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13 November SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan Success is in Eye of Beholder - LAT

NATO: Life Better Since Taliban Driven from Kabul - BBC

Bomb Blast in Eastern Afghanistan Kills 8 - VOA



Pakistani Militant Leader Threatens to Quit Peace Deal with Govt - VOA

As Pakistan Eyes Peace Talks with the Taliban, Anxiety Builds - LAT

Pakistani Militant Threatens to Quit Peace Deal - AP



Candidates Hammer Obama on Iran - WP

Israel Refuses to Tell US its Iran Intentions - TT

Explosion at Ammunition Depot Kills 17 in Iran - VOA

Explosion at Revolutionary Guards Military Base - BBC

Explosion Kills Iranian Soldiers - AP

Facing a Nuclear Iran - LAT opinion



Arab League Votes to Suspend Syria Over Crackdown - NYT

Syria Suspended from Arab League - WP

Arab League Votes to Suspend Syria - LAT

Arab League Suspension, Sanctions Threat for Syria - BBC

Syria Dealt Blow as Arab League Threatens Sanctions - TT

Arab League Votes to Suspend Syria Over Killings - AP

Syria Accused Over Embassy Raids - BBC

Syrians Protest Arab Vote, Embassies Stormed - AP

Crowds Attack Diplomatic Missions in Syria - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Criticizes Exxon-Mobil on Kurdistan Oil Pursuits - NYT

Police Say Kidnappings on Rise in Iraqi City - AP

Palestinians Mull Next Move on UN Membership Bid - VOA

Israeli Minister Denied Access to Intelligence - AP

Bahrain Says Iran-linked Terror Plot Uncovered - AP

Bahrain Breaks Up Terror Cell - BBC

Yemeni Forces Kill 6 Al-Qaida-Linked Militants - AP

Yemeni Army, Tribal Fighters Kill 9 Militants - Reuters

Egypt’s Military Guards its Own Power - WP

Libya: Armed Clashes Intensify in Tripoli - WP

Libya Interim Leader: No Place for Extremist Islam - AP

Niger to Grant Asylum to One of Gadhafi's Sons - VOA

Arab Spring, American Winter - LAT opinion


US Department of Defense

US Marine Corps Fights for Its Budget - Bloomberg

Marines to be Based in Australia, Report Says - MCT

Military Uses Florida Keys for Anti-terrorism Exercise - MH

Dover Mortuary Whistleblowers Shocked by Problems - S&S

Biden Unveils Special Forces ‘Horse Statue’ - AFPS


United States

GOP Candidates Tackle Iran, Drone Strikes and Foreign Aid - WT

NASA Hitches Ride on Russian Craft, Begins New Dependent Phase - NYT

In New York, Ambivalence Over Muslim Surveillance - AP

Cost, Need Questioned in $433-million Smallpox Drug Deal - LAT

Obama Policy on Deporting Used Unevenly - NYT

Obama Urges Help for Veterans in Radio Address - S&S

For Job-Seeking Vets, Oklahoma Might be More than OK - S&S

Look South, Not East - FP opinion


United Kingdom

Remembrance Sunday: War Dead Honored Across Britain - TT

Ministry of Defence Denies Wounded Job Cut Plan - BBC

Millions in New Border Control Scandal - TT



Oxfam Withdraws Staff from S. Sudan Border Region - BBC

Sudan Army Denies Bombing South Sudan Refugee Camp - AP

Kenya Asks Arab World for Support in Somalia - VOA

AU Troops in Somalia Facing Funding Shortfall - AP

Kenya: 30 Somalia Insurgency Recruits Take Amnesty - AP

Police: 2 Wounded in Bomb Blast in North Nigeria - AP



Mexican Democracy Tested by Drug Lords in Politics - AP

Mexico: No Sign of Foul Play in Copter Crash that Killed Minister - LAT

Mexico Loss of 2nd in Charge Won't Change Drug War - AP

Brazilian Police Seize Rio Slum - BBC

Brazil Police Invade Rio's Biggest Slum - AP


Asia Pacific

Obama: Outlines of Pacific Trade Deal Reached - VOA

Obama Outlines Pacific Trade Plan - BBC

Obama: Hoping for Pacific Free Trade Plan by 2012 - AP

Obama Sees an Opening on China Trade - NYT

Obama: China Must ‘Play by the Rules’ - WP

Obama: Americans Impatient with China - LAT

Obama Raises Economic Rebalancing With Hu - Reuters

China Unlikely to Budge on Thorny South China Sea - Reuters

Chinese Study Says Dam Didn’t Affect Climate Change - NYT

Japan: Devastation at Fukushima Nuclear Site, Seen Up Close - NYT

Gunmen Kill Family of 5 in Southern Philippines - AP

Kidnapped US Boy's Relative Escapes in Philippines - AP

Burma to Free More Political Prisoners 'Soon' - Reuters

New Plea Made to Free Burma Political Prisoners - AP


Central Asia

Seven Killed in Kazakhstan Attack - BBC

Fatal Rampage by a Gunman in Kazakhstan - NYT

Islamist Kills 7, Self in Kazakhstan - AP

Twitter vs. the KGB - FP



Even as Governments Act, Time Runs Short for Euro - NYT

Italy: Berlusconi Resigns, Ending Scandal-Plagued Era - VOA

Berlusconi Steps Down, and Italy Pulses With Change - NYT

Berlusconi Steps Down as Italy’s Prime Minister - WP

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Resigns - LAT

Berlusconi Resigns as Italian PM - BBC

End of an Era: Italy's Berlusconi Resigns - AP

Italy Races to Form New Government - Reuters

Portugal Army Protests Over Cuts - BBC

Rebel Georgian Region Votes for New President - Reuters

Kurdish Rebel Killed After Hijacking Turkish Ferry - VOA

Why Carlos the Jackal is Enjoying His Days in Court - TT

Stuck in the Middle with Europe - WP opinion

In Italy, the Berlusconi Show is Over - WP opinion