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29 June SWJ Roundup

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Lt. Gen. John Allen Falls in Line on Afghanistan - WP

Nominee to Run Afghan Fight Backs Drawdown - WSJ

Allen Vows to Slow Drawdown if Conditions Deteriorate - S&S

Allen Vows to Emulate Petraeus' Leadership - AFPS

Allen Endorses Troop Withdrawal Plan - AP

Lieutenant General John Allen Backs Obama Plan - Reuters

Allen Vows to Emulate Petraeus' Leadership - AFPS

Leaving Afghanistan Soon? Not Exactly - WP

Militants' Influx Fuels North Afghanistan Violence - AP

NATO Ends Taliban Siege on Kabul Hotel - WP

Raid by Coalition Forces Ends Attack on Hotel in Kabul - NYT

Kabul Hotel Attack: NATO Helicopters Kill Taliban - BBC

Attackers Kill 10 at Landmark Afghan Hotel - LAT

Taliban Suicide Assault Team Attacks Hotel in Kabul - LWJ

Landmark Afghan Hotel Attacked - LAT

Kabul Police: 10 Afghans Killed in Hotel Attack - AP

Police Search Kabul Hotel After Taliban Attack Kills 10 - Reuters

US Starts New Airlift Operation in Eastern Afghanistan - S&S

Al-Qaeda Leader Captured Dressed as Woman - USAT

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS

Former Afghan Bank Chief Faces Charges - VOA

Arrest Warrant For Ex-Afghan Bank Chief Over 'Fraud' - BBC

Petraeus's Unfinished Legacy in Afghanistan - WP opinion


Pakistan Says Stop 'Blame Game' at US, Afghan Talks - Reuters

Pakistan Charges Six Rangers With Murder - Reuters


Russia Urges Syria to Implement 'Real' Reforms - VOA

Syrians Get an Unexpected Taste of Freedom - NYT

Syrian Protesters Discover New 'Power of their Voice' - WT

Syrian Tanks Shell Villages, Assad Offers Dialogue - Reuters


Libyan Base Falls to a Rebel Ambush in the West - NYT

Rebels Capture Gaddafi Arms Bunker Near Zintan - BBC

Libyan Rebels Seize Kadafi Arms Depot - LAT

NATO Says it will Keep Pressure on Libyan Government - VOA

Prosecutor Presses Inner Circle on Gadhafi Arrest - AP

Libya Rebels Says ICC Decision Rules Out Gaddafi Talks - Reuters

Obama Adviser Defends Libya Policy to Senate - NYT

Senate Panel OKs Use of Force in Libya - WT

Israel / Palestinians

Palestinian Leader Skeptical of UN Bid - AP

Israel Ramps Up Campaign Against Gaza Aid Flotilla - WP

Advocacy Group Helps Delay Departure of Flotilla - NYT

Gaza Activists Say Flotilla Ship Sabotaged in Greece - AP

Middle East / North Africa

Admiral McRaven: Small Commando Force Should Stay in Iraq - AP

China Opens Oil Field in Iraq - NYT

China Starts Oil Pumping in Iraq - WT

Saudi Forces Withdrawing From Bahrain - NYT

Iran Test-fires Missiles, Shows Secret Silos - WP

Guard Chief: Iran Can Build Longer-range Missiles - AP

Yemen Bombs Anti-government Tribal Area - AP

Egypt: Fresh Clashes Erupt in Cairo's Tahrir Square - BBC

Egyptian Security Forces Clash With Protesters - AP

Protesters, Police Clash in Cairo - WP

Al Qaeda

Final Days of Suicide Bomber Who Attacked the CIA - WP

At End bin Laden Wasn't Running al-Qaida - McClatchy

US Department of Defense

New US Defense Secretary Panetta Faces Many Challenges - VOA

FBI Investigating Mismanagement at Arlington - WP

Guam Buildup Could Cost $23.9B Over Next Decade - S&S

US Spent $11.7M to Fly Dependents Out of Japan - S&S

Senators Quiz McRaven For Top Special Operations Slot - AFPS

Military Takes Top US Confidence Rankings - AFPS

Probe into Leak of 'DADT' Report Fails to Identify Sources - WP

United States

McRaven: Administration Has No Plan for Captured Terrorists - WP

Which Petraeus Will Arrive at the CIA? - WP

Kerry, McCain's Bond Shaped by War - WP

United Nations

UN Climate Panel to Examine Extreme Events - AP

International Monetary Fund

Lagarde Chosen to Head IMF - VOA

Lagarde to Succeed Strauss-Kahn at IMF - WT

Christine Lagarde Named IMF Chief - BBC

Combative New IMF Chief Takes on New Challenge - AP

Washington Backs Lagarde to Head IMF - VOA


Uganda and Burundi to Get US Drones to Fight Islamists - BBC

Sudan Signs Pact With Opposition Forces - NYT

Sudan Deal to Disarm Pro-Southern Rebels - BBC

China Hosts Alleged War Criminal Sudanese President Bashir - VOA

Sudan's Omar al-Bashir Meets China President Hu Jintao - BBC

China Rolls Out Red Carpet for Sudan President - AP

Sudan to Let Ex-Rebels Join Army When South Secedes - Reuters

UN Concerned at Fate of 7,000 Missing Sudanese - AP

Sudan to Appoint Vice President From Darfur - Reuters

Nigerian Sect Targets Security Forces, Non-Muslim Civilians - VOA

UN Extends 19,000-strong Congo Force - AP

Zimbabwe Energy Minister Acquitted - VOA

UN Court Refers Genocide Case to Rwanda - Reuters

UK Navy: Patrols Reduce HOA Piracy, Battle Not Over - Reuters

Horn of Africa Sees 'Worst Drought in 60 Uears' - BBC


Mexico President Feels 'Misunderstood' in Drug War - AP

7 Cops Investigated in Slaying of Mexico Police Chief - AP

Colombia Extradites Convicted Trafficker to US - AP

Venezuelan, Like Castro, Has Brother at the Ready - NYT

Venezuela's Chavez Shown on Cuban State TV - BBC

Cuba, Venezuela Put Out New Images of Post-Op Chavez - Reuters

Chavez Back on TV, but Still No Info on Health - AP

Scenarios: Chavez Health Saga Keeps Venezuela Guessing - Reuters

Hugo Chavez, MIA - WP editorial

Ecuador Police Convicted over Rafael Correa Protest - BBC

Asia Pacific

China Rejects US Senate Criticism Over Sea Dispute - AP

Chinese Communist Site Now a Bastion for Capitalism - Reuters

North Korea Scorns South's Offer of Nuclear Talks - DN

North Korea Issues Threat to South Ahead of Joint Talks - BBC

Thurman: Kim Jong Il Provocations Will Continue - S&S

Thurman Wants to Bolster US-South Korean Ties - AFPS

Group: Philippine President Hasn't Improved Rights - AP

In Thailand, Money Can Buy Anything, Including a Vote - Reuters

Khmer Rouge UN Tribunal Centers on Controversial Amnesty - VOA

Khmer Rouge Defendant Challenges Genocide Tribunal - AP

Burma's Suu Kyi Warned Over Plans for Tour - AP


Russian Military Test-fires New Missile - AP

Challenge to UK Rules on Overseas Torture - AP

Greeks Dig in Their Heels, Protest Against Austerity Measures - VOA

Greece Protest Against Austerity Package Turns Violent - BBC

Violence Flares in Athens - LAT

46 Hurt in Clashes on Eve of Key Greek Vote - AP

Turkey Election: Opposition Boycotts Parliament Oath - BBC

In Turkey, Lawmakers Refuse Oath in Protest - NYT

Chinese Leader's Visit to Germany Ends With Large Trade Deals - NYT

Leaderless in Europe - NYT editorial

South Asia

US Sees Bigger Role for India as Trade Partner - BBC

US-India Talks Yield Little for Trade - NYT