Small Wars Journal

2 November SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Report Details Problems for Afghan Security Force Plan - NYT

Afghan Security Handover to Continue Despite Violence - S&S

Afghan MPs from Kandahar Against Speedy Transition - AP

Karzai Rules Out Resumption of Taliban Talks - VOA

Karzai Rules Out Early Resumption of Taliban Talks - Reuters

Turkey to Host Meeting on Afghan Security, Economy - AP

Officials: Kabul Attack Reflects Insurgents’ Desperation - AFPS

Taliban Strike Again in Kandahar, Killing 7 - McClatchy

Afghanistan and Pakistan Agree on Inquiry Into Envoy’s Murder - NYT

Afghanistan and Pakistan Agree on Rabbani Murder Probe - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Presses for Greater Pakistani Role in Afghan Peace Process - VOA

US Sanctions Haqqani Network Commander - WP

Afghanistan and Pakistan Agree on Inquiry Into Envoy’s Murder - NYT

Afghanistan and Pakistan Agree on Rabbani Murder Probe - BBC

Head of Taliban School Offers to Help Afghan Talks - AP

With a Friend Like This - IHT opinion



Syria Agrees to Arab League Plan to End Crackdown - VOA

Syria Says Agreed on Plan to End Deadly Crackdown - NYT

Syria Says Reaches Deal With Arab League on Unrest - Reuters

Syrian Colonel Says He Heads Armed Rebellion - LAT

Syria Plants Land Mines on Lebanese Border - AP



In Libya, Fighting May Outlast the Revolution - NYT

Libya's New PM Balances Demands of Ex-Rebels, West - AP

Libya's NTC Struggles to Stay the 'Good Guys' - Reuters

Libya Fighters in Hospital Shootout, 1 Dead - AP



Ahmadinejad Admits Impact of Sanctions on Iran - WP

Iranian Minister Survives Vote - BBC

Iran Parliament Rejects Lawmaker's Resignation - AP

Time for Latin America to Roll Up Iran Welcome Mat - WT opinion


Israel / Palestinians

UNESCO Euphoria: Palestinians Step Up UN Efforts - AP

Israel: Army Has Green Light to Stop Gaza Rockets - AP

Israel OKs New Jewish Settlements in Palestinian Territory - VOA

Israel to Rush Settler Expansion - BBC

Israel Plans to Speed Up Settlement Growth - NYT

Netanyahu Steps Up Settlement Building - WP

Israel to Build Housing to Retaliate for Palestinians' UN Moves - LAT

Israel to Speed Up Settlement Building in West Bank - Reuters

Israel Test-Fires Ballistic Missile - Reuters

'Hackers' Cut Palestinian Phone and Internet Systems - BBC

Israel Shuts Radical Seminary in West Bank - AP

Using the United Nations - LAT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Iranian Exiles in Iraq Fear Attack from Iraqi Soldiers - WT

New Saudi Crown Prince Will Use 'All Means' to Protect Haj - Reuters

Qatar to Hold Elections in 2013 - BBC

Euphoria Turns to Discontent as Egypt’s Revolution Stalls - NYT

Hand of Egypt's Military Rulers Grows Heavier - AP



Assange to Learn Extradition Fate - BBC

As Assange Awaits Ruling, WikiLeaks Faces its Fate - AP


Cyber Security

London Hosts Cybersecurity Summit - BBC


US Department of Defense

Dempsey: Complex Threats Require Multiple Options - AFPS

Marine Corps Rushes to Develop Armed UAVs - MCT

Window Inside a Nuclear Bomb via Mathematics - WP

Lawyers Say Guantanamo Officials Reading their Mail - WP

Military Lawyers Challenge New Rules at Guantanamo - AP

Military Facing Obstacles to Suicide Prevention, Report Says - S&S

South Korea Sentences G.I. Rapist To 10 Years - NYT

Air Power’s Century of False Promises - NYT opinion


United States

A Silver Lining to America’s Waning Influence - NYT

4 Georgia Men Arrested in Terror Plot - NYT

GPS-tracking Case Could Break New Ground - USAT

Bill Gates’s Plan to Assist the World’s Poor - WP opinion

How to Feed the Hungry, Faster - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain to Roll Out US-Style Anti-Gang Programs - AP


United Nations

IAEA Raises New Concerns About Iran, North Korea Nuclear Programs - VOA

UN Panel Sees 'Alarming Resurgence' of Mercenaries - Reuters

Using the United Nations - LAT editorial



Arms Flying Into Somalia for Militants, Kenya Says - NYT

Kenya Warns Somalia’s al-Shabab by Twitter - BBC

Somali Towns Warned to Expect Continuous Kenyan Attacks - LAT

Kenya Warns of 'Imminent' Strikes on Somali Towns - Reuters

South Kordofan Unrest: Sudan 'Kills Hundreds' of Rebels - BBC

Sudan Army Says It Repels Rebel Attack in South - AP

S. Sudan Rebels Say Battling Gov’t Forces in Oil State - Reuters

Ex-Pats Return to Build a New African Nation, South Sudan - WT

UK Ambassador in Sudan Keeps Blogging Despite Protest - AP

Swedish Journalists 'Wanted to Train Ethiopian Rebels' - BBC

Nigerian Court Dismisses Election Challenge - VOA

Nigeria Election Challenge Fails - BBC

Liberian Presidential Challenger Drops Boycott Threat - VOA

DR Congo Mines Guide on the Web - BBC

South Africa ex-Police Chief Appeals - BBC



Mexico: Narcos, Meet Hackers: 2 'Anonymous' Groups Spar - AP

Mexico Soldiers Seize Catapults Used to Fling Pot - AP

Honduras Troops Join Fight Against Violent Crime - BBC

Haiti Rebuilds Slowly Under New Government, Prime Minister - VOA

Chinese Navy Brings Medical Aid to Jamaica - AP

Time for Latin America to Roll Up Iran Welcome Mat - WT opinion


Asia Pacific

China Cautious on EU Rescue Plan - WP

China: Tensions Rising over Buddhism's Quiet Resurgence - USAT

China Artist Ai Weiwei Served with $2m Tax Demand - BBC

Anger Over Detained Chinese Activist Reaches Capital - Reuters

China Military Accepting Bigger Recruits, Tattoos - AP

Fight Threat Delays US-S. Korea Trade Agreement Approval - VOA

In a First Since Nuclear Disaster, a Japanese Reactor Restarts - NYT

Philippine Govt, Rebels in Standoff Over Commander - AP

Bangkok Officials Have to Choose Who Stays Dry in Floods - NYT


Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan to Close US Airbase in 2014 - VOA

US Base in Kyrgyzstan Will Be Closed, New President Says - NYT

Kyrgyz Election Winner Says US Base Poses Risk - AP



Europe Has a President, But No Leader - WP

China’s Leaders Cautious on EU Rescue - WP

Government in Greece Teeters After Move on Referendum - NYT

Greek PM’s Call for Bailout Referendum Shakes Up Europe - WP

Greek Premier Faces Revolt - WSJ

Greek Move Returns Europe to Crisis Mode - LAT

Greece PM Holds Emergency Talks - BBC

Will Greece Destroy the Euro Zone? - NYT

Greece Risks Meltdown After Bailout Vote Bombshell - Reuters

Sarkozy, Merkel to Meet Greeks on Wednesday - Reuters

Crisis Holds Both Hopes and Fears for Britain - NYT

Italian President Tightens Pressure on Berlusconi - Reuters

Turkey PM Slams Merkel Stance on EU Bid, Migrants - Reuters

Pentagon Agrees to Sell 3 Attack Helicopters to Turkey - WP

Turkey: 23 Charged Over Ties to Kurdish Rebels - AP

UN Calls Cyprus Peace Summit in January - Reuters

Fire at French Newspaper After Muhammad Issue - AP

Moldovan Man Accused of Spying Is Released - AP


South Asia

Indian Activist 'May Resume Fast' - BBC

Manipur, India: Hostilities Persist Despite Blockade's End - LAT

Final Nepal Peace Deal Agreed Upon - BBC

Nepal's Main Parties Agree to Resume Peace Process - AP

Nepal Parties Hope to Build on Deal on Ex-Rebels - AP