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5 November SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US General: Afghan Leaders 'Isolated from Reality' - Politico

Afghanistan Transition is on Track, Senior General Says - GovExec

US General is Fired for Karzai Comments - WP

General Relieved of Command Over Karzai Remarks - AP

US General Fired for Verbal Attack on Afghan Leader - FOX

Deputy US, NATO Training Chief in Afghanistan Fired - Bloomberg

US General in Afghanistan Fired - BBC

US General Relieved of Command Over Karzai Remarks - Reuters

Afghan Security Under Attack As Troops Leave - NPR

Mullah Omar Tells Taliban Not to Kill Civilians - TT

Mullah Omar Warns Taliban Against Hurting Civilians - TG

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Solider: Afghan Killings Were in Legitimate Combat - AP



FM: Pakistan Ties With US, India Improving - Reuters



In Syria, Growing Evidence of Insurgency - WP

Syria, Keeping Forces in Place, Demands Civilians Disarm - WSJ

Syria Continues Crackdown Despite Pledges to Arab League - VOA

At Least 15 Killed as Syria's Stance on Talks Is Tested - NYT

Syrian Violence Continues Friday Despite Peace Pact - LAT

Syria Forces 'Renew Homs Attacks' - BBC

Syria Peace Plan Unravels; 15 Killed in Protests - AP

Syrian Forces Kill 19, Government Offers Amnesty - Reuters



Obama: Libya Mission Underscores NATO’s Effectiveness - AFPS

Libyan Women Savor New Freedoms - WP

Libyan ex-Rebels Will Be Disarmed, But Not So Fast - LAT

Libya Looks Set to Chart Moderate Course on Islam - BBC

Expert: NATO Raids Spared Libyan Antiquities - AP

Gaddafi Kin Seethe, in Test for New Libya - Reuters



West Fears Nuclear ‘Breakout’ by Iran - WP

Israeli President: Clock Ticking on Iran - AP

Peres: Military Option to Deal With Iran Is Nearer -Reuters

UN Report to Reveal Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Program - JP

UN Has New Iranian Nuke Arms Claims - AP

US, Israel Talk Tough Ahead of Iran Nuclear Report - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinians Face Setback on UN Membership Bid - VOA

Israel Seizes 2 Vessels Trying to Run Gaza Blockade - VOA

Israel Intercepts Two Boats Bound for Gaza - NYT

Israeli Navy Boards 2 Protest Boats Bound for Gaza - AP

West Bank Woman's Struggle for Change - WP

Palestinians Freed in Deal With Israel Go to Hajj - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Millions of Muslims Start Annual Hajj Near Mecca - AP

Bahrainis Clash With Police at Funeral - Reuters

Proposed Aid Restrictions on Egypt Come at ‘Worst Possible Moment’ - WP

Iraq: The Prime Minister and the Sunnis - NYT editorial

The Fears of Egyptians Great and Small - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Still Figuring Out Budget "Doomsday" Specifics - S&S

Air Force Notifying Civilians of Job Cuts in Europe - S&S

Report: Number of Soldiers Not Fit for Combat is Growing - USAT

NORTHCOM’s Vigilant Shield Tests Homeland Defense Processes - AFPS

DoD’s Longest Serving General and African American Retires - WP


United States

CIA Tracks Revolt by Tweet, Facebook - AP

In Monterey, Panetta’s Institute Honors a Washington Crowd - WP

For Veterans, is ‘Thank You for Your Service’ Enough? - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Journalist’s Arrest Spreads Scandal to 2nd British Newspaper - NYT


Group of 20 Summit

Obama Says Progress Made in Stabilizing World Economy - VOA

G20 Agrees to Boost IMF Resources - VOA

G-20: Europe Must Act - WP

G-20 Struggles with Growth -WP

G-20 Summit Ends with Little Action on Europe’s Debt Crisis - LAT



Nigeria Bomb and Gun Attacks 'Kill Dozens' in Damaturu - BBC

Militants Stage Wave of Attacks in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Suicide Bombers, Gunmen Attack Northeast Nigeria - Reuters

Nigeria: Radical Muslim Sect Grows More Dangerous - AP

Riots Break Out Again in Central Nigerian Town - AP

Somalis in Kenya Find Themselves Under Scrutiny - LAT

Floods Cause Havoc Among Somali Displaced - VOA

Opposition Supporters Back Boycott of Liberian Presidential Vote - VOA

Liberia's Tubman to Boycott Poll - BBC

Main Opposition Party Pulls Out of Liberia Vote - AP

Uganda Drops Cases Against ex-VP - BBC

Opposition Leader Released in Equatorial Guinea - AP

Swiss Tourist Shot, Driver Killed in Kenya Attack - Reuters



Leader of FARC Rebels Killed in Military Raid in Colombia - WP

Colombia: FARC Leader Alfonso Cano Killed - BBC

Leader Is Dead, but Danger Still Seen in Colombian Rebels - NYT

Colombian Officials Say Top FARC Leader Is Killed - AP

Colombians Celebrate Killing of FARC Rebel Leader - Reuters

Alfonso Cano: From Ideologue to FARC Rebel Leader - AP

Key Facts on Alfonso Cano, Chief of FARC Rebels - AP

Colombia Reveals Plan for New Intelligence Agency - AP

Anonymous Cancels Operations Against Mexican Drug Cartel - WP

Mexico: Facts Blur as Online Feud Ends in a Draw - NYT

Anonymous Won't Expose Mexican Cartel's 'Servants' - Reuters

Mexican Mayor's Killing Sparks Fears for Elections - AP

6 Gunmen Die in Shootout With Rivals in Mexico - AP

8 Killed in Shooting at Mexican Volleyball Game - AP

Mexican Soldiers Jailed in Shooting of Family - Reuters

Venezuelan Agency Seizes Radio Station Equipment - AP

Illness Seen Binding Chavez More to Venezuela Poor - Reuters

Chavez Urges Reform of Venezuela's Prison System - AP

Brazil’s Long Shadow Vexes Some Neighbors - NYT

Analysis: Cuba Reforms Convincing Island's Cynics - AP


Asia Pacific

US Urges China to Address Tibetan Concerns - Reuters

Privileges of China’s Elite Include Purified Air - NYT

Chinese Struggle to Instill Kindness - LAT

21 N. Koreans Found on Boat in S. Korean Waters - AP

Imprisoned Burmese Uprising Leader Reported in Poor Health - VOA

Burma Eases Limits on Party Membership -AP

Flooding Continues Torrent of Destruction in Thailand - LAT

Listening to the Axis of Evil - NYT opinion



Greek Leader Wins Vote, Bolstering Debt Deal - NYT

Greek Premier Ekes Out Victory in Confidence Vote - LAT

Greece's Prime Minister Survives Confidence Vote - AP

Greek PM Survives Confidence Vote, May Quit - Reuters

Greece PM Faces Unity Challenge - BBC

Greek PM to Push Coalition Plan With President - Reuters

Italy Agrees to Allow IMF to Monitor Its Progress on Debt - NYT

Italy Government Hangs by Thread as Coalition Crumbles - Reuters

Bosnia Imams Speak Out After Attack on US Embassy - Reuters

France: Carlos the Jackal Back in Court Over 1980s Bombs - Reuters

The Return of Mein Kampf - NYT opinion