Counterinsurgency Operation in Chechnya Part 1: Winning the Battle, Losing the War, 1994 – 1996 by Matthew N. Janeczko
10/31 - Why Arresting “El Chapo” Might Be a Bad Thing by Sylvia Longmire

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