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20 December SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP

North Korea

In Kim’s Death, an Extensive Intelligence Failure - NYT

US-South Korean Consults Follow Kim’s Death - AFPS

White House Monitoring North Korean Situation - WT

N. Korea Leadership Struggle Would Bring Wider Risks - Reuters

After Kim Jong Il’s Death, N. Korea Turns to Son, the ‘Great Successor’ -WP

Powerful Uncle May Eclipse Kim's Son - LAT

Experts: Transition of Power to Kim Jong Un Far from Certain - S&S

North Korean Heir Apparent an Enigma - VOA

Enigmatic Son Steps Forward in North Korea, or Seems To - NYT

‘It is Scary How Little We Really Know’ - WP

Kim’s Heir Likely to Focus on Stability - NYT

North Korean Successor Inherits Troubled Land - LAT

N. Korea Urged on 'Path of Peace' - BBC

Mystery Surrounds Son Set to Succeed Kim Jong Il - AP

New Weight on US-South Korea Relations - NYT

Death Creates Diplomatic Uncertainty for US - LAT

US Seeks Korea Stability but Influence Limited - Reuters

Death of Kim Jong Il Dims Hope for US Talks - WP

Panetta Says US Unwavering in Support of South Korea - AFPS

S. Korea Calls for Calm Following Kim Jong Il Death - VOA

China Moves to Ensure Stability in North Korea - NYT

US, Japan Call for Peaceful Transition in North Korea - VOA

US Takes Delicate Approach to N. Korean Succession - WT

Kim's Death Viewed With Wary Optimism - AP

Death Brings End to Era of Cruelty, Mystery - CSM

Kim’s Death Inspires Worries and Anxiety - NYT

North Korea Mourns Kim Jong Il; Son Is 'Successor' - AP

Chosen Successor Holds Credentials, Lacks Experience - WT

North Koreans Mourn Kim Jong-il - BBC

In Mourning, Hermit Kingdom N. Korea Seals Itself - Reuters

Kim Jong Il, a Cold War-Era Leader in Modern Times - AP

Kim Jong Il’s Death Complicates Search for US Remains - WP

Yonhap Says North Korea Conducts Missile Test - AP

UN Denounces N. Korea Rights Violations - AP

The Million-Murder Man - WP editorial

Death of a Dictator - NYT editorial

The Pyongyang Spring? - WT editorial

New Kim in N. Korea Requires More US Deterrence - CSM editorial

Two Leaders a World Apart - LAT editorial

What’s Next for North Korea - WP opinion

China’s Newest Province? - NYT opinion

Don't Look for Swift Change in N. Korea - CSM opinion

The Child Soldier Takes Over in N. Korea - TT opinion

How to Reunite Korea Without Creating Chaos - Reuters opinion



As US Troops Exit, Iraq's Political Crisis Deepens - McClatchy

Arrest Warrant Issued for Iraq’s Vice President on Terrorism Charges - VOA

Arrest Order for Sunni Leader in Iraq Opens New Rift - NYT

Shiite-led Government Issues Arrest Warrant for Sunni Official - WP

Fresh Turmoil as PM Maliki Orders Arrest of Vice President - TT

Arrest Warrant for Iraq Vice-President - BBC

Iraq Issues Arrest Warrant for Sunni VP - AP

Tension Rise as Iraq Seeks Sunni VP Arrest - Reuters

For Exiles, Iraq Beckons and Repels - NYT

Maliki Moves Against Sunni Rivals - CSM



Secret US-Taliban Talks Reach Turning Point  - Reuters

Army Units Preparing to Lead Afghan Training-and-Advisory Mission - S&S

'We're Not Leaving,' say US Officials in Afghanistan - USAT

NATO Says Night Raids to Go On with Afghan Participation - AP

White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn't US Enemy - FOX

Allen Condemns Death of Afghan Official, Promises to ‘Root Out’ Criminals - AFPS

US Relies on Central Asia Route to Afghanistan - AP



Decision to Investigate Anti-Army Memo Is Delayed in Pakistan - NYT

Chief Justice Keeps Up Pressure on Beleaguered Zardari - WP

Pakistan Court Probes Zardari's Knowledge of Memo - AP



Syria Signs Arab League Deal Allowing Outside Monitors - VOA

Syria Agrees to Allow Monitors - WP

Syria Agrees to Allow Observers, Activists Remain Wary - NYT

Syria to Allow Arab Monitors, 100 Dead in Violence - AP

Syria to Let in Monitors, Opposition Skeptical - Reuters

Syria Accused of Buying Time - TT

Syria Army Deserters 'Shot Dead' - BBC

UN Condemns Human Rights Violations in Syria - AP

UN Condemns Syria Crackdown as Its Isolation Grows - Reuters



Deadly Clashes in Egypt Stretch Into Fourth Day - VOA

Cairo Clashes Go Into Fourth Day - BBC

Rulers Blame Protesters for Violence - WP

As Violence Continues, Egyptian General Blames Protesters - AP

Egypt Clashes Move Into 4th Day, US Worried - Reuters

Thousands of Rare Documents Burned in Egypt Clash - AP



Iran Admits Western Sanctions Are Inflicting Damage - NYT

US Urges Iran to Free Alleged Spy - BBC

Tehran Holds Obama Re-election Wild Card - WT opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Finding Fault in Palestinian Messages That Aren’t So Public - NYT

Germany: Israel Must Refrain from New Settlements - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Stretches 'Islamist' Tag to Its Limits - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Says Security Targeted, Urges Gulf Unity - Reuters

Libya Commander to Sue UK Government - BBC

Libyan Rebel Suing UK Over Alleged Rendition Role - AP

Libyan Islamist Sues UK Over Rendition Claims - Reuters

Russia Urges NATO to Probe Libyan Deaths - AP

New President Calls for Tunisia's Jews to Return - AP


US Department of Defense

Dempsey: Focus on Training 'for All Potential Forms of Warfare' - S&S

Dempsey Wraps up Multi-country Trip - AFPS

Key Witness: Uka Criminally Responsible in Shooting of Airmen - S&S

Navy Blue Goes Green - WT editorial


United States

Secrecy Defines Obama’s Drone War - WP

Obama Releases Plan for Promoting Women in Peace, Security - VOA

Robert Gates: A Voice in the Wilderness - WP opinion

When Shariah Trumps Free Expression - WT opinion



US Considers Combating Somali Militants’ Twitter Use - NYT

DRC Opposition Leader Calls for Kabila's Seizure - VOA

DR Congo's Tshisekedi Orders Army to Disobey Kabila - BBC

Kenyan Policeman Killed in Dadaab Blast Near Somalia - BBC

Nigeria Arrests Boko Haram 'Militants' in Kano - BBC

Nigeria Praised by IMF's Lagarde - BBC



LATAM Leaders Assail US Government for Soaring Drug Violence - WP

Obama Criticizes Venezuela's Ties to Iran, Cuba - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls Obama a ‘Clown’ - AP

Obama Voices Venezuela Concerns - BBC

Venezuela's Chavez Expected at Regional Summit - Reuters

Police Find 10 Bodies in Mexico Clandestine Graves - AP

Paroled American Berenson Leaves Peru - AP

Cuba Sweetens Pot for New Private Farmers - Reuters


Asia Pacific

Philippine Storm Kills Nearly 1,000 - Reuters

Mass Burials Planned for Philippines Flood Victims - VOA

Philippine Flood Relief Shifts to Aid Survivors - NYT

Thousands Need Aid in Philippines - BBC

With Morgues Full, Philippine Flood Victims Buried - AP

Filipino Ex-General Faces Arrest Over Kidnappings - AP

Philippine Rebels Declare Christmas Cease-fire - AP

Japan Picks US F-35 Fighter as Allies Stress Tight Ties - Reuters

Japan to Buy US F-35 Fighters for Air Force - AP



Highlights: ECB's Draghi Says Euro Is 'Irreversible' - Reuters

Britain Boycotts IMF Euro Scheme - BBC

Germany Wants UK as 'EU Partner' - BBC

Spain PM Aims for Big Deficit Cut - BBC

Young Russian Protesters Want Change but Lack a Leader - WP

Russia: Jeered in Moscow, Putin Seen as Hero in Province - Reuters

Hopes Fade for Dozens of Sunken Russian Rig Workers - NYT

Merkel Urges Serbia, Kosovo to Normalize Relations - Reuters

Norway Seeks 11 Years' Jail for Alleged Qaeda Figure - Reuters

Rights Groups Accuse Europe of CIA Flights Coverup - AP

Turkey Kills 13 PKK Militants, Vows No Winter Let Up - Reuters

Belarus Police Detain Dozens of Protesters - AP

Hungary's Top Court Strikes Down New Religion Law - AP

Czech Mourning for Vaclav Havel - BBC

Czechs Mourn 'Velvet Revolution' Leader Havel - Reuters

Vaclav Havel: Moral beacon and leader of Velvet Revolution - CSM

Vaclav Havel: Revolution of Truth - WP opinion

Vaclav Havel: Living in Truth - WP opinion

Vaclav Havel: The Outsider in Power - WP opinion


South Asia

Sri Lanka Tamil Leaders Call for War Crimes Probe - AP