Small Wars Journal

5 October SWJ Roundup


White House Reiterates Support for Pakistan, Afghanistan - Voice of America

Shultz to Obama: 'You're Out of Your Mind' - Washington Times

Obama Says No Big Shift Now In Afghan War Strategy - Reuters

Afghan Offensive Fails to Reassure Residents - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Election Official Is Held, Police Say - New York Times

Afghan Civil Leaders Slam Karzai's Peace Council - Reuters

Ex-U.N. Official Says Taliban Infiltrating Afghan Forces - BBC News

Afghan President Begins Disbanding Private Security Firms - Los Angeles Times

Officials Provide Afghan Operations Update - American Forces Press Service

Blasts Kill 4 NATO Troops, Up to 4 Afghan Police - Associated Press

NATO Air Strike, Blasts Kill Afghan Civilians - Reuters

Relatives Tell of Civilians Killed by U.S. Soldiers - New York Times

Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs: Young Soldier Both Revered and Reviled - New York Times


Congress Getting Frustrated with Pakistan as a War Ally - Washington Times

Pakistan, U.S. Tensions Spike After Border Closure - Associated Press

Drones Kill Westerners in Pakistan - New York Times

'German Militants' Killed in Pakistan Drone Attack - BBC News

Officials: Drone Strike Kills 8 Militants in Pakistan - Voice of America

U.S. Strike Kills 5 German Militants in Pakistan - Associated Press

Drone Strike Kills 8 Germans In Northwest Pakistan - Reuters

NATO Convoys Attacked in Separate Strikes in Pakistan - Washington Post

3 Killed in Attack on NATO Fuel Trucks in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

White House Reiterates Support for Pakistan, Afghanistan - Voice of America

Can the U.S. Avoid a Split with Pakistan? - Washington Post opinion


Maliki, Allawi Consider Deal on Forming New Iraqi Government - Washington Post

Iraq's Marathon: Fight Over Leader, Then Posts - Associated Press

U.S. Proposal Targets Reform of Iraqi Civil Service - Washington Post

Iraqi Festival Falls Prey to the Forces of Democracy - New York Times

U.S. Views Sought In Iraqi Contractor Torture Case - Reuters


Iran: Nuclear Delay Due to Leak, Not Computer Worm - Associated Press

Iran Blocks Web Sites of Some Clerics - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Howls over JFCOM Just a Preview of What is Coming - Washington Post

U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels - New York Times

United States

Terrorism Alert Tips U.S. Hand, But Just Barely - Reuters

N.Y. Bomber to be Sentenced - Washington Post

U.S. Election Results Could Affect Foreign Policy - Voice of America

Suspected Arms Dealer Seems Closer to Extradition - New York Times


U.N. Council Heads to Sudan Amid Fears New War Looms - Reuters

Somali Government Claims Advances in Mogadishu - Voice of America

Somali Ambulance Workers Risk Death in City of War - Associated Press

Nigerian Police Arrest Nine Bombing Suspects - Voice of America

Nigeria: Abuja 'Foiled Earlier Bomb Plot' - BBC News

Nigerian Media Mogul Arrested After Bombings - Associated Press

Ethiopia's Meles Sworn-In as PM After May Elections - Reuters

Americas and Caribbean

Human Rights Court: Mexico Responsible for Rapes - Associated Press

Rousseff on Course to Become Brazil's First Female President - VOA

Rousseff Favored In Brazil Runoff - Reuters

Ecuador Raises Military Wages After Police Revolt - Reuters

Colombia Metes Out Sanctions in Spy Scandal - Associated Press

Chilean Miners May Be Rescued Soon - New York Times

Chile Miners' Rescue 'Very Close' - BBC News

A Call for Displaced in Haiti to Go Away - New York Times

Cuba 'May Release More Prisoners' - BBC News

U.S. Working to Accept Exiled Cuban Prisoners - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Chinese and Japanese Leaders Meet in Europe - Associated Press

Japan, China Agree to Improve Ties Despite Row - Reuters

Panel Says Japanese Power Broker Should Face Charges - New York Times

Satellite Image Shows Activity at N.K.'s Yongbyon Nuclear Site - Washington Post


U.S., Japan Caution Travelers in Europe; Britain Hikes Terror Alert - VOA

More Nations Warn of Europe Plot - BBC News

Bosnia Vote Points to Deadlock on Ethnic Lines - Reuters

Car Bomb Explodes In Northern Ireland - Reuters

Middle East

Study Shows Israelis And Palestinians Both Retaliate - Reuters

Palestinians Accuse Jewish Settlers of Torching West Bank Mosque - VOA

Arsonists Set Fire to Mosque in West Bank Town - Washington Post

Arsonists Damage a Mosque in the West Bank - New York Times

Arsonists Torch Mosque in West Bank Village - Associated Press

Israel Orders Pro-Palestinian Nobel Laureate Deported - Voice of America

Egypt's Journalists Accuse Government of Crackdown - Associated Press

Egypt-Iran Flights to Resume After 30 Year Break - Associated Press