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Kabul Direct

SWJ just received by e-mail this introductory edition of Kabul Direct.

Dear Friend of Afghanistan (and to our foes too, should we still have any left!)

Attached please find the first edition of Kabul Direct, the first English-language journal produced by Afghans in Afghanistan.

In this introductory issue, we have three exclusive in-depth interviews with:

  • The former Taliban foreign minister and personal spokesman for Mullah Omar;

  • The first elected leader of Afghanistan's other leading insurgent party, Hizbe-Islami; and,

  • Afghanistan's own Al Qaeda expert and former official in the Taliban's foreign ministry

Find out why all of these close observers and former associates of the insurgents in Afghanistan believe that peace negotiations will succeed and should have started yesterday. Also learn why they think Afghanistan will never dissolve into a sectarian conflict like Iraq has.

We also bring you news analysis of the fragile situation in the north and the risk the increasing insecurity there poses to Kabul - and all of Afghanistan's allies.

We feel this is one news analysis publication you cannot afford to miss.

We at Kabul Direct are bringing you the news straight from Afghanistan as only locals can.

Thank you for your interest in Afghanistan, our beloved country, and for your support.

And please help us in our effort by subscribing!


Rahmani Rahmani, Editor-in-Chief

The document is marked "Free, Introductory Edition" and is not visibily copyrighted or otherwise limited in its distribution. So we've posted it here.

This issue has been produced with love by an all-volunteer staff.

We are asking our readers to help us cover our costs. Please send whatever you can to assist us in this effort.

The document provides a phone number and e-mail should you choose to respond to that or the subscription plea.