Small Wars Journal

3 September SWJ Roundup

Middle East Peace Talks

U.S. Launches Direct Mideast Peace Talks - Voice of America

Rivals in Middle East Fast-Track Talks - Wall Street Journal

Middle East Talks Begin with Work Plan - Los Angeles Times

Netanyahu, Abbas Seek 'Framework' - Washington Times

Settlements in West Bank Are Clouding Peace Talks - New York Times

Hebron Could be Powder Keg as Peace Talks Begin - Los Angeles Times

Hamas Among Intractable Issues in Mideast Talks - Associated Press

Experts Fear Mideast Talks Are Too Ambitious - New York Times

Israel and Palestine: A True One-state Solution - Washington Post opinion


Gates: More Casualties Expected, Allied Strategy Will Work - Voice of America

Gates Says U.S. Making Progress in Afghan War - Associated Press

Afghanistan Now Has Forces, Resources, Petraeus Says - AFPS

Gates, Karzai Discuss Way Ahead in Afghanistan - AFPS

Petraeus: U.S. To Start NATO Talks on Afghan Transition - Reuters

Afghanistan Gains Come at High Price, General Says - AFPS

U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq Looms Over Afghan War - Voice of America

Taliban in Financial Trouble, General Says - AFPS

2 U.S. Troops Die in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Air Strike Targets Senior Insurgent Leader - AFPS

Deaths Disputed in Afghan Airstrike - Wall Street Journal

Afghan Leader Condemns Air Strike as Gates Arrives - Reuters

Karzai Calls Aide's Arrest Reminiscent of Soviet Times - Washington Post

Depositors Panic Ove Bank Crisis in Afghanistan - New York Times

Afghans Pull Money from Troubled Kabul Bank - Los Angeles Times

Bank Crisis: Karzai Urges Afghans Not to Panic - Washington Post

Karzai Kin Asks U.S. to Bolster His Bank - Wall Street Journal

Afghanistan Assures Bank Customers Amid Graft Fears - Reuters

Our Distracted Commander in Chief - Washington Post opinion


Pakistani Officials Caution Against Large Outdoor Religious Ceremonies - VOA

Police: Attack on Pakistan Minority Mosque Kills 1 - Associated Press

Bomb Kills 1 Police Officer, Wounds 3 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Pakistan Taliban Take Responsibility For Bombings - Reuters

U.S. Military Boosts Pakistan Aid Capabilities - AFPS

Objective in Pakistan is to Help, Mullen Says - AFPS

Pakistan Gets IMF Relief, Tightens Security - Reuters


After Iraq War, Uncertainty and Seemingly Mixed Messages - Washington Post


Security Forces in Evidence Ahead of pro-Palestinian Rallies - Los Angeles Times

Attackers Strike Home of Iranian Opposition Leader - New York Times

Iran Stoning Lawyer Reunited With Family - Associated Press

United Nations

Security Council to Hold Summit on Peace - Associated Press

United States

New Yorkers Want Islamic Center Moved, Poll Finds - New York Times

Justice Department Sues Arizona Sheriff - Washington Post

Justice Dept. Sues Sheriff Over Bias Investigation - New York Times

Justice Dept. Sues Arizona Sheriff - Washington Times

U.S. Sues Arizona Sheriff in Civil Rights Probe - Los Angeles Times


Mainstream U.S. Media Criticized for Ignoring Developments in Africa - VOA

Sudan's North-South Faultline Worries About War - Associated Press

Sudan Referendum Body Agrees Post to End Deadlock - Reuters

Rape Victims in Congo Raid Now More Than 240 - New York Times

Mozambique Calm After 2 Days of Deadly Food Riots - Associated Press

Mozambique Riots Spotlight World Food Price Spike - Associated Press

Uganda Court Charges 2 Over Deadly Twin Bombings - Associated Press

S. Africa to End Amnesty for Illegal Zimbabweans - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Calderon Acknowledges "Central Threat" of Drug Cartels - Washington Post

Calderon: Violence Price Worth Paying in Drug War - Associated Press

Gun Battle in Northeastern Mexico Leaves 25 Dead - Los Angeles Times

Soldiers Kill 25 in Mexico Gunbattle - Associated Press

Drug Shootout With Army Kills 25 In Mexico - Reuters

Drug Gangs Prey on Migrants In Risky Mexico Journey - Reuters

Massacre Survivor: Victims Refused Narco Work - Associated Press

Ecuadorean Survivor Urges Migrants to Avoid Mexico - Associated Press

Chavez Defends His Record on Crime In Venezuela - Reuters

Election Official: Chavez Breaking Campaign Rules - Associated Press

Salvador Bans Gang Membership After Bus Massacre - Associated Press

5 Police Officers Killed by Road Bomb in Colombia - Associated Press

Despite Embargo, Cuba A Haven For Pirated U.S. Goods - Reuters

Asia Pacific

North Korea Appears Ready to Extend Dynastic Rule - New York Times

U.S. to Send Flood Aid to North Korea - Voice of America

U.S., S. Korea to Hold Further Naval Drills - Associated Press

China Census Highlights Growing Rights Awareness - Associated Press

Journalist Murders in Indonesia Attributed to Low Standards - Voice of America

Central Asia

Suicide Car Bomber Wounds 25 Police In Tajikistan - Reuters


Book Sets Off Immigration Debate in Germany - New York Times

U.S. Officers Take Up Posts at Paris Airport - Associated Press

Paris Mosque Slams Burger Chain's Muslim Outreach - Associated Press

Serbia Confiscates $256 Million of Crime Property - Associated Press

Muslim Cleric Calls For Beheading Of Dutch Politician - Reuters

Middle East

U.N. Atom Chief Invited Israel to Mull Joining NPT - Reuters

Turkish Action Film Depicts Israeli Raid - New York Times

Wiesenthal Worked for Israeli Spy Agency, Book Alleges - New York Times

Group Promotes Egypt's Spy Chief for President - Associated Press

Egypt TV Show Stirs Debate Over Muslim Brotherhood - Associated Press

South Asia

A Kashmir Hospital Is Witness to Conflict - New York Times

Muslims Use Facebook, YouTube in Kashmir Fight - Associated Press