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21 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Obama Vows to Protect US Troops in Afghanistan - AP

Top US general in Afghanistan to Discuss 'Insider' Attacks - AP

Generals Meet to Study Afghan Violence - NYT

Talks on Afghan 'Insider Attacks' - BBC

Afghans to Spy on Own Troops in Effort to Stop ‘Insider’ Attacks - WP

Rising Afghan Insider Attacks Endanger US Strategy - AP

Dempsey: Afghans Share Concern Over Insider Attacks - AFPS

Insider Attacks Mask Full Afghan Story, Little Says - AFPS

Taliban Targets Afghan Troops; Bombings Rise as US Avoids Blasts - USAT

Analysis: Afghanistan's Peace Hopes May Rest on Taliban Captive - Reuters

Taliban Suffer Reversals, NATO Official Says - AFPS

Joint Task Force Aims to Keep Drug Money From Taliban - AFPS

MOH Recipient Dakota Meyer Blasts Army Brass in New Book - MCT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Enemy Within - NYT editorial



Obama Warns Syria on Chemical Weapons, Calls for Assad to Step Down - VOA

Obama Warns Against Crossing ‘Red Line’ on Use of Chemical Weapons - WP

Obama Threatens Force Against Syria on Chemical Weapons - NYT

US Warns Syria on Chemical Arms - BBC

Obama: Chemical Weapons in Syria are a 'Red Line' - AP

Syrian Rebels Dispute US Aid Claims - WP

Life With Syria’s Rebels in a Cold and Cunning War - NYT

Syria Airstrikes, Shelling Kill 100 During Holiday - AP

Stay Out of Syria - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Seizes 'Hezbollah Crime Funds' - BBC

Hezbollah Tied to Seized Cash - WT

Iraq Rejects Report It Is Helping Iran Avoid Sanctions - Reuters

Young Iranians Step Up With Their Own Quake Relief - NYT

Young Israelis Held in Attack on Arabs - NYT

Yemeni Women Take One Step Forward, Two Back - VOA

Egypt's Defense Minister Vows to Uproot Militants - AP

Gadhafi's Son's Trial in September in Libya - AP

Israel: Netanyahu’s Familiar Call to Arms - WP opinion



State Dept. Hits Assange's 'Wild Assertions' - WT

US: Assange Trying to Distract from Sex Case - AP

US Says WikiLeaks' Assange Trying to Deflect Rape Allegations - Reuters

UK Seeks Diplomacy Over Assange - BBC

Assange's Embassy Life Is Cramped but Connected - Reuters

For Ecuador, Is Assange Worth It? - WP editorial

WikiLeaks and Free Speech - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Satire News Site Manages to Fool Some People - TT


United States

Panama Canal’s Growth Prompts US Ports to Expand - NYT

NASA Selects Another Mars Mission - BBC

America is Exceptional - WT opinion



Half of World's Languages Face Extinction - VOA



South African Mine Re-opens as Tensions Continue - VOA

Strike-hit South Africa Mine Idle - BBC

South Africans Seek Answers After Deadly Mine Protest - VOA

Mali Forms New Unity Government - BBC

Mali Announces New Govt 5 Months After Coup - AP

Aid Agencies Combat Mali Cholera Outbreak - VOA

Cholera Toll Rise in Sierra Leone - BBC

Somalis Optimistic About New Parliament - VOA

New Parliament Is Convened in Somalia - NYT

Somali MPs in Landmark Meeting - BBC

Somalia Elects New Parliament, But Presidential Vote Delayed - AP



In Mexico’s Murder City of Juarez, Bloody War Appears to Be Over - WP

Colombian ex-General Pleads Guilty in US Court - AP

Colombian General Had AUC Links - BBC

American Imprisoned in Nicaragua Appeals Sentence - AP

Rival: ‘Abusive’ Chavez Set for Venezuela Vote Shock - Reuters

Deadly Riot in Venezuela Prison - BBC

25 Killed in Venezuela Prison Riot, Dozens Wounded - AP

Carter Center Says It Won't Witness Venezuela Vote - AP

In Ecuador, a Dissident Fights Extradition - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

In China, Gu Kailai’s Reprieve Reinforces Cynicism - NYT

After Trial, China’s Leaders Face New Dilemma - WP

Activist Chinese Group Plans More Anti-Japan Protests - NYT

Activists Up Ante in China, Japan Isle Dispute - AP

Exile Leader Says Tibetan Immolations Ignored - AP

Female S. Korean Political Heir Tapped As Presidential Candidate - VOA

Ex-Dictator’s Daughter Nominated for South Korean Presidency - NYT

Park Geun-hye Nominated for S. Korea Presidential Race - BBC

Burma Eases Censorship Rules - VOA

Burma Abolishes Media Censorship - BBC

Burma to Curb Censorship of Media - NYT

ADB Upbeat on Burma’s Growth Prospects - VOA

Body of Missing Philippine Gov't Minister Found - AP



Russia: Rock Band Sentences Highlight Differences - VOA

Russian Authorities Seek Others in Dissident Punk Band - NYT

Russia Continues Pussy Riot Hunt - BBC

Bomb Blast Kills 7 in Southeastern Turkey - VOA

Reports: 8 Killed in Bomb Attack in Turkey - AP

Belarus Sacks Foreign Minister After Teddy Bear Row - Reuters


South Asia

Pakistan Seeks Proof of India Exodus Messages - BBC

Christian Girl’s Blasphemy Arrest Incites a Furor in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan in Blasphemy Arrest Probe - BBC

Fearing Backlash, Pakistani Christians Flee - WP