Small Wars Journal

Foreign Policy: March-April 2009

Lot's of good stuff in the current issue of Foreign Policy. Here are the lead articles:

The Axis of Upheaval by Niall Ferguson

Forget Iran, Iraq, and North Korea—Bush's "Axis of Evil." As economic calamity meets political and social turmoil, the world's worst problems may come from countries like Somalia, Russia, and Mexico. And they're just the beginning.

The Most Dangerous Place in the World by Jeffrey Gettleman

Somalia is a state governed only by anarchy. A graveyard of foreign-policy failures, it has known just six months of peace in the past two decades. Now, as the country's endless chaos threatens to engulf an entire region, the world again simply watches it burn.

Reversal of Fortune by Arkady Ostrovsky

Vladimir Putin's social contract has been premised on an authoritarian state delivering rising incomes and resurgent power. But the economic crisis is unraveling all that. And what comes next in Russia might be even worse.

State of War by Sam Quinones

Mexico's hillbilly drug smugglers have morphed into a raging insurgency. Violence claimed more lives there last year alone than all the Americans killed in Iraq. And there's no end in sight.

Much more at Foreign Policy.