Small Wars Journal

SWJ Magazine, Expeditionary Variant

Interim editions of 10 new articles are published now in the new SWJ Magazine. More will be going up very soon.

Many thanks to all who have contributed content, and to those of you out there who are reading it. We continue to be amazed at the quantity and quality of interest and participation in the Small Wars community of interest.

This is very much an ugly "pardon our dust" phase on the SWJ Magazine. Published authors generally get the support of editors, graphics folks, etc. To date, most of ours haven't even gotten the thank you note they richly deserve, because our hair is on fire trying to keep up. But their ideas are solid, and have impressed our peer reviewers to approve the articles on the strength of those ideas and their basic presentation. So we slapped a cover page on the articles and shoved them across the LD with our not-quite-ready new format. We will boot-strap in the appropriate improvements: dressing up the presentation of these interim articles as we continue to build in site features for usability. All the good that is in there is on the authors; all the ugliness is on us. But the alternative -- sitting on quality articles that are meaningful now to our community -- is worse.

To our authors that have content still hanging fire in peer review: sorry, we owe you a sitrep. Yes, we're behind, but now the logjam is broken and things are starting to flow.

Some other notes, in no particular order:

  • We are putting out individual articles now, something we didn't do before.
  • We will still publish volumes of SWJ Magazine -- compendiums of articles, and some special editions. Stay tuned.
  • You can now comment on the articles, just like you do on the blog. Click on the "comment" link. It requires a free and easy TypeKey registration. More info in our Privacy Policy.