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COIN Center FM 3-24 Update Webcast

The US Army Counterinsurgency Center will provide an update on progress made so far with the revision of FM 3-24 (Counterinsurgency) and then discuss two issue papers, to include clear-hold-build as an approach, and force ratios. LTC John Paganini, Director of the Counterinsurgency Center will lead the discussion and moderate comments from audience members.

Three issue papers are available for downloading. Previously two drafts were were posted and one, Definitions, was discussed during the January webcast. Three papers are now finalized and the Counterinsurgency Center invites those interested to respond with comments or suggestions during the webcast or via email to Papers are available at the FM3-24 Revision tab on the Counterinsurgency Center public website (

The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, 16 February 2012 at 1000 CST (1100 EST, 15:00 ZULU)

Those interested in attending may view the meeting online at and participate via Defense Connect Online (DCO) as a guest. Remote attendees will be able to ask questions and view the slides through the software.



Fri, 02/17/2012 - 7:54am

In Change to the COIN, GEN Dempsey writes the following in the forward: “This chart portrayed the spectrum of conflict and operational themes. For time, it contributed to our understanding of full spectrum operations. However, it inadvertently established a false dichotomy regarding whether we must prepare for irregular warfare or for major combat operations. In the next revision of FM 3-0, we will sharpen our language regarding full spectrum operations. We will emphasize our Army’s capability to conduct both combined arms maneuver and wide area security the former necessary to gain the imitative and the later necessary to consolidate gains and set conditions for stability operations, security force assistance, and reconstruction. We must be capable of both and often simultaneously. “
My interpretation of this statement is the COIN tasks are integrated into FSO. The Army’s ability to conduct combined arms maneuver (Clear) is trained as well as it’s ability to conduct wide area security simultaneously. COIN and FSO aren’t separate tasks to trained I would assume that soon what we now know as the C-METL will be just be the METL.
Major Vernon D. Greer
ILE Student