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17 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Leaving Iraq - NYT

Panetta: Campaign to Establish Sovereign Iraq Was ‘Worth It’ - AFPS

War 'Not in Vain,' Panetta Says at Withdrawal Ceremony - LAT

General Austin Lauds Seasoned, Adaptable Force - AFPS

US Drones Allowed in Iraqi Skies - WP

US Hands Over Alleged Terrorist to Iraq - WT

US Transfers Its Last Prisoner to Iraqi Custody - NYT

US Hands Over Terror Prisoner to Iraq - WP

Hezbollah Prisoner Held by Iraq Faces Minor Charge - AP

Iran's Fortunes in Post-US Iraq Clouded - AP

Taking Leave of Iraq - LAT editorial

In Iraq, Peace at Last - LAT opinion



11 Afghan Police Kidnapped by Militants Freed - AP



Pakistan Army Chief: Memo Scandal Attempt to Lower Morale - VOA

Pakistani PM Seeks to Dispel Rumors of Army Rift - AP

Pakistan Roiled by ‘Memogate’ Scandal - WP



Syrian Forces Kill 17; Huge Protests in Homs - VOA

Syria Opposition Stages Congress - BBC

Impatient Protesters Convulse Syria - NYT

Syrians Protest Against Assad After Russia UN Move - Reuters

Refugees Give Firsthand Account of Slide into Bloodshed - LAT



A Veteran Statesman Bids to Lead a New Egypt - WP

3 Killed as Protesters Clash with Military Police in Cairo - VOA

Clashes Resume in Egypt's Capital - BBC

One Killed in Clash Between Protesters and Military Police - LAT

Egypt's Military Clashes with Protesters in Cairo - AP

Troops Charge Into Cairo's Tahrir, Protesters Flee - Reuters

The False Stability Model - WP opinion



Iran Says It Has Arrested Suspected US Spy - AP

Iran Says Its Delayed News of US Drone Capture - AP

Pilot Error May Have Caused Iran Drone Crash - Reuters



Panetta Is First U.S. Defense Secretary to Visit Libya - NYT

Panetta Becomes First Defense Chief to Visit Libya - AP

Panetta in Libyan Capital Tripoli for Talks - BBC

Panetta: Libya Needs Time to Control of Militias - AP

US Lifts Sanctions on Post-Gaddafi Libya - Reuters

UN Lifts Libyan Banks Sanctions - BBC

UN Unfreezes Libyan Bank Assets - AP


Israel / Palestinians

Obama Defends Stance on Israel - WP

Gaza Paramedics: Man Dies from Gunfire on Border - AP

What ‘Pro-Israel’ Should Mean - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

'Hezbollah Laundered Funds' in US - BBC

Yemeni Uprising Opens a Door to Besieged Rebels in North - NYT

3 Yemeni Officers Killed in Southern City - AP

Bahraini Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters - Reuters

Tunisia Fetes Poor Town Where Revolt Year Began - AP



Pretrial Begins for Document Leaker Manning - AFPS

Pre-Trial Hearing Begins for Soldier Tied to Wikileaks - VOA

Private in WikiLeaks Spying Case Goes to Court - NYT

Alleged Army Leaker Faces Hearing - WP

Manning Makes Court Appearance in WikiLeaks Case - S&S

Wikileaks Suspect Lawyer Claims Bias - BBC


US Department of Defense

White House, Pentagon Won’t Probe Story of MOH Recipient - McClatchy

Marine Corps Commandant Defends Meyer’s MOH - S&S

Air Force to Award Silver Star to U-2 Pilot Powers - AP

Congress Asking DOD to Reassess Landstuhl Replacement Plans - S&S

Army Suicide Numbers Dip in November - S&S


United States

House passes Spending Bill, Avoids Government Shutdown - S&S

Iraqi in KY Pleads Guilty to Trying to Kill US Troops - Reuters

A Wrong Turn in Terror Fight - LAT editorial

For Obama, Time to Unveil the Vision Thing - WP opinion

End of America’s Era - WP opinion

Flags for Civilians - NYT opinion



Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Slams Pro-Mugabe Media - VOA

Zimbabwe: Millions From Diamonds Go to Mugabe - NYT

Rwandan Rebel's Charges Dismissed - BBC



Brazil: Judge Revokes Amazon Dam Work Ban - BBC

Argentina Eyes Tighter Newsprint Control - BBC

Berenson to Return to US for 1st Time After Jail in Peru - Reuters


Asia Pacific

China Revolt Begins Like Others, But End Is Less Certain - NYT

Japan’s Prime Minister Declares Fukushima Plant Stable - NYT

Thai Royalists Protest Against US, UN ‘Interference’ - VOA

Burma 'Jails' Karen Rebel Leader - BBC

Burma Seeks Final Peace Pacts With Ethnic Rebels - AP

Philippines Hit by Deadly Storm - BBC

Storm, Floods in South Philippines Kill Over 200 - AP


Central Asia

Clashes in Kazakh Oil Strike Town - BBC

Kazakhs Say Order Returned to Riot-Hit Town - AP

Oilmen Stay Home, Hospitals Full After Kazakh Riots - Reuters



France Launches Spy Satellites Aboard Russian Rocket - Reuters

Russian Journalist Gunned Down - WP

Journalist Is Shot Dead in Russia’s North Caucasus - NYT

Russian Opposition Bracing for New Weekend Rallies - AP

As Tension Rises in France, Harsh Talk With Britain - NYT

Monti Wins Confidence Vote in Italy’s Lower House - NYT

Justice Elusive in Baltic States 20 Years On - AP

Panetta Praises Turkey for Leadership in Region and Beyond - AFPS

A World Without Putin - WP opinion