Small Wars Journal

7 January SWJ Roundup


U.S. Plans to Send 1,400 More Marines to Afghanistan - New York Times

Afghanistan Troop Increase Months Before Drawdown - Christian Science Monitor

U.S. to Send 1,400 More Marines to Afghanistan - Voice of America

Marine Unit Deploys About 1,400 Troops to Afghanistan - AFPS

Surge Fails to Reduce Number of Taliban Fighters - Associated Press

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills Police Official - New York Times

U.S. Suspends 2 Contractors That Failed to Pay Afghans -New York Times

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 17 in Bath House - BBC News

Suicide Attack Kills 17 in Southern Afghanistan - Associated Press

Afghans Protest Iran Fuel Truck Ban - Associated Press


MQM Party to Rejoin Pakistani PM Gilani's Coalition - BBC News

Demonstrators Prevent Court Appearance of Alleged Pakistani Assassin - VOA

The Islam That Hard-Liners Hate - New York Times

Government Agrees to Reverse Price Increases - Washington Post

Pakistan's PM Says He Will Roll Back Fuel Price Rises - New York Times

Pakistani PM Woos Coalition Partner With Price Rise Reversal - Reuters

Death of a Liberal in Pakistan - Washington Post editorial


Iraq's Sadrists Project New Confidence - New York Times

In Iraq, Apprehension Ahead of Speech by Cleric al-Sadr - Washington Post

It's Iraq but It's Not, Part 1 - New York Times


Iran Detains American Woman as Spy, Reports Say - New York Times

E.U. Diplomat: Visit of Iran Nukes Is Job for IAEA - Associated Press

E.U. to Reject Iran Offer on Nuclear Sites - Reuters

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Shifts Toward Talks on N. Korea - New York Times

'Useful' U.S., China Meetings on N. Korea - Washington Post

U.S. Envoy Says He Had Productive Talks on Koreas - Associated Press

Two Koreas And U.S. Militaries Lower Alert - Reuters

Analysis: S. Korea Cool to N. Korea Charm Offensive - Associated Press


U.S. Cautions People Named in Cable Leaks - New York Times

Cables Make Appearance in a Tale of Sunken Treasure - New York Times

WikiLeaks Gives Dangerous Ammunition to a Tyrant - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Secretary Gates' News Conference, Press Links - Small Wars Journal

Dempsey Tapped to be Next Army Chief of Staff - Stars and Stripes

Gates wants Dempsey as New Army Chief of Staff - Associated Press

AFRICOM Leaders to Mull Headquarters Location - Stars and Stripes

Pros and Cons of Potential AFRICOM HQ Locations - Stars and Stripes

Gates Orders DOD to Accelerate DADT Repeal - Stars and Stripes

Pentagon Moving to End 'Don't Ask,' Gates Says - Washington Post

United States

Ex-C.I.A. Officer Named in Disclosure Indictment - New York Times

Ex-CIA Officer Charged with Leak to Times Reporter - Associated Press

U.S. Releases Algerian Prisoner From Guantanamo - Associated Press

Iwo Jima Memorial Needs Rescue Mission - Washington Times

United Kingdom

Reports: Police Increase Presence in London - Associated Press


Ivory Coast Incumbent President Rejects Call for More U.N. Peacekeepers - VOA

Ivory Coast Election Winner Wants Rival Ousted - Associated Press

Ouattara Offers Amnesty if Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Quits Fast - Reuters

Ghana Questions Ivory Coast Military Option - BBC News

Sudan Vote Puts Stability on the Line - Washington Times

Southern Sudan Prepares to Wave 'Bye Bye Khartoum' - BBC News

1 Hand or 2? S. Sudan to Vote on Unity, Split - Associated Press

Sudan Report Finds Oil Transparency Key to Peace - Voice of America

7 Out of 10 Zimbabweans Fear Political Violence - Associated Press

Niger Opposition Leaders Want Election Rolls Corrected - Voice of America

Mali: French Embassy Attack Was Isolated Incident - Associated Press

Tense Calm in Algeria After Riots - Associated Press


Brazil Police Move into Rio de Janeiro Gang Strongholds - BBC News

Mexican Police Arrest 2 in Tijuana Beheading - Associated Press

Cuba Announces Changes to Its Cabinet - Associated Press

U.N. Chief Appoints Haiti Cholera Panel - Associated Press

Dominican Republic Back to Deporting Haitians - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

China's Stealth Fighter Takes U.S. by Surprise - Los Angeles Times

Gates' China Trip Aims for Lasting Military-to-Military Relationship - AFPS

U.S. to Renew Military Ties With a Rising China - Associated Press

China Confirms President Hu to Visit U.S. - Reuters

U.S. Protests Assault on Envoy in Vietnam - New York Times

Vietnam Media: U.S. Diplomat Shoved Local Official - Associated Press

Laos General and Hmong Leader Vang Pao Dies in Exile - BBC News

Vietnam War 'Secret Army' Chief Dies in U.S. Hospital - Agence France-Presse


Russians React Badly to U.S. Criticism on Protests - New York Times

German Foreign Minister Fends Off Critics - New York Times

Hungary Admits to a 'Bad Start' in E.U. Presidency - New York Times

Clinton Condemns Belarus Crackdown, Meets Activists - Reuters

Middle East

After Bombing, Egypt Faces Its Sectarian Divide - New York Times

Egypt Christians Mark Mournful Christmas Eve Mass - Associated Press

Al Qaeda Hits Yemen Army Convoy, 10 Killed - Reuters

Palestinians: Israeli Troops Mistakenly Kill Man - Associated Press

South Asia

India to Establish Naval Research Center - Voice of America

Steep Rise in Indian Food Costs Sparks Fears of Global Effects - Washington Post

Media Watchdog Urges India to Protect Journalists - Associated Press