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29 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


Amb. Crocker Looks Back on a Decade in Afghanistan - NYT

Unexploded Ordnance in Afghanistan Poses Hidden Threat - BS

Afghan Truckers a Forgotten Front in a War Growing Deadlier - Reuters

Taliban Kill District Government Chief in E. Afghanistan - AP



Pakistan Unrelenting in Demanding End to CIA's Drone Strikes - AP



US to Rebels: Don’t Repeat Mistakes of Iraq - WP

Battle for Syria's Commercial Center Intensifies - VOA

Syrian Military Intensifies Assault on Rebels in Aleppo - NYT

Syria Troops Shell Aleppo Neighborhoods - AP

Rural Fighters Pour Into Syria's Aleppo for Battle - Reuters

Syrian Rebels in Aleppo Hang on to Neighborhoods - WP

After the Battle, Despair Grips Damascus - Reuters

Syria SNC to Mull Transitional Government 'Within Weeks' - Reuters

Call to Arm Syrian Rebel Fighters - BBC

Fighters Replace Tourists Crossing Over From Syria to Turkish Town - NYT

Jordan Opens Syria Refugee Camp - BBC

Poland Closes Embassy in Syria as Crisis Worsens - AP

Time for Patience Is Over in Syria - WP editorial

Talk Now or Watch Syria Crumble - TG editorial

Syria After the Fall - NYT opinion

WMD Changes the Syria Debate - WPR opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Sees Israel, Tight Mideast Ally, as Spy Threat - AP

Romney to Vow Closer Israel Ties - BBC

Adviser: Romney Would Back Israeli Strike on Iran - AP

Israel Denies Seeing US Iran Strike Plan - AP

Egypt’s Islamists Tread Lightly, but Skeptics Squirm - NYT

Spain Evacuates Algeria Aid Staff - BBC

How an Accidental War with Iran Could Start - TD opinion


US Department of Defense

GOP Senator Holds Up Vote on Air Force Nominee - AP

Security Firm G4S Fell Short at Olympics and US Bases in S. Korea - S&S

Navy Christens Last of Three Ships Honoring 9/11 Sites - AP


United States

Romney and Obama Strain to Show Gap on Foreign Policy - NYT

Retiring Envoy to Afghanistan Exhorts U.S to Heed Its Past - NYT

Amid Suicide 'Epidemic,' Military at Odds with NRA Over Law - CSM

Judge Finds Iraq Vet Blake Uddin Not Guilty in Crime Spree - S&S


United Kingdom

Security Firm G4S Fell Short at Olympics and US bases in S. Korea - S&S


United Nations

Arms Treaty Must Wait After UN Agreement Fails - AP



Global AIDS Conference Wraps Up - VOA



Rwanda Issues Rebuttal to UN Over M23 Report - VOA

Netherlands Suspends Rwanda Aid - VOA

UK Troops 'Aid Somali AU Force' - BBC

Thousands Flee Ethiopia Clashes - BBC

Kenyan Police: Venezuelan Acting Ambassador Strangled - VOA

6 Held in Strangling of Envoy in Kenya - Reuters

Kenya: Mau Mau Torture Hearing Concludes in London - VOA

Mali's Traore Returns Home to Hefty Challenges - VOA

Mali PM Says Will Stay on Despite Resignation Deadline - Reuters

African Heads to Again Seek UN Mali Mandate - Reuters

Health Team Fights Ebola Outbreak That Has Killed 14 in Uganda - NYT



Venezuela’s Chavez Steps Up Campaign After Cancer Fight - AP

Peru's Humala Renews Poverty Vow - BBC

Cuba: Dissident Death Crash 'Not Accident' - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Analysis: US Faces Dilemma in South China Sea Response - S&S

Britons See 2 Sides of Chinese Murder Suspect - NYT

China Cancels Waste Project Following Protest - VOA

Thousands in HK Protest China Patriotism Classes - AP

North Korea Sends Leaflet-filled Balloons Across DMZ - S&S

Anti-Nuke Protesters Surround Japanese Parliament - AP

US Ambassador to Burma Sees Growing Ties Between Countries - VOA

Muslim’s Increasingly Worried About Fate of Burma's Rohingyas - VOA

Tajik Rebels Surrender After Threat of New Assault - Reuters



Spain’s Jobless Rely on Family, a Frail Crutch - NYT

German Minister: No Room for Greece Concessions - AP

France Reflects on Its Role in Wartime Fate of Jews - NYT

Romania Holds Basescu Referendum - BBC

Romanians Vote on Whether to Impeach President - AP

In Cyprus, a New Generation Inherits a Conflict - AP


South Asia

Tensions in India Turn Deadly, Officials Ignored Warning Signs - NYT

India Anti-Graft Activist Begins New Hunger Strike - AP