Small Wars Journal

29 September SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


UN: Violence in Afghanistan Jumps About 40 Percent - VOA

UN: Huge Jump in Afghan Attacks - UN - BBC

Taliban Stalks Outskirts of Calm Afghan city - WP

Forces Make Drug Sweep, Take Out Insurgents in Afghanistan - AFPS

Attack Kills Police Officers in Afghanistan - NYT

Bomb Kills Policewoman, 2 Civilians in Afghanistan - AP



White House Pressed on Pakistan-Haqqani Links - VOA

Fear Drives Pakistan Support for Haqqanis Network - McClatchy

Pakistani PM Deflects US Pressure Over Militants - AP

Pakistan Says US Pressure on Militants Must End - Reuters

Pakistan Parties to Discuss US Pressure on Haqqanis - VOA

Pakistan Closes Afghan Border Route after Bombing - AP

Leader of Militant Group Back Behind Bars in Pakistan - LAT


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinian UN Bid Goes to Committee - VOA

UN Bid Stokes West Bank Tensions - WP

Israelis Happy at Home but Glum About Peace - NYT



Gadhafi Foes Keep Up Assault on Stronghold - LAT

Libyan Forces Take Sirte Airport - BBC

NATO Strikes Gaddafi Stronghold - BBC

Interpol Widens Net in Hunt for Qaddafi and Sons - NYT

Interpol Puts Gadhafi Son on Most-Wanted List - AP

Gadhafi May Be Hiding Near Algerian Border - VOA



UN Security Council Discusses New Syria Resolution - VOA

Disagreements at UN Stall Sanctions on Syria - NYT

Regime Loyalists Pelt US Envoy with Tomatoes - AP

Mob Pelts US Ambassador in Syria - BBC



Iran Mass-Produces New Missile and Rejects ‘Hot Line’ - NYT

White House, Experts Dismiss Iran Naval Threat to US Coast - CNN

Swiss Envoy Never Shown Evidence Against US Hikers - AP

Top Banker Flees Iran Amid Scandal - WP



Iraq Makes First Payment for 18 F-16 Fighters - AFPS

Suicide Bomber Attacks Police in Iraq, Killing 2 - AP



President Remains in Office Despite Widespread Opposition - VOA

Fighting Erupts in Yemeni Capital - VOA

Fresh Clashes, Explosions Rock Yemeni Capital - AP

Renewed Fighting Kills Two in Yemen Capital - Reuters

Tribesmen Said to Bring Down Military Plane in Yemen - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

US Embassy in Saudi Arabia Warns of Terror Plot - AP

Saudi Unaware of US Intelligence on Abduction Plot - Reuters

Bahrain Sentences Protest Medics - BBC

Bahrain Court Sentences Protester to Death - AP

Saudi Woman's Lashing 'Revoked' - BBC

Egypt Parties Threaten Poll Boycott, Protest Planned - Reuters

Egypt Parties Threaten Poll Boycott - BBC


Al Qaeda

Stop the Conspiracy Theories, Al Qaeda Tells Iranian Leader - NYT


US Department of Defense

Death Penalty Case Set for al-Nashiri - WP

Alleged Planner of USS Cole Attack Faces Death Penalty - AP

Hefty Bonds for Soldiers in Okla. Home Invasion - AP

An Admiral’s Farewell - WP opinion


United States

Man Held in Drone Attack Plot Against Pentagon - WP

Feds: Mass. Man Planned to Blow Up US Buildings - AP

Trapped in Guantanamo - LAT opinion


United Kingdom

UK Admiral: Climate Change Compounds Global Security Threat - CNN



Gunmen Blockade Cameroon Bridge Ahead of Election - AP

Uniformed Gunmen Open Fire in Cameroon - Reuters

Malawi Government Lifts Travel Ban on New Zambian President - VOA

South Africa Ponders Issuing Visa for Dalai Lama - LAT



US-Mexico Governors Conference Languishes - AP

Severed Heads Left Outside Mexican School - BBC

Mexico’s Calderon Dispatches Police, Troops - AP

Bolivia Highway Protests Spread - BBC


Asia Pacific

China Readies for Space Launch - BBC

China Expels South Korean Journalists - AP

Lockheed Lobbies Anew for New Taiwan F-16s - Reuters

S. Korean Military Hit by 2,770 Hacking Attempts - AP

Insurgents Kill 4 Soldiers Guarding Thai School - AP

Aung San Suu Kyi to Meet Burmese Minister on Friday - VOA



Has the IMF Gone Lax on Europe? - WP

Germany Approves EU Bailout Fund - BBC

Kosovo-Serbia Meeting Called Off - BBC

Tensions Persist in Kosovo, NATO Maintains Presence - Reuters

Key War Crimes Trial Witness Found Dead in Germany - AP

Turkey's Elephant in the Room: Religious Freedom - NYT

Lithuania: Rights Group Calls for New CIA Probe - AP

Disaffected Youth May Dampen Polish PM's Poll Hopes - Reuters


South Asia

India: Scores Convicted of Dalit Torture - BBC