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8 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan Defense Minister Resigns After Parliamentary Vote - VOA

At Least Nine Dead as Bomb Rips Through Bus Near Kabul - S&S

Afghan Minibus May Have Been Mistaken Target - NYT

Afghans Beat Suspected Bomber - WP

2 Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Council in East - AP

UN: Afghan Civilian Deaths Down but Trend Eroding - AP

2 Gunmen in Afghan Uniforms Kill US Soldier - AP

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,941 - AP

Afghan Athlete Runs for More than Speed - WP opinion



Syria Instability Leaves US at Crossroads - WP

US Seeks Smooth but Unlikely Transition in Syria - AP

Syrian Rebels Feel Abandoned by US - WP

Syrian Rebels Pull Back in Aleppo District - Reuters

Defection Highlights Sectarian Divide in Syrian Government - VOA

Assad Vows to Rid Syria of 'Terrorists' - VOA

Iran Envoy Casts Syria as Part of Wider Conflict - NYT

Ex-Guards Among Iranian Hostages - BBC

Syria Rebels See Future Fight With Foreign Radicals - Reuters

Lugar Urges US, Russia Team to Rid Syria of Chemical Weapons - NYT

WHO Warns of Severe Medicine Shortage in Syria - VOA

Report: 2,400 Syrians Cross into Turkey - AP

Syrian Refugees Find New Dangers in Jordanian Camp - AP

Amnesty Releases Satellite Images of Aleppo Bombing - Reuters

Echoes of Syria’s War in the Golan Heights - NYT

Backing Backfires in Bahrain - WP editorial

Saving Syria - WP opinion



US Vows to Improve Counterterror Work with Egypt - AP

Egyptian Military Airstrikes Reported in Sinai Peninsula - NYT

Egypt Launches Sinai Air Raids - BBC

Egypt Moves to Seal Gaza Tunnels After Border Attack - Reuters

Morsi Skips Funeral for Slain Troops - WP

Egypt’s Not-so-Imperial Palace - WP

Egypt’s Sinai Problem - NYT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli Leaders Urge Greater Security Following Sinai Attack - VOA

Israel: Hezbollah Smuggled Explosives Into Israel - AP

British Bank Value Plunges After Iran Money Laundering Accusations - VOA

Bank’s Iran Charges Surprised US Regulators, Too - NYT

Gunmen Kill 8 Members of Family in Northern Iraq - AP

Iraq's Kurdish Region Resumes Crude Oil Pumping - AP

Yemen: US Drone Strikes Kill 10 al-Qaida Militants - AP

Yemen Leader Restructures Army - BBC

In Israel, Jew vs. Jew - WP opinion

Israel-Palestinians: The Elephant in the Map Room - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Describes Strategy, Warns Against Sequestration - AFPS

Hopes Dead for a 2013 BRAC Round, Panetta Concedes - S&S

Service Leaders Weigh In On BRAC, Renewable Energy - AFPS

Army Critical of its Controversial Intelligence System - CNN

Navy Tests Ocean Drones in RI's Narragansett Bay - AP


United States

FAA Official ‘Very Optimistic’ on Rules for Drones in US Skies - LAT

ATF Whistleblower’s Revenge Case Settled - WT

Rover Sends First Color Photo From Mars Crater - VOA

Hate Groups Have Uneasy History with Military Base - MJS

FBI Heads Investigation into Wisconsin Shooting - VOA

Blackwater Settles US Arms Charge - BBC

Blackwater Successor to Pay Fine to Settle Arms Charges - Reuters

Slow Path to Progress for US Immigrants - WT

The Civil War of 2016 - WT editorial

Obama’s ‘Kill List’ a Silver Bullet for GOP - WT opinion


United Kingdom

London Businesses Bounce Back from Olympics Slump - VOA

Somalis Celebrate British Runner's Olympic Victory - VOA

7 Cameroon Olympic Athletes Have Disappeared - VOA



Gunmen in Central Nigeria Attack Church, Kill at Least 19 - VOA

Nigeria Church Attack 'Kills 19' - BBC

Gunmen Kill 16 in Central Nigeria Church Attack - Reuters

Gunmen Kill Three in Central Nigeria Mosque Attack - Reuters

Sudan, South Sudan Set to Resume Negotiations Late August - VOA

Mali Islamists 'Ready to Talk' - BBC

Mali Mediator Tells Rebels to Cut 'Terrorist' Ties - Reuters

Kenyans Take Precautions Against Potential Election Violence - VOA

Rainstorm Adds to Misery in East Congo Rebellion - AP

Malians Fear Results of Government Inaction in North - VOA

Clinton Meets with S. African Officials - VOA

US Hands Over Anti-AIDS Project to South Africa - AP



Brazil Gains Business and Influence as It Offers Aid and Loans in Africa - NYT

Venezuela Candidate Slams Chavez's Nazi Accusations - AFP

Venezuela Sends Observers to Kenya to Monitor Diplomat Murder Case - WSJ


Asia Pacific / Central

Chinese Leaders Discuss Succession Issues - VOA

Party Bristles at Military’s Push for More Sway in China - NYT

US Senators Ask China to Crack Down on Fake US Driver’s Licenses - WT

China: One Dead After 2 Tibetans Self-Immolate - VOA

Tibetan Woman Dies in Western China Blaze, Reports Say - NYT

Politics Rules in Chinese Murder Trial - AP

Philippines: Rains Flood Third of Manila Area, Displacing Thousands - NYT

Obama’s Empty Asia Pivot - WT opinion



Spain Terror Arrests Put Paragliding in Spotlight - AP

Russian Booster Rocket Fails to Deliver Satellites - NYT

Russian Prosecutor Calls for Jail for Musician Protestors - VOA

Sweden: Belarus Throws Out All Swedish Diplomats - AP


South Asia

US Reassures India About Protecting Sikh Community - VOA

Pakistani Premier Faces Contempt Notice on Corruption Inquiry - NYT

Court Summons New Pakistan PM - BBC

Factbox: Key Political Risks to Watch in Pakistan - Reuters