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24 August SWJ Roundup


Libyan Rebels Seize Gadhafi Compound - VOA

Qaddafi Defiant After Rebel Takeover - NYT

Rebels Overrun Gaddafi's Compound - BBC

Rebels Storm Gaddafi Compound in Tripoli - WP

Rebels Overrun Gadhafi’s Compound in Tripoli - WT

Rebels Raise Flag on Gaddafi's Compound - Sky

Rebels Destroy Symbols of Kadafi's Power - LAT

Rebels Overrun Gadhafi Compound - AP

Urban Warfare Could End Libyan Rebels' Advance - AP

Rebels Rejoice in Castle Filled With Guns and Trappings of Power - NYT

Kadafi Compound: Looters Take Place of Loyalists - LAT

In Libya, Echoes of Baghdad's Firdos Square - Reuters

Rebels Tell Story of Plan to Take Tripoli - AP

Opposition Prepares for Transition - WP

Rebel Council to Move to Tripoli this Week - Reuters

For Libyan Rebels, a Time to Celebrate - WP

Rebel Leader to Meet Sarkozy in Paris - AP

US Doubled Air Attacks on Libya in Past 12 Days - CNN

Airstrikes More Difficult as War Moves to Tripoli - NYT

Gaddafi Vows Death or Victory - TT

Fight, Run or Hide, What Now for Moammar Gadhafi? - VOA

Gadhafi's Options for Escape are Narrowing - USAT

In Gadhafi, Rebels Hunting an Elusive Target - AP

Rebels: Gaddafi Must Face Trial in Libya Before ICC - Reuters

Nicaragua Would Consider Gadhafi Asylum - AP

Rebel Forces May Not be Ready for What's Coming - USAT

US, Human Rights Groups Urge No Retribution in Libya - VOA

US Presses Rebels to Preserve Order  - WP

Libya's Deadliest Weapons Still Haven't Been Corralled - AP

Ex-IAEA Official Warns of Libya 'Dirty Bomb' Material - Reuters

Oil Giants Look to Resume Libyan Production - VOA

Hurdles in Reviving the Oil Sector - NYT

Libyan Rebels' Gulf Allies Poised for Payday - AP

Libya Rebel Council Seeking $2.5 Billion Aid - Reuters

Waves of Disinformation and Confusion Swamp the Truth - NYT

Covering Libya's Conflict by Way of 'Planet Rixos' - LAT

British Journalists 'Captive' at Tripoli Hotel - TT

Map: Tripoli fighting - BBC

America’s Role in Libya - WP editorial

Libya’s Problems Far From Over - LAT opinion

Libya’s Bloody Road to Freedom - NYT opinion

When Kadafi Commanded Respect - LAT opinion



5 Deaths Reported in Syria as UN Investigates Violence - NYT

Europeans and US Seek Sanctions Against Syria - AP

Syrian Activists Form Opposition Coalition - VOA

Syria Opposition Tries to Unite, Divisions Remain - AP

UN Human Rights Council Condemns Syria - VOA

UN Orders Syria Crackdown Probe - BBC

US Envoy Defies Syria Travel Rules - WP

US Envoy Visits Syria Town, UN Launches Inquiry - Reuters



Billions Spent on Police but Brutality, Corruption Prevail - Reuters

Local Afghan Government Officials Killed in South - AP

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS

Kidnap Fears Grow for Missing Germans - BBC



Pakistan’s Bitter, Little-Known Ethnic Rebellion - NYT

3 Arrested in American's Kidnapping - CNN

'Day of Mourning' Cripples Karachi - VOA

Protest Strike Shuts Down Karachi - BBC



Logistics Personnel Prepare to Move Materiel Out of Iraq - S&S

Turkey Reports Heavy PKK Losses in Week of Bombing - BBC

Base Life Has Own Pace Despite Iraq War Outside - S&S



Iran Unveils New Missile - VOA

Iran Shows UN Advanced Nuke Equipment - AP

Iran Puts 'Israeli Spy' on Trial - BBC


Israel / Palestinians

Israeli Military: Aircraft Strike Gaza Gunmen - AP

Israeli Air Strike Kills Gaza Militant - Reuters



Yemeni PM Returning Home – VOA


Al Qaeda

10 Years after 9/11, al-Qaeda is Down but Not Out - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

‘Doomsday Mechanism’ Would Devastate Budget, Panetta Says - AFPS


United States

FBI Focusing on Security Over Ordinary Crime - NYT

East Coast Rocked by Strongest Quake Since 1944 - AP



Sudan Leader Declares Ceasefire - BBC

Images Show Mass Graves in Sudan, Group Says - NYT

Sudan Says No Proof of Mass Graves in Conflict Area - Reuters

Mogadishu Celebrates Al-Shabab Withdrawal But Militants Nearby - VOA



Man Hung From Mexico Bridge, Shot to Death - AP

Costa Rica 'Facing Drugs Threat' - BBC

Trinidad Declares Crime Emergency - BBC

Judge: Venezuelan Weekly Must Stop Publishing - AP

Haiti Needs Action, Not Words - LAT editorial


Asia Pacific

Biden Sees Recovery in Japan - WP

Japan’s Prime Minister Likely to Resign - NYT

N. Korea's Kim, Medvedev Hold Nuclear Talks - Reuters

Medvedev in Siberia for Summit With Kim Jong Il - AP

Rebels Reject Plan for Filipino Muslims - NYT

Philippines' Aquino: No Apology for Hostage Deaths - AP

Thai PM Sets Priorities For New Government - VOA

Time to Deal with China’s High-tech Mafia - WT opinion



Serbia Welcomes Merkel on Threshold of EU Bid - VOA

Turkey Exacts a Toll on Kurdish Separatists - NYT


South Asia

Indian PM Calls on Anti-Corruption Activist to End Hunger Strike - VOA

Indian PM Urges Hazare to End Strike - WP

Many in India See Danger in Hazare’s Anticorruption Plan - NYT

India Leaders Hold Hazare Talks - BBC

Bangladesh Urged to Stop Extrajudicial Killings - AP

Sri Lanka MPs to Probe 'Grease-Devil' Violence - BBC