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3 December SWJ Roundup


Cables Depict Heavy Afghan Graft, Starting at the Top - New York Times

Leaked Afghan Cables Show U.S. Frustration with Leader - Washington Post

WikiLeaks: Bribery, Graft Rampant in Afghanistan - Associated Press

WikiLeaks: U.S. Frets Over Afghan Graft, Karzai - Reuters

Cables Offer Shifting Portrait of Karzai - New York Times

Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Taliban Leader - AFPS

British Tell How Rescue by GI's Broke Down - New York Times

British Aid Worker Killed Accidentally by U.S. Soldier - Washington Post

Dutch Hostage Freed In Afghanistan - Reuters


Memos: U.S. Pressing for Saudi Help in Pakistan - Associated Press

Korean Peninsula

U.S.: North Korea Likely to Be Hiding More Nuclear Sites - Voice of America

South Korean Outlines Military Posture - New York Times

S. Korean Jets Will Bomb North if It Attacks Again - Associated Press

South Korea Raises Rhetoric Against The North - Reuters

Report: North Korea Boosts Multiple-Launch Rockets - Associated Press

Clinton Says Iran And North Korea Could Spark Arms Races - Reuters

China, the Enabler - New York Times editorial

A Dangerous Game - Washington Post opinion

Send the North a Message - Los Angeles Times opinion


Leaked Cables Might Push Iraq Closer to Iran - Washington Post


U.N. Cannot Confirm Iran's Nuclear Activities are Peaceful - Voice of America

Clinton Says Iran And North Korea Could Spark Arms Races - Reuters

Iran Arrests Suspects Over Scientist's Murder - Associated Press

Fears, Doubts Over Iran's Ties in South America - Associated Press

International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRC Launches Record-Breaking Appeal - Voice of America


WikiLeaks, Round Three - Small Wars Journal (post-release)

SWJ Wikileaks Roundup - Small Wars Journal (pre-release)

U.S. Department of Defense

Somber Ritual as Slain Soldiers are Returned to U.S. - Washington Post

Army Researchers Study Computer, Human Networks - AFPS

Researchers Aim to Bring Smart Phones to Warfighters - AFPS

McCain Questions Pentagon on Repeal of Gay Ban - New York Times

Gates, Mullen Urge Congress to Repeal 'Don't Ask' Law - AFPS

United States

Diplomats Feel Fallout After WikiLeaks Release - Voice of America

Violations of Limits on Spying Aimed at U.S. Citizens - Washington Post

Treasury Department Acts Against Members of Terrorist Group - Washington Times

'Obstructionists' Hinder WikiLeaks Probe - Washington Times


International Pressure Mounts for Sudanese President's Arrest - VOA

Commission Says Opposition Candidate Wins Ivory Coast Election - VOA

Election Results Challenged in Ivory Coast - New York Times

Tensions Rise in Ivory Coast - Los Angeles Times

Ivory Coast Poll Winner Named, Army Seals Borders - Reuters

Nigeria May Charge Cheney in Halliburton Bribery Probe - Washington Post

Nigeria Plans to Charge Cheney in Case of Bribery - New York Times

Activist: Civilian Deaths in Nigeria's Oil Delta - Associated Press

Kenyan Police Officer Killed In Blast In Capital - Reuters

Guinea Court Validates Conde Victory - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico Prez: Latam Needs Visible U.S. Presence - Associated Press

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Unease Over Mexican Drug War - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Cables: Mexico Drug War Lacks Clear Strategy - Associated Press

Leaked Embassy Cable: Argentina Awash in Drug Money - Associated Press

Ecuador Tries to Lure Emigrants Home - New York Times

Ex-Guatemala Lawmaker Gets 203 Years in Killings - Associated Press

Cuba Mulls Salvadoran's Death Sentence for Terror - Associated Press

Fears, Doubts Over Iran's Ties in South America - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

U.S. Continues Military Flexing in Asia - Voice of America

U.S., Japan Begin War Games; China Denounces Drills - Associated Press

U.S., Japan Stage Joint Drill Amid Regional Tensions - Reuters

Philippines, Communist Rebels Resume Talks in Feb - Associated Press

Vanuatu Deputy Ousts Premier in Confidence Vote - Associated Press

Washington's Burma Policy Isolates Washington - Washington Post opinion

Central Asia

Clinton Presses Human Rights in Uzbekistan - Voice of America

Clinton Moves to Ease Tensions on Kyrgyz Base - New York Times

Share of Lucrative U.S. Contract for Kyrgyzstan - Washington Post


Euro Zone Is Imperiled by North-South Divide - New York Times

Russia Waged Covert War on Georgia Starting in '04 - Washington Times

Putin Defends Russia Against WikiLeaks Corruption Allegations - VOA

France: Gang Wars Roil Parts of Marseille - Washington Post

Middle East

Report: Syrian Spy Chiefs Deployed to Foreign Capitals - Washington Post

No al Qaeda in Gaza, Prime Minister Insists - Associated Press

Lethal Fire Rages Through Forest in Northern Israel - New York Times

Israel Fire Kills 41 as International Help Arrives - Associated Press

South Asia

Indian State Empowers Poor to Fight Corruption - New York Times