Small Wars Journal

28 December SWJ Roundup


Coalition Reports Progress in Afghanistan, U.N. Data Paint Bleaker Picture - VOA

U.N.: Afghan Security Deteriorates - Wall Street Journal

A 'Breeze Of Change' Blows In Helmand - Daily Telegraph

Displacement and Despair, a Dangerous Combination - New York Times

NATO, Afghans Offer Conflicting Accounts of Deadly Raid - Washington Post

Car Bomb Explodes Near Kandahar Police Compound - New York Times

NATO Condemns Suicide Attack in Afghanistan - AFPS

Army Investigator: Drop Charge in Afghan Civilian Death - Associated Press

Microfinance Faces Hurdles In Empowering Afghan Women - Reuters


Resumption of Food Program Expected in Pakistan - New York Times

Militias Stem Pakistani Taliban, But at What Cost? - Associated Press

Pakistan Coalition Party to Withdraw Cabinet Ministers - BBC News

Missile Strikes Inside Pakistan Kill 25 Suspected Insurgents - Los Angeles Times

Intel: 2 Suspected U.S. Strikes Kill 8 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Korean Peninsula

South Korea's President Vows Retaliation if North Attacks - New York Times


Iraq Wants the U.S. Out - Wall Street Journal

14 Killed in Second Bombing at Iraqi Site - New York Times

Suicide Bombings Kill 19, Wound 45 in Western Iraq - Washington Post

17 Killed in Suicide Attack in Western Iraq - Los Angeles Times

Twin Suicide Blasts Strike Western Iraq - Associated Press

Iraqis Discuss New Strategic Council - United Press International

Politics, Iran Threaten Iraq's Future - Philadelphia Inquirer opinion


Iran Corruption Claims Stoke Political Infighting - Associated Press

Iran Executes Man Convicted of Spying for Israel - New York Times

Iran Hangs Man Convicted of Spying for Israel's Mossad - BBC News

Iran Hangs Man Convicted of Spying for Israel - Associated Press

Germany Recalls Envoy to Iran - United Press International

2 Germans Detained in Iran Meet Family Members - Associated Press


WikiLeaks Founder Signs Book Deal - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Special Forces Wary of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal - Washington Times

Resurrecting ROTC on College Campuses - Associated Press

United States

Muslim Women Gain Higher Profile in U.S. - New York Times

Gitmo: A Step Toward Fairness - New York Times editorial

America's Dangerous Rush to Shrink Military Power - Wall Street Journal opinion

United Kingdom

British Police Charge 9 Men, Arrested in Terror Raids - New York Times

Britain Charges 9 of Planning Attacks on U.S. Embassy - Washington Post

Nine Terrorism Suspects Appear in London Court - Los Angeles Times

British Court Holds 9 on U.S. Embassy Terror Plot - Associated Press

U.S. Embassy In London Was A Target Of U.K. Suspects - Reuters


'Last-chance' Mission Heads for Ivory Coast Talks - BBC News

West Africa Leaders to Give Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Ultimatum - Reuters

Ivory Coast Incumbent Gbagbo Still Has Outside Allies - Voice of America

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Makes His Case to French Media - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Strike Call Goes Unheeded - Voice of America

Ivorians' Reaction to Strike Highlights Divisions - Associated Press

Nigeria Says At Least 80 Died In Jos Attacks - Reuters

Police Arrest 6 in Central Nigeria Violence - Associated Press

Darfur Conflict a 'Deep Concern' for U.N. - United Press International

S. African Police Find Weapons Bound for Somalia - Associated Press

Somali Pirates Release German Chemical Tanker - Reuters


Mexico: Drug Battles Create Border Ghost Towns - Associated Press

No Police in Mexico Town after Last Officer Kidnapped - BBC News

El Salvador: 3 Migrants Abducted in Mexico, 5 Flee - Associated Press

2 Mutilated Bodies Found in Southern Mexico - Associated Press

Lula's Legacy, Leaving Behind a Transformed Brazil - Associated Press

Brazil's Leader Laments U.S. Views Toward LatAm - Associated Press

U.S. Official Apologizes to Peru Over Leaked Cables - Associated Press

Gunshot Victims Overwhelm Guatemala Emergency Room - Associated Press

A Venezuelan Oasis of Elitism Counts Its Days - New York Times

More Detained in Drug Cases in Venezuela in 2010 - Associated Press

Strike over Massive Bolivia Fuel Price Rises Begins - BBC News

Haiti PM Criticises Post-earthquake Rebuilding Efforts - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Defense Secretary Gates to Travel to China - American Forces Press Service

China has Carrier-killer Missile, U.S. Admiral Says - Washington Times

China Moving Toward Deploying Anti-Carrier Missile - Associated Press

Official: 580 Chinese Fugitives in Other Countries - Associated Press

Chinese Investigative Reporter Dies After Attack - Associated Press

Malaysian Shia Muslims Seek to Legally Worship - Associated Press


Letter Bomb Defused at Greek Embassy in Rome - New York Times

France's Spy Service Bulks Up Amid Terror Threats - Associated Press

Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons Still an Issue after START - Washington Post

Russia: Advocate Killed, Accuser Tried - New York Times

Imprisoned Russian Oil Tycoon Is Convicted Again - New York Times

Russian Oil Tycoon Khodorkovsky Convicted of Embezzlement - Washington Post

Russia: Khodorkovsky Found Guilty in Second Trial - Los Angeles Times

Khodorkovsky Trial: Russia Hits Back at West - BBC News

U.S. Says Khodorkovsky Conviction Hurts Russia's Reputation - Reuters

Spain: Basque Group Makes Peace Offer - Wall Street Journal

Middle East

Israeli PM: Interim Mideast Peace Deal Is Option - Associated Press

Israeli Defense Minister Says Turkey Tensions Must Ease - Voice of America

Gazans Hold Protests on 2nd Anniversary of Israeli Offensive - Voice of America

Lebanon's Christians Urge Calm in Hariri Probe - United Press International

Tough 2011 for Muslim Brotherhood? - United Press International

UAE Considered Keeping Hamas Hit Quiet - Associated Press

South Asia

India Issues Nationwide Terror Alert for New Year - Associated Press

In India, One Woman's Struggle for Moderation - Washington Post

Malaria Grows, Aided by Political Tumult in Sri Lanka - New York Times

Nepal: Son Shoots Holes in Ex-king's Return to Power - Los Angeles Times