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4 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Weary of Bloodshed, Taliban Leader in Weighs Reintegration - S&S

Coalition to Pull $30B in Gear from Afghanistan - AP

Taliban Reaches ‘Preliminary Deal’ to Open Office in Qatar - VOA

Taliban to Open Qatar Office in Step to Formal Talks - NYT

Taliban to Open Qatar Office for Talks - WP

Afghan Taliban Back Western Proposal for Qatar Office - BBC

Taliban to Open Qatar Office for Peace Talks - AP

Landmark on Twisting Path Toward Talks - NYT

Afghanistan Steps Up Efforts to Recover Bank’s Losses - NYT

Three Separate Blasts Kill 12 in Afghanistan - VOA

Three Explosions Kill 11 in Southern Afghanistan - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Militant Groups in Pakistan Unite - WP

Pakistan Taliban Chiefs 'at Each Other's Throats' - Reuters

US Military Dialogue Continues With Pakistan - AFPS



Iran threatens US Ships, Alarms Oil Markets - WP

Iran Warns the United States Over Aircraft Carrier - NYT

Iran Threatens Action if US Aircraft Carrier Returns to Gulf - AP

Despite Iran Warning, US to Keep Ship in Persian Gulf - VOA

DOD Seeks Safe Hormuz Passage for All, Official Says - AFPS

Iran Threatens US Navy as Sanctions Hit Economy - Reuters

US: Iran's Threats Are Bid to Distract From Problems - Reuters

Iran Sanctions 'Starting to Bite' - BBC

France Urges Stricter European Sanctions on Iran - AP

Iran Says Big Slide in Currency Value Unrelated to New Sanctions - LAT

Iran Defiant Amid Appeals for European Sanctions - AP

Iran Factions Face Off in Elections - WP

Iran Seeks Release of Border Guards in Pakistan - AP

Strait Talk with Iran - LAT opinion

Iran Can't Back Up Its Many Threats - TN opinion

Time to Attack Iran - NR opinion



Arab League to Hold Review Session on Syria Observers' Work - VOA

Arab League, Dissidents Disagree on Progress in Syria - LAT

Syria Killings Continue; Group to Add Observers - NYT

Syrian Army Deserters 'Kill 18' - BBC

Sarkozy: Assad Must Quit after ‘Massacres’ - AP

Syrian Rebel Leader Threatens to Escalate Attacks - Reuters



Egypt Begins Final Round of Lower House Vote - VOA

Egyptians Vote in Final Round of Parliamentary Elections - NYT

Onetime Mubarak Foes Closer to Power as Egyptians Vote Again - LAT

Egypt Votes in Third Round Poll - BBC

Egypt Holds Last Election Round - WP

Egypt's Top Islamist Group Says Will Work With Rivals - Reuters

Overtures to Egypt’s Islamists Reverse Longtime US Policy - NYT

Prosecutors Open Case Against Egypt's Mubarak - Reuters

Why Islamists Dominated Egypt Elections - CNN opinion

US Should Cut Off Egypt Aid - TA opinion



Sunni Lawmakers Keep up Iraqi Parliament Boycott - AP

Iraqis Begin New Lives in Idaho - IS


Israel / Palestinians

Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Meet - WP

'No Progress' in Mid-East Talks - BBC

No Breakthrough on Mideast Peace, Talks to Go On - Reuters

Jordan: Israelis, Palestinians to Resume Dialogue - AP

Israelis and Palestinians Talk, Rise of Political Islam Alters Equation - NYT



Libya Names Head of Armed Forces as Militias Clash - Reuters

Militias Clash in Libyan Capital - BBC

Libya Plans Vote on Assembly to Draft Constitution - AP

Morocco King Keeps Checks on New Islamist Govt - AP



9 al-Qaida-linked Militants, 2 Yemen Soldiers Die - AP

Yemen Soldiers Die in Zinjibar Clashes with Islamists - BBC

Five Islamists, 2 Soldiers Die in South Yemen Fighting - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget - NYT

As Budget Cuts Loom, Questions Arise about US Forces in Europe - S&S

AKO Users Warned Following Stratfor Website Hack - S&S

US Military Indefinitely Extends Curfew in South Korea - S&S

At Ft. Bragg's Special Warfare Center, Troops Learn to be Gumshoes - AP

Was Petraeus the Model for Book’s Drunk General? - WP


United States

Arsonists Target New York, Los Angeles - VOA

Hackers Reveal Personal Data of 860,000 Stratfor Subscribers - LAT

The Forgotten Wages of War - NYT opinion



UN: South Sudan Violence May Have Left 100s Dead - AP

150 Children Lose Parents in South Sudan Violence - AP

South Sudan Attackers 'Repelled' - BBC

Protests Follow End of Nigeria Fuel Subsidy - VOA

Nigerians Protest at Fuel Hikes - BBC

Nigeria Gas Price Protest Turns Violent in Lagos - AP



12,000 People Killed in Drug Violence in Mexico Last Year - WP

Colombia Urabenos 'Drug Gang Leader' Shot by Police - BBC

Chavez's Spending Could Boost Venezuela Inflation - AP

Venezuela to Pay Exxon only $255m - BBC


Asia Pacific

China’s President Lashes Out at Western Culture - NYT

Hu: Hostile Forces Seek to Westernize, Split China - AP

Violent Clashes Reported in China Over Mosque Demolition - NYT

Chinese Mosque Demolition Heightens Ethnic Tensions - LAT

Philippine Rebels Resume Attacks after Cease-fire - AP

Philippines: 5 Foreign Terror Suspects in South - AP

Burma Begins Clemency; Activists Say Not Enough - VOA



Shooting Raises Tensions at a Disputed Region Claimed by Moldova - NYT

France Stiffens Citizenship Requirements - LAT

Turkish Ex-Military Chief Suspect in Anti-Government Case - VOA

Turkey: Former President Indicted for 1980 Coup - AP


South Asia

India’s Anti-Corruption Movement Loses Steam - WP

Quick Action In Kashmir After Death Of Protester - NYT