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7 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghans Uneasy Despite Security Gains Made by US Troop Buildup - LAT

Twin Bombings Tear Through Afghan Shi'ite Holy Day - VOA

Rare Attacks on Shiites Kill Scores in Afghanistan - NYT

Dozens Dead in Suicide Bombing of Shiite Mosque in Kabul - WP

Fears of New Afghan Sectarian War as Shrine Attacks Kill 59 - TT

Attacks on Afghan Shiites Raise Specter of Iraq-like Violence - CSM

Death Toll Rises: Nearly 60 Killed in Rare Attacks on Afghan Shiites - AP

Carnage in Kabul Sparks Fear of Sectarian Strife - AP

Karzai Flies Home after Deadly Blast - BBC

Afghan President Cuts Short Trip After Bombing - AP

Five Key Afghan Security Forces Officers Visit California - LAT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Not Just Afghans' Shame - LAT opinion

Bonn II: Seeking a Secure Afghanistan - WT opinion

Afghanistan Field Guide: Nine Essential Tips - CSM opinion



Mission Impossible for Pakistani Progressives? - Reuters

Pakistani President Travels to Dubai for Tests - AP



Despite Deadly Attacks, Pilgrims in Iraq Mark Holy Day  - AP

Cav Troops Help Ensure Security as US Winds Down Mission - S&S



Iran Explosions Prompt Speculation of Secret Attacks - McClatchy

Wary US Uncertain of Israel's Iran Plans - Reuters

Drone Belonged to CIA, Officials Say - WP

Malfunction Likely Put US Drone in Iranian Hands - Reuters

Experts: Iran Capture of Stealth Drone No Worry - AP

After Drone Went Down, CIA Tried a Head Fake - WP

US Opens ‘Virtual Embassy’ in Tehran - WP

US Launches 'Virtual' Embassy for Iran - AP

'Virtual' US Iranian Embassy Open - BBC



Egypt's Islamists Compete for Votes in Runoff Elections - VOA

Muslim Brotherhood Says Does Not Seek Struggle with Military - AP

Egypt's New PM Says Army to Give Him Extra Powers - Reuters

Hard-Line Islamist Gains Surprise in Egypt Vote - AP

Egypt, the Beginning or the End? - NYT opinion

Egypt’s Christians Deserve a Democratic Future Too - TT opinion



Sharp Spate of Killings Traumatizes a Syrian City - NYT

Reported Killings in Homs Spread Fear of Sectarian War - LAT

Turkey Border Clashes Push Syria Towards Open Warfare - TT

As US Ambassador Ford Returns, Syria Deteriorates - CSM

Hezbollah Leader Backs Syrian President in Public - NYT

Clinton Meets Syrian Opposition as US Ambassador Returns - VOA

US Says Opposition Must Build 'Free, Tolerant' Syria - Reuters

Ambassador Robert Ford Heads Back to Syria - WP

US Ambassador to Return to Syria - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

IMF Chief: ‘Arab Spring’ Is at Critical Juncture - Reuters

Nervous Gulf Stresses Unity Amid Iran Tensions - AP

Prince Hints Saudi Arabia May Join Nuclear Arms Race - AP

Australian Sentenced to 500 Lashes in Saudi Arabia - AP

Hezbollah Chief in Rare Appearance - BBC

Hezbollah Leader Backs Syrian President in Public - NYT

UN Condemns Civilian Toll in Yemen Fighting - VOA

Yemen PM Says Gov’t Imminent, UN Warns on Civilians - Reuters

Hamas MP Expelled from Jerusalem - BBC

UN Constructing Green Schools in Gaza - VOA

Israel Raid 'Kills Gaza Militant' - BBC

Gaza Militant Killed in Clash With Israel - AP

Libya: Tripoli Militia 'to be Disarmed' - BBC

Arab Spring Tops Twitter's 2011 Top Stories - BBC


US Department of Defense

Pentagon's Budget War Games - WT

Hotspots: You Might Deploy Here Next - MCT


United States

Pearl Harbor Still a Day for the Ages, But a Memory Almost Gone - NYT

Pearl Harbor Veterans Remember Paradise Suddenly Turned Into Hell - WT

Republican Candidates Aim at Obama Foreign Policy - NYT

Director of Federal Drone Program Targeted in Ethics Inquiry - LAT

Senators Want Investigation into VA Wait Data - S&S

US Will Use Foreign Aid to Push Gay Rights - NYT

US Speaks Out on Global Gay Rights - WP

FAA Chief Leaves Job After DUI Arrest - NYT

Remembering Pearl Harbor - NYT editorial

Remembering Pearl Harbor - WT editorial

Bipartisan Angst over Obama Foreign Policy - WP opinion

National Security Lessons Never Learned - WT opinion



Congo Residents Apprehensive While Awaiting Election Results - VOA

Congo President Wins in Kind of 'Coup d'Etat' - WT

Congolese Protesters Say Election Fraudulent, Clash with Police - WP

DR Congo Election Results Delayed by 48 Hours - BBC

Congo Delays Election Results by 48 Hours - AP

Nigerian Militant Islamist Jailed - BBC

After a Break to Run Somalia, Back at His Cubicle - NYT

Somalia Car Blast 'Kills Police' - BBC

Swedish Journalists Deny Supporting Ethiopia Rebels  - VOA

South Africa Under Fire For 'Dirty Energy' - VOA

UN Toughens Sanctions on Eritrea - BBC



Despite Army Takeover, Fear Strong in Mexican Town - AP

Colombia Stages anti-FARC Rallies - BBC

Colombians March Against Rebels for Hostage-Taking - AP

Venezuela: China May Surpass US as No.1 Trade Partner - AP

Dip in Consumer Spending Slows Growth in Brazil - NYT

Brazil's Economic Growth Stalls - BBC

Honduran Journalist Shot, Killed Outside Her Home - AP

A Western Hemisphere, Minus the US - LAT editorial

Falklands Warning for the UK - TT editorial


Asia Pacific

Economic Troubles in Europe and US Start to Affect Asia - NYT

China Navy in 'Warfare' Warning - BBC

Chinese, US Defense Officials Meet in Beijing - AP

US, China Defense Officials Meet Despite Tensions - Reuters

Outrage Grows Over Air Pollution and China’s Response - NYT

Amnesty Protests Pending Chinese Execution - VOA

US and S. Korea Renew Talks on Nuclear Technology - NYT

Japan Split on Hope for Vast Radiation Cleanup - NYT

Japan: Tsunami Fund 'Used for Whaling' - BBC

Philippines, Rebels Renew Truce Monitors' Stay - AP

Using Islam to Counter Jihad in Southern Thailand - CSM

Thais Test Taboos as War on Royal Slurs Heats Up - Reuters

Villagers Become Refugees in Burma as Rebels Clash With Troops - NYT

Will China Become the Next Major Global Power?  - CSM opinion



Troops Patrol Moscow to Prevent Election Protests - VOA

Russia Cracks Down on Antigovernment Protests - NYT

Protests Erupt in Moscow, Activists Arrested - VOA

Opposition Leader Held as Russia Beats Back Protests - TT

Moscow Protesters Defy Rally Ban - BBC

Russian Police Crack Down on Anti-Putin Protests - Reuters

Protests over Russian Elections Spread to More Cities - VOA

In Protests, Two Russias Face Off - WP

Clinton Raises Russian Election Concerns at OSCE - VOA

US Works Quietly to Help Europe with Crisis - WP

Euro Rules Could Change without Treaty - BBC

S&P Threatens Downgrade for Europe Bailout Fund - VOA

Germany: Merkel’s Path Brinkmanship for Debt Crisis - NYT

France: Sarkozy Faces Criticism at Home - WP

Greece Passes New Austerity Plans - BBC

Plan for Online Freedoms Stalls at European Meeting - NYT

Europe's Radical Right Focuses on Fighting Islam - AP

Three Charged in Sweden With Conspiring to Kill Cartoonist - Reuters

The Wrong Fix - NYT editorial


South Asia

Violence Wanes in Kashmir, India Maintains Tight Military Grip - WP

India Targets 'Blasphemous' Web - BBC

Online Uproar as India Seeks Social Media Screening - Reuters

Sri Lanka Under Fire Over PR Firm - BBC