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21 October SWJ Roundup

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Libya (Updated)

Libyan Prime Minister Confirms Gaddafi Killed - WP

Qaddafi Is Killed as Libyan Forces Take Surt - NYT

Libya's PM says Moammar Kadafi is Dead - LAT

Gadhafi Caught, Killed in Libya - WT

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi 'Killed' - BBC

Gaddafi Cornered and Killed by Revolutionary Forces - TT

Muammar Gaddafi is Dead, Says Libyan PM - TG

Libyan Rebel Fighters Capture Sirte, Gaddafi's Hometown - WP

City of Gaddafi's Birth and Death Buried Under Rubble - Reuters

Libyans Celebrate Death of Gadhafi - VOA

Libya War's End Is Rare Victory for NATO - AP

Libya's Gaddafi Caught Hiding Like a "Rat" - Reuters

Libyan PM Says Gaddafi Died From Bullet to Head - Reuters

"Don't Shoot": Qaddafi's Last Moments - CBS

Images Apparently Show Captured Kadafi Alive, then Dead - LAT

Gaddafi's Death-Who Pulled the Trigger? - Reuters

Muammar Gaddafi is Dead; In Tripoli, Libyans Celebrate - Time

Gaddafi Killed in Hometown, Libya Eyes Future - Reuters

Libya Plans Secret Gaddafi Burial - BBC

NATO Says Ending its Mission in Libya - WP

NATO to Coordinate End to Libya Mission With UN, NTC - Reuters

Kadafi Slain Against Backdrop of NATO Support - LAT

Another Victory for a New Approach to War - NYT

US Points to Value of ‘Collective Action’ in Libya - WP

NATO Learns Key Lessons in Libya Campaign - VOA

In Libyan Conflict, European Power Was Felt - NYT

Gaddafi Killed: A New Kind of US Foreign Policy Success - BBC

Kadafi Another Notch on Obama's Lethal-force Belt - LAT

Gaddafi's Death Averts Legal Headache for NTC - TG

Death Leaves a Libya that Must Build Itself from Scratch - CSM

World Looks Warily to Libya's Future Post-Gadhafi - AP

Foreign Governments Call for Building New Libya - AP

West Celebrates Gaddafi's End, Hails Own Role - MSNBC

Obama to Libyan People: ‘You Have Won Your Revolution’ - WP

'Today Belongs to People of Libya,' Obama Says - LAT

Obama: Gaddafi Death Ends Era of 'Iron Fist' Rule - Reuters

Obama: Gadhafi’s Death Marks End of Painful Era for Libya - AFPS

For 4 Decades, Gadhafi Cast a Shadow Across the Mideast - S&S

Clinton: Opportunity for New Start in Libya - AP

World Looks Warily to Libya's Future Post-Gadhafi - AP

Is Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad Next? - WP

Arabs See Gaddafi's Death as Message to Rulers - Reuters

Justice Served by Gaddafi Death, Lockerbie Families Say - Reuters

Libyans Celebrate Gaddafi's Death - AJ

Gaddafi Son Mo'tassim Dead, Was Hiding With Father - Reuters

Eccentricity, Repression Marked Gadhafi's Rule - VOA

An Erratic Leader, Brutal and Defiant to the End - NYT

Unpredictable and Eccentric Leader for More than 40 Years - WP

With Warped Vision, Gadhafi Maddened Libya, West - AP

Gaddafi's Final Run: The End of the Colonel's Long, Weird Ride - Time

US-Libya Relations Contentious During Gadhafi's Leadership - VOA

Sirte's Downfall: End of the Good Life for Gaddafi's Birthplace - TG

Moammar Gaddafi Through the Years - WP

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - TG

Analysts' View: After Gaddafi, Reconciliation or Reprisal? - Reuters

Analysis: Gadhafi's Death a Cautionary Tale - AP

Analysis: Libya's Next Tests: Big Expectations, Power Plays - Reuters

Gaddafi’s Death a Digital-era Drama -WP

Amnesty: Investigation Needed Into Gadhafi's Death - AP

Colonel Qaddafi’s End - NYT editorial

‘Now the Hard Part Begins’ - WP editorial

Libya after Kadafi - LAT editorial

Gaddafi Meets a Timely End - FT editorial

How Qaddifi Killing Affirms Arab Spring Principles - CSM editorial

Gaddafi's Death Starts a Perilous Race for Power in Libya - Time opinion

Libya Needs True People Power - TG opinion

Op-Ed From Tripoli - NYT opinion

Obama’s Cautious Approach Worked - WP opinion

Qaddafi's End, the Mideast's Future - NYT opinion



Clinton: Haqqanis, Taliban Needed in Peace Process - Reuters

NATO Strike Kills Insurgents in South Afghanistan - AP

US Seen Struggling to Win Fight in Afghan East - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Clinton Presses Pakistan to Eliminate Militant Safe Havens - VOA

Clinton Issues Blunt Warning to Pakistan - NYT

‘Very Big Price’ if Pakistan Does Not Act on Safe Havens - WP

US Delivers Blunt Message on Haqqani Network - LAT

Clinton in Pakistan for Key Talks - BBC

In Pakistan, Clinton Seeks Strong Anti-Terror Push - AP

US: Militants Have Operated Too Long From Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Turns Tables on US - WP

Militants Kill 3 in Raid on Pakistan Tribal Elder - AP



In Iran, a New Challenge to Hard-liners - WP

Iran Intelligence Chief Rejects US Allegations - AP

US Grand Jury Indicts Two Men in Saudi Envoy Plot - Reuters

US Indicts 2 in Saudi Envoy Assassination Plot - VOA

US Fears More Plots From Iran's Quds Force - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinians to Push for UN Membership Nov. 11 - AP

Palestinians Plan 'Other Options' if UN Bid Fails - Reuters

PA: ‘Wrong Time’ for Mid-East Talks - BBC

Freed Israeli Soldier Was Mistreated, Says Father - AP



Turkey Deploys Thousands of Troops Against Kurdish Rebels - NYT

Turkey Steps Up Offensive in Iraq - BBC

Turkey Uses Large Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels - AP

Turkish Forces Hunt PKK in Northern Iraq - Reuters

Turkey Crosses into N. Iraq in Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels -VOA

Turkey Seeks Iran's Support Against Kurdish Rebels - AP



US Closes Northern Headquarters in Iraq - WP

Infographic: Drawing Down in Iraq - WP

Bombings in Eastern Baghdad Kill 3 - AP



White House Repeats Syria's Assad Has Lost Legitimacy - Reuters

Syria's Uprising Creeps Across Lebanese Border - CSM

Is Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad Next? - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Fate of Qaddafi Places Focus on Arab Spring’s ‘Hard Road’ - NYT

Uprisings in Syria, Yemen Move into Spotlight - WP

As Autocrats Are Toppled, Their Fates Grow More Extreme - NYT

Arabs See Gaddafi's Death as Message to Rulers - Reuters

Birthplace of Tunisia's Revolution Skeptical  - AP

Tunisia Vows No Poll Rigging, Calls on People to Vote - Reuters

Death Penalty Sought in Morocco Bombing Trial - AP

UN Council to Vote on Yemen Resolution on Friday - Reuters

Kuwait 'Threat' Hits UK Embassy - BBC


US Department of Defense

Cybercommand Chief Opposes UN Net Control - WT

Doctrine to Establish Rules of Engagement Against Cyber Attacks - AFPS

Pentagon Looks to Smart Grids for Battlefield Energy - AFPS

DOD Makes Strides in Wartime Contracting, Officials Say - AFPS


United States

Lawmakers Blast Justice’s 'Fast and Furious' Probe - WT

FBI Scrutinized for Amassing Data on Communities - NYT

Senate Rejects GOP Effort on Terrorist Trials - AP

FBI Official Calls for Secure, Alternate Internet - AP

Cyber Commander Presses for Math, Science Education - AFPS

Minnesota Women Guilty of Aiding Terrorists - AP

US Indicts Two for Conspiring With “Jihad Jane” - VOA

The Risks of Obama's Immoral Drone War - TA opinion


United Kingdom

The Future of the British Army - TE

Lawyer: Case Against Russian 'Spy' Based on a Joke - AP



Kenya Reportedly Didn’t Warn US of Somalia Incursion - NYT

Kenya's Advance in Somalia Surprises US Officials - AP

Kenyan Army Marks Progress Battling al-Shabab - VOA

Kenya Advances Towards Somali City of Kismayo - AP

Kenya to Target Nairobi al-Shabab - BBC

Somalia: Al-Shabab Strikes Back in Mogadishu District - VOA

Somali Militia Claims Slaughter of AU Soldiers - LAT

ICC Questions Malawi over Sudan’s Bashir - BBC

Mauritania Army Raids Al-Qaida Affiliate Position - AP

Refugee Crisis Challenges Ivorian Government, Aid Workers - VOA



105 Dead in Central America After Days of Rain - AP

Mexican Leader: US Dumps Thugs at Border - AP

Mexico's President Says 'El Chapo' May Be in US - LAT

Car Explodes in Northern Mexico as Soldiers Pass - AP

Venezuela's Chavez: I'm Free of Cancer - AP

Honduran Court Clears Army Generals Linked to Coup - AP

Bolivian Indian Protesters Set Up Camp at Palace - AP

Protesting Students Seize Chile's Senate Building - AP


Asia Pacific

Panetta to Discuss Realignment, N. Korea During Asia Trip - S&S

Panetta to Highlight Regional Cooperation in Asia - AFPS

Japan Pushing Okinawa Ahead of Panetta Visit - AP

UN: N. Korea Holds Up to 200,000 Political Prisoners - AP

Autumn Harvest Watched Warily in Food-Poor N. Korea - AP

Central Taiwan Seen as Election Key as China Frets - Reuters

Flooding 'to Hit Bangkok Areas' - BBC

For Thailand’s New PM, Floodwaters Present Political Test - NYT



EU Postpones Decision on How to Deal With Crisis - NYT

Greece: Protesters Clash in Athens on Second Day of Strike - NYT

Protest Against Greek Austerity Vote Turns Violent - Reuters

Basque Separatists Declare Halt to Violence - NYT

ETA Says Armed Campaign is Over - BBC

Basque Group ETA Ends Armed Independence Campaign - AP

ETA Announces ‘Definitive Cease’ to Armed Activity - VOA

Spain Hails ETA End to Basque Separatist Violence - AP

A Glance at Basque Militant Group ETA, Its Goals - AP