Small Wars Journal

22 December SWJ Roundup


Petraeus Promises Will Rebuild Afghan Village Destruction - Stars and Stripes

Afghan Government Disbands Dozens of Private Security Firms - VOA

Afghan Air Force Gets its Wings, NATO Commander Says - AFPS

Afghan Official Blasts NATO for Civilian Deaths - Associated Press

Covering Marines at War, Through Facebook - New York Times

The Costs of War - Washington Post opinion


U.S., NATO Not Planning Ground Ops in Pakistan, Officials Say - AFPS

U.S. Denies Reports of Planned Pakistan Raids - Voice of America

NATO Denies U.S. Plans Ground Raids into Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan's Flawed Ideology - Washington Times opinion

Korean Peninsula

U.S.: North Korea Must Change Behavior Before Talks Can Resume - VOA

South Korea Remains on High Alert - Voice of America

South Korea Begins New Round of Military Drills - New York Times

South Korea Begins Massive New Military Drills - Los Angeles Times

South Korea Braces for Surprise Attack - Los Angeles Times

S. Korea to Stage Firing Drills Near Land Border - Associated Press

S. Korea Begins Routine Naval Drills Amid Tension - Associated Press

South Korea Army to Hold Huge Drill, North Silent - Reuters


Iraqi Parliament Approves New Maliki Government- Voice of America

Iraqi Parliament Approves New Unity Government - Washington Post

After Months, Iraqi Lawmakers Approve a Government - New York Times

Iraqi Parliament Approves New Maliki Government - Los Angeles Times

Iraqi Parliament OKs New Government - Washington Times

Iraq Approves New Government With Maliki as PM - Reuters

New Iraqi Government Sworn In, at Last - Associated Press

Iraq's Maliki: Strongman or Merely Strong? - Washington Post

Escalating Violence, Hostility Emptying Iraq of Christians - Associated Press

Al-Qaida in Iraq Threatens Attacks on Christians - Associated Press


U.S. Tightens Sanctions On Iran - Voice of America

U.S. Adds to Iran Sanctions Shortly After Nuclear Talks - New York Times

Iranian Filmmaker Panahi Receives Prison Sentence - Washington Post

Iranian Filmmaker Sentenced to Six Years in Prison - Los Angeles Times

Iran: Following Price Hike, Truckers Stay Off Roads - Washington Post

Energy Policy in Iran Leaves Many Gasping - New York Times

6.5 Earthquake Kills at Least 11 in Iran - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Offers Condolences, Help After Iranian Quake - Reuters


CIA Launches Task Force to Assess Impact of Cable Leaks - Washington Post

Sex and WikiLeaks - Los Angeles Times editorial

U.S. Department of Defense

Is Combat Experience Making Ranger School Unnecessary? - Stars and Stripes

Potential Recruits: Nearly 1 in 4 Fails Military Exam - Associated Press

Colleges Rethink ROTC After 'Don't Ask' Repeal - New York Times

Bring ROTC Back to Elite Campuses - Washington Post opinion

A New Meaning for 'Brothers in Arms' - Washington Times opinion

United States

U.S. Senate Moves Toward Final Vote on Arms Treaty - Voice of America

Arms Treaty With Russia Headed for Ratification - New York Times

Nuclear Arms Pact with Russia Clears Senate Hurdle - Washington Post

GOP Senators Help Arms Pact Clear Hurdle - Washington Times

Senate Poised to Pass Nuclear Treaty - Los Angeles Times

Political Divide Undermines Obama's Nuclear Goals - New York Times

Obama Administration Readies Indefinite Detention Order - Washington Post

Detainee Review Proposal Is Prepared for President - New York Times

10 Books to Help You Hone Your Leadership Skills - Washington Post

Right Decision on Targeted Killings - Washington Post editorial

United Kingdom

U.K. Terror Plot Aimed at British Landmarks, Shopping - Associated Press

Scotland 'Pressured over Libyan Bomber Megrahi' - BBC News


U.N. Chief Warns Ivory Coast Risks Return to Civil War - Voice of America

U.N. Chief Warns of Ivory Coast War - BBC News

U.N. Chief Warns That Ivory Coast Risks Civil War - Associated Press

"Blockade" Of U.N. In Ivory Coast Gets Critical - Reuters

U.S. to Increase Pressure Until Gbagbo Yields Ivory Coast Presidency - VOA

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Says World Can Review Poll - Reuters

Sudan's South Faces Economic Challenges Ahead - Voice of America

U.N.: 2.8m at Risk if Violence Breaks Out in Sudan - Associated Press

Arab Countries Hold Talks Ahead of Sudan Vote - Associated Press

Kenya and Uganda Bolster Security - Washington Post

African Farmers Displaced as Investors Move In - New York Times


International Court Rules Against Mexico's Army - Los Angeles Times

Family's Triple Tragedy Highlights Mexico Impunity - Associated Press

Mass Kidnap Of Migrants Reported In Mexico - Reuters

Mexico Migrant Abduction Disputed - BBC News

Freed Mexican Pol: Kidnappers Had Political Motive - Associated Press

Death Toll From Mexico Crude-Oil Blast Rises to 29 - Associated Press

Venezuela to Make Lawmakers Vote With Their Parties - Reuters

Death Breathes Political Life into Argentina's President - Los Angeles Times

Ex-Argentine Dictator Says Terrorists Run Country - Associated Press

Corruption "Rampant" In Dominican Republic - Reuters

Asia Pacific

China: East Meets West, but It Takes Some Practice - New York Times

6 Are Held in Attack on Chinese Investigative Journalist - New York Times

China Replaces Top Foreign Ministry Official - Associated Press

Thailand Ends State of Emergency in Bangkok - Associated Press

Filipino Gunmen Free 2 Malaysians After 10 Months - Associated Press


Russia: Kremlin Poker-Faced as U.S. Senate Mulls Arms Pact - Associated Press

Russia: Putin Makes Symbolic Visit in Ethnic Strife - New York Times

Young Russians Turn to Islam - Washington Post

Clashes in Belarus Show Resilience of Both Sides - New York Times

Italy: Defective Bomb Found on Rome Subway - New York Times

Czech Government Survives No-Confidence Vote - Reuters

U.K. Offers Troops, E.U. Seeks Answers for Snow Chaos - Associated Press

Middle East

Israel Plans Public Appeal to Ask U.S. to Free a Spy - New York Times

Palestinians, Israelis Trade Rockets, Airstrikes - Associated Press

The U.S. Needs to Get Tough with Israel - Los Angeles Times opinion

Saudi King Exits New York Hospital, Report Says - Reuters

South Asia

Russia Last of Major Powers to Seal Valuable Deals with India - Washington Post

Warm Russian, Indian Ties Outlive Cold War - Reuters

India Anti-sleaze Protests Held - BBC News