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29 April SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


4 Killed in Attack on Afghan Governor Compound - VOA

Afghan Official Survives Attack by Insurgents - NYT

Bomb Leaves 10 Afghan Police Dead - BBC

NATO Reports Deaths of 3 Troops in Afghanistan - AP

Afghan Policeman Fires on Checkpoint, 2 US Troops Injured - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary -AFPS



US, Pakistan Talks Fail - VOA

Year Later, Bin Laden Killing Still Colors Pakistan-US Ties - VOA

Pakistan's Spy Agency Seeks Credit for bin Laden's Death - WP



Cease-Fire in Syria Exposes Heavy Price of Just Buying Time - NYT

Syrian Violence Continues as Monitoring Chief Heads to Country - VOA

Syrian Death Toll Climbs; Ships with Weapons Intercepted - VOA

Lebanon Holds 'Syria Arms Ship' - BBC

Syria Rebels 'in Seaborne Attack' - BBC

Syria Decries UN Chief’s Bias - WP



Remarks by Former Official Fuel Israeli Discord on Iran - NYT

Israeli PM 'Misleading' Over Iran - BBC

Israeli Official: Public Misled on Iran - WP

Iranian Lawmaker Says Fighters in UAE are US-Israeli Plot - AP



Islamists Backing of Liberal Upends Race in Egypt - NYT

Baradei Launches New Egypt Party - BBC

Saudis Close Embassy in Egypt - NYT

Egypt Protests Shut Saudi Arabia Embassy - BBC

Anti-military Rule Protester Killed in Egypt - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Deploys Stealth Jets to Air Base in Southwest Asia - WP

Palestinians Accused of Censoring - BBC

Saleh Nephew 'Quits Yemen Army' - BBC

Tunisia Faces Muslim Divide - WP


Al Qaeda / Terrorism

Bin Laden’s Death Hasn’t Killed al-Qaeda - WP

Weaker al-Qaida Still Plots Payback for US Raid - AP

Panetta: US Remains Focused on Pursuit of Al-Qaida - AFPS

Panetta: No One Way to Destroy al-Qaida - VOA

White House Uses 'Situation Room' as bin Laden Anniversary Nears - S&S

‘Manhunt’ Details bin Laden Mission - WP

How bin Laden is Winning - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Service Personnel Leaders Testify on Budget Request - AFPS

Defense Policy, Security Nominees Emphasize Strategic Focus - AFPS

Military to Show Guantanamo Proceedings at 4 US Bases - S&S

Games Find Navy Ability Lacking in Arctic - AP

Army Announces Plans to Reactivate 7th Infantry Division - AFPS


United States

Leadership Rankings for Federal Agencies - WP

US Jury Convicts Somali Piracy Link Man - BBC

Criminal Charges Not Filed Against Border Agent Who Shot 15-Year-Old - AP

Obama: Executive Order Protects Military, Vet Students - AFPS

Warrior in Chief - NYT opinion

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Border Force 'Ready' for Olympics - BBC

UK Flats May be Olympic Missile Site - BBC

Large Van Bomb Defused on Northern Ireland Border - AP



Defense Strategy Pertains Directly to Horn of Africa, Senior Official Says - AFPS

South Sudan Awaits Big China Loan - BBC

Sudan Seizes Foreigners in Heglig - BBC

Nigeria: Boko Haram: Newspaper Bombed to Hit Back at Critics - VOA

Nigerian University Hit by Blast - BBC

Grenade Attack at Church in Kenya Kills 1, Wounds 10 - VOA

Zimbabwean Diaspora Fears Mugabe May Steal Another Election - VOA

Trade Fair in Zimbabwe Boycotted - BBC

Mali Coup Leader Rejects ECOWAS - BBC

Guinea-Bissau Leaders are Freed - BBC

New Malawi President Sacks Rival - BBC

Eritrea Leader Alive and 'Well' - BBC



US Looks to South America for Security Partners - AP

Colombia: FARC Rebels Kill Eight in Attacks - BBC

Colombia: Journalist Missing in FARC Raid - BBC

Bolivians March Against Road Plan - BBC

Cuban 'Defector' Actors Reappear - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan: Security Issues Expected to Top Obama-Noda Meeting - VOA

US, Japan Agree on Okinawa Troop Relocation - AFPS

US-Philippine Leaders to Discuss Alliance Future - AFPS

China Rights Group: Missing Dissident Under US Protection - VOA

Chinese Activist 'in US Protection' - BBC

China Dissident Reportedly in US Care - WP

Daring Circle, Now at Risk, Aided Activist’s Flight in China - NYT

Chen Escape Sparks China Round-up - BBC

China: Chongqing Residents Confront Fallen Leader's Mixed Legacy - VOA

A New Pawn in China’s Two Tugs of War - NYT

Vietnam Arrests US Pro-Democracy Activist - AP

Malaysian Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannon to Disperse Protesters - VOA

Police Clash With Malaysia Protesters Seeking Electoral Reforms - NYT

Huge Rally Raises Question on Malaysia Poll Timing - AP

EU Foreign Policy Chief Meets With Burmese Opposition Leader - VOA

Kazakhstan Warns About 'Evil' Foreign Reporters - AP

In the Philippines, Haunted by History - NYT opinion



3 Held in Denmark as Part of Terror Probe - AP

France; Sarkozy Snaps at DSK Over Claims - BBC

Norway Muslims Question Focus on Breivik's Sanity - AP

Women See Worrisome Shift in Turkey - NYT


South Asia

India's Former BJP Leader Jailed - BBC