Small Wars Journal

31 October SWJ Roundup


Karzai Protests Russian Agents in Drug Raid - New York Times

Karzai Condemns Russian Involvement in Afghan Drug Bust - Washington Post

Karzai Denounces Drug Raid in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Official Says 17 Insurgents Killed in South - Associated Press

Crime and Punishment, Afghan-Style... - New York Times


Corrupt Pakistan Launches Anti-Graft Campaign - Reuters

Yemen / Al Qaeda

Cargo Plane Bombs Were Wired to Explode, Officials Say - Los Angeles Times

Obama Walks Fine Political Line on Terror Threat - New York Times

Top U.S. Official: Bomb Plot Has 'Hallmarks' of al-Qaida - VOA

Investigators Link Package Explosives to al-Qaeda - Washington Post

U.S. Sees Complexity of Bombs as Link to Qaeda Group - New York Times

Fractured Yemen Frustrates Efforts to Weaken Al Qaeda - Los Angeles Times

Yemen Seizes Dozens of Suspicious Parcels in Bombing Plot - VOA

Yemeni Arrested, al-Qaida Bomber Eyed in Mail Plot - Associated Press

Saudi Help in Package Plot Is Part of Security Shift - New York Times

U.S. Eyeing Saudi-Born Bombmaker In Parcel Bomb Plot - Reuters

Experts: Passenger Planes Also at Risk From Cargo - Associated Press


Iraq's Shi'ite Politicians Turn Down Saudi Offer - Reuters

Iraqi Gold's Glitter Dims for Dealers Under Siege - Voice of America

... Crime and Forgiveness, Iraqi-Style - New York Times

French Airline Makes Landmark Flight to Baghdad - Associated Press


Ahmadinejad Aide Says Iran Not Ready to Talk Nuclear - Reuters


Sharing Secrets at Arm's Length - New York Times opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Army Studies Thrill-Seeking Behavior - New York Times

United States

Clinton: U.S. Will Help End Sexual Slavery - Associated Press

State, Nation, Other: Puerto Rico Tries to Decide - Associated Press

Book Reviews

"The Gun": Arms and the Man - New York Times

"The Gun": The Gun that Made History - Washington Post

"A Skeptic's Case for Nuclear Disarmament": Drop the Weapons - New York Times


Pirates Seize Liberian Tanker Near Somalia - Voice of America

Somali Parliament Approves New Prime Minister - Reuters

Weapons Seized In Nigeria Came From Iran - Reuters

Ivory Coast PM: Nation Ready for Election Sunday - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Presidential Vote Begins - Associated Press

Ivory Coast Holds Reconciliation Poll - Reuters

Niger Polls Open for Constitutional Referendum - Associated Press

Tanzanian President Fights for Second Term - Associated Press

Tanzanians Vote Peacefully In Presidential Poll - Reuters

Serengeti Road Plan Lined With Prospect and Fears - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

Mexican Drug Cartel Forces Lawyer's Confessions - Washington Post

Brazil Set to Vote in Presidential Run-Off - Voice of America

Cardoso vs. Lula: Two Brazilian Presidents Vie - Washington Post

Poised to Lead Brazil and Facing Unfinished Tasks - New York Times

Brazil Seen Electing Rousseff to Extend Lula Legacy - Reuters

14 Killed on Sports Field in Honduras - Reuters

Asia Pacific

Burma, Human Rights Issues Backdrop to Obama Asia Trip - Voice of America

China's Rise Leads Neighbors to Join Forces - New York Times

U.S. Offers Mediation Between China and Japan as Asia Leaders Meet - VOA

U.S. Works to Ease China-Japan Conflict - New York Times

Clinton Proposes China, Japan Join 3-way Talks - Washington Post

Rare Intra-Korean Family Reunions Underway - Voice of America

Koreans Reunite at a Red Cross Gathering - New York Times

Burma's Election Offers No Comfort for Refugees - Associated Press

Australia Has "Grave Reservations" About Burma Elections - Reuters

"Rebalancing China" - New York Times editorial

Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan Deals Cloaked in Mystery - Washington Post


Suicide Bomber Injures 22 in Istanbul - New York Times

At Least 22 Wounded in Istanbul Explosion - Associated Press

Bomb Attack Injures 15 in Istanbul - Reuters

A Spain Without ETA? - Associated Press

British Dismantle IRA Dissidents' Bomb in Beer Keg - Associated Press

Middle East

Tourism Minister Urges Israelis to Boycott Turkey - Associated Press

Israeli Jews at Odds With Liberal Brethren in U.S. - Associated Press

Pro-Government Candidates Win in Bahrain Runoffs - Associated Press

Bahrain Opposition Falls Short Of Majority In Polls - Reuters

South Asia

India: Land of Many Cell Phones, Fewer Toilets - Associated Press

It's Morning in India - New York Times opinion