Small Wars Journal

24 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Soldiers in Afghanistan Focused on Allen’s 2012 Objectives - AFPS

Wounded Marine Inspires AP Photographer's Search - VOA



CIA Suspends Drone Attacks in Pakistan, US Officials Say - LAT

As Pakistan Faces 2 Crises, Military Denies a Conspiracy - NYT

Pakistan Army Chief Denies Coup Plan - WP

Pakistan Army Chief Says Coup Fears 'Speculation' - Reuters

Six Die in Pakistan Suicide Blast - BBC

Suicide Attack Kills 6 Pakistani Soldiers - AP



Clash Over Regional Power Spurs Iraq’s Sectarian Rift - NYT

Iraqi Women Fear Violence, Erosion of Rights - VOA

Iraq VP Warns of Sectarian Conflict - AP

Hashemi Accuses Government over Attacks - BBC



Syria Says 44 Killed in Twin Bombings - VOA

Bomb Blasts Hit 2 Security Facilities in Syrian Capital - NYT

Syria Capital Hit by Massive Bombings - LAT

Twin Suicide Bombs Shake Syrian Capital, Kill 44 - AP

Syria: Sides Blame Each Other for Bombings - TT

Syria Blames al-Qaida after Two Car Bombs Kill Dozens - TG

Was Syrian Government Behind Attacks? - TT

UN Condemns Syria Suicide Blasts - BBC

New UN Draft Resolution on Syria, Bombs Hit Capital - Reuters

US Condemns Syria Terror Bombings - VOA

UN Condemns Syria Terrorist Attacks - AP

Arab League Monitors Leave for Syria on Monday - Reuters



Egyptians Rally Against Ruling Military Council - VOA

Egyptians March Against Military - BBC

Egyptians Rally After Days of Deadly Clashes - AP

Egypt Divided After a Week of Violence - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring and the Middle East: 2012 Preview - TT

Israel Cancels Turkey Military Contract to Supply Aerial System - NYT

Israel Cancels Defense Deal over Turkey's Ties to Iran - WT

UNESCO Cuts Funds for Palestinian Magazine - AP

Registration Starts for Iran's Parliamentary Poll - AP

Bahrain Opposition HQ 'Attacked' - BBC

Yemen Protesters Attacked by Regime Loyalists - AP

US Drone Kills Yemen Al Qaeda Leader's Relative - Reuters

Year after Tunisian Revolt Began, Little Has Changed, Residents Say - CSM

Libya Celebrates Independence Day - BBC


The Arctic

The Colder War - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Dempsey: Hazing, Bullying ‘Intolerable’ in Military - AFPS

Repeal of Military Gay Ban Gets Mixed Review after 3 Months - WT

Joy to the Troops - WP opinion


United States

UAVs: The Rise of a Multibillion-dollar Industry - WP

CIA's IG Finds No Problem with NYPD Partnership - AP

NYPD’s Spying Programs Yielded Only Mixed Results - AP



In Somalia, Fears Over US Wire Transfer Block - AP

3 Somali Aid Workers Killed, 2 of Them With WFP - AP

Day of Violence in Northern Nigeria Kills at Least 24 - Reuters

Christmas in Sudan, Now the Day of a Tiny Minority - NYT

Congo Opposition Leader Holds Own Inauguration - AP

Police in DR Congo Fire Tear Gas at Protesters - VOA

Congo Police Obstruct Swearing-in - BBC

Rwanda Rebel Freed by World Court - BBC



A Year of Drift in US-Latin American Relations - CSM

Peace Corps Pullout a Sad Day for Central America - CSM

3 US Citizens Among Victims in Mexico Bus Attack - AP

Three US Citizens Killed in Mexico Attacks - Reuters

Mexico Seizes 229 Tons of Precursor Chemicals - AP

Mexico 2012 Frontrunner Stirs Reform Optimism - Reuters

Drug Boss Surrenders in Colombia - BBC

Colombian Crime Boss Turns Himself, 283 Militia Members In - TG

Boss of Colombian Criminal Group Turns Self In - AP

Fuel Pipeline Explodes in Colombia, Killing 11 - AP

Britain Slams Argentina, Vows to Protect Falklands - Reuters

UK Committed to Falklands Sovereignty, Pledges Cameron - TG

Peace Corps Cites Safety in Pullout From Honduras - AP

Cuba to Release 2,900 Prisoners - BBC

Cuba to Free 2,900 in Sweeping Amnesty - Reuters

Cuba Says Travel Restrictions to Remain in Place - AP

Cuban-Americans Stream to the Island for Holidays - AP

Haiti: Minister Attacked While Visiting DomRep - AP

UN Must Face Up to its Haiti Disaster - TG opinion


Asia Pacific

China’s Criticism of US Policy Turns Personal - WP

Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Chinese City - NYT

Tear Gas Fired at Protesters in China Seaside Town - AP

Guangdong Protests Could Impact China's Leadership Shuffle - WP

What's the Plan if North Korea Collapses? - Reuters

US, N. Korea Tentative about Future Relations - VOA

N. Korea’s Kim Jong Eun Tests Age-old Reliance on Maturity - WP

North Korea Warns South to Respect Late Leader - VOA

N. Korea Warns South to Show ‘Respect’ for Kim Jong-il - NYT

S. Korea Feels Helpless Amidst Change - WP

China Praises Kim Jong Il Despite Sometimes Strained Ties - LAT

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Registers Party, Visits Parliament - VOA

In Thailand, Support for King Grows Bellicose - NYT


Central Asia

Violent Unrest Clouds Kazakhstan’s Political Future - WT



Kremlin Strategist Tries to Defuse Discontent and Undermine Protesters - NYT

Russia's Protest Movement Faces Key Test Saturday - VOA

Young and Connected Protesters Surprise Russia - NYT

Russia’s Protest Movement Remains Fluid - WP

Russians Stage Mass Poll Protests - BBC

Protesters Gather for Another Big Rally in Moscow - AP

Thousands Sign Up for New Russian Protest - Reuters

Russia's NATO Envoy Appointed to Government - AP

Russia Test-Fires Two New Nuclear Missiles - Reuters

Czechs, World Leaders Bid Farewell to Vaclav Havel - VOA

Mourners in Prague Honor Havel - NYT

World Leaders Attend Havel Funeral - TG

Ukrainian Ex-PM Tymoshenko's Jail Sentence Upheld - AP

Protests Fail to Block Legislation in Hungary - NYT

Hungarians Protest Against PM Outside Parliament - Reuters

New Government Takes Power in Croatia - VOA

Turkey’s Leader Counters French Law - NYT

Turkey Accuses France of Genocide in Algeria - TG

The Man Who Got Russia Right - WP opinion

The Next Russian Revolution? - NYT opinion


South Asia

Thousands Demonstrate in Maldives Over Islamic Law - AP