Small Wars Journal

6 April SWJ Roundup


Top Afghan Official Confirms Talks With Taliban - New York Times

Al Qaeda Makes Afghan Comeback - Wall Street Journal

Taliban Has Strengthened Along Pakistan's Border - Washington Post

Taliban Exploit Tensions Seething in Afghan Society - New York Times

Afghans Protest Quran Burning for Fifth Day - Voice of America

Taliban Turn Cell Phones Back On in South - Associated Press

Detainees OK'd for Release Still Held at Bagram - Associated Press

Officials OK Afghan Detainee Vocational Program - AFPS

ISAF Operations Roundup - American Forces Press Service


White House Assails Pakistan Effort on Militants - New York Times

U.S. Doubts Pakistan's Plan to Defeat Taliban - Reuters

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Libyan Rebels Again Lose Hold on Key Oil Town - Voice of America

Under Heavy Assault, Libyan Rebels Flee Brega - New York Times

Rebel Leader Demands More of NATO - Los Angeles Times

Fear, Hunger Grip Tripoli as Gadhafi Cracks Down - Washington Times

Rebels Hoping for One State, Prepare for Two - Washington Post

NATO Changes Libya Tactics Due to Human Shields - Reuters

Libyan Rebel Leader Says NATO Isn't Doing Enough - Associated Press

Rebel Leader Accuses NATO of Failing Civilians - BBC News

Libyan Rebels Condemn NATO Over Gaddafi Advance - Reuters

Rebels Insist They're No Fans of Al Qaeda - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Envoy Arrives in Libya to Help Opposition - Washington Post

Airstrikes Destroy 30 Percent of Gadhafi's Weapons - Associated Press

Air Force Spending $4 million a Day for Libya War - Associated Press

Al Qaeda Bolstering Presence in Libya, Algeria Says - Reuters

CIA Secretly at Work Inside Libya - Voice of America

Photos Found in Libya Show Abuses Under Qaddafi - New York Times

Envoys Dangle Financial Offer to Key Gadhafi Aides - Associated Press

Libyan Rebels Preparing to Export Oil - Voice of America

Time's Up, Qaddafi - New York Times opinion


Islamists Look for Gains in Egypt's Freer Politics - Associated Press


Ousting Ruler Easier than Reforming, Tunisians Learn - Washington Times

Italy Makes Migrant Deal With Tunisia - Associated Press


Yemeni President Agrees to Meet Opposition in Saudi Arabia - VOA

Gunfire Erupts During New Clashes in Yemen - New York Times

Yemen Unrest: Three Die in Sanaa Clashes - BBC News

Tribe of Yemen President Clashes With Army, 3 Dead - Associated Press

Clashes Between Yemen Troops, Loyalist Tribesmen Kill 3 - Voice of America


Through Political Prism, Iraqis Grieve - New York Times

Iraq Suffers from Heavy Legacy of Unexploded Mines - Associated Press


Iran Makes Inroads in Latin American - Associated Press

U.S. General Concerned over Iran-Venezuela Ties - Agence France-Presse

Iran Touts Islamic Republic as Model for New Arab Regimes - Bloomberg

Iran Arrests Militants in Restive Province - Reuters


Syrian Rights Groups Raise Toll From Unrest - New York Times

More Bloodshed in Syria - Voice of America editorial


Bahrain Deports 2 Reporters of Opposition Paper - Associated Press


Security Storms Lebanese Prison After Riot, Fire - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

Israel Invites U.N. War Crimes Envoy Amid Gaza Furor - BBC News

Head of Gaza Inquiry Is Said to Plan Israel Trip - New York Times

Palestinians Mourn Israeli Mentor - Washington Post

Israel Approves 942 Jewish Homes in Gilo Settlement - BBC News

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Nuclear Plant - New York Times

Japan Defends Release of Radioactive Water - Voice of America

Japan Sets Radiation Standards for Fish - New York Times

Release of Irradiated Water Is Stopped - Wall Street Journal

Ocean Radiation Hits 7.5 million Times Legal Limit - Los Angeles Times

Japan Nuclear Plant Plugs Highly Radioactive Leak - Associated Press

Japan Stops Leaks From Nuclear Plant - Reuters

Sea Radiation Is Another Blow to Japan's Fishermen - Associated Press

Radiation Errors Erode Confidence in Power Company - New York Times

Officials: Japan Plant No Risk to U.S. - Washington Post

U.S. Military Plays Key Role in Post-Tsunami Clean-up - Voice of America

USS Ronald Reagan Ends Mission - Stars and Stripes

U.S. Department of Defense

Military Jury May Deny 9/11 Suspect's Martyrdom Wish - Los Angeles Times

Govt Shutdown Looming, Pentagon Plans Still in Flux - Stars and Stripes

Republicans Keeping Tabs on Plans to End 'DADT' - Washington Post

U.K. to Press U.S. over Treatment of WikiLeaks Suspect - Associated Press

United States

Government Shutdown Nears - Washington Post

Budget Talks Head to Brink - Wall Street Journal

Budget Stances Harden as Deadline Nears for Shutdown - New York TImes

Petraeus Considered as Next CIA Chief - Stars and Stripes

United Kingdom

Britain Arrests 2 in Phone-Hacking Case - New York Times

United Nations

Recent U.N. Actions Show Policy Shift, Analysts Say - New York Times


Opposition Forces Move on Ivory Coast Strongman - New York Times

Ivory Coast Leader Swayed by Force, Considers Exit - New York Times

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Increasingly Alone - Washington Post

Ivory Coast: A.U. Says Gbagbo Ready to Step Down - VOA

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo 'Negotiating Surrender' - BBC News

Gbagbo Negotiating Exit from Ivory Coast - Reuters

In Bunker, Ivory's Coast's Gbagbo Plays Final Hand - Associated Press

Ivory Coast: France Wants Gbagbo to Sign Promise to Cede Power - VOA

Ivory Coast: Obama Says Gbagbo Must 'Stand Down' Immediately - VOA

Ivory Coast's Defiant Strongman Denies Stepping Down - USA Today

U.N. Refugee Chief: Ivory Coast Conflict Could Spillover to Liberia - VOA

Intl Court Prosecutor Wants Ivory Coast Probe - Associated Press

Analysis: After Gbagbo, Ivory Coast Faces Many Worries - Reuters

Endgame in Ivory Coast on YouTube - New York Times

2 UN Peacekeepers Killed in Sudan's Darfur Region - Voice of America

Sudan: Air Strike Kills Two in Port Sudan - BBC News

Sudan Agency: 'Foreign' Plane Attacks Car, 2 Dead - Associated Press

Mystery Strike on Car Kills Two in Port Sudan - Reuters

Rights Official: Kenya Leaders Preaching Hate - Associated Press


DEA Chief: Mexico Cartels' Reach Affects the World - Associated Press

Mexico Arrests Another Suspect in ICE Agent Slaying - Associated Press

Authorities Confirm 2 Americans Killed in Mexico - Associated Press

5 Tortured Bodies Found in Empty Lot in Mexico - Associated Press

Ecuador Expels U.S. Ambassador - Los Angeles Times

Ecuador Expels U.S. Ambassador Over WikiLeaks Cable - New York Times

Ecuador Expels U.S. Ambassador over Wikileaks Cable - BBC News

Reuters Rejects Cuba's Spy Claim - Associated Press

Haiti Pins Its Hopes on a Pop-Star President - Associated Press

Jamaica Ruling Party Wins By-Election - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Philippine Rebels, U.N. to Talk on Child Soldiers - Associated Press


France Displays More Muscular Foreign Policy - New York Times

France Makes Big Bets in Libya, Ivory Coast - Associated Press

French Panel Debates Secularism And Islam - New York Times

Islam Debate in France Sparks Controversy - BBC News

Spain and U.S. Near Accord on Atomic Cleanup - New York Times

Germany Arrests 6 in Euro Fraud Ring - New York Times

Italy: Berlusconi Trial Starts but Is Adjourned - New York Times