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13 June SWJ Roundup

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Obama Weighs Scale of Afghanistan Pullout - LAT

Afghanistan: Pakistan to Target Insurgents - AP

Some Police Recruits Impose 'Islamic Tax' on Afghans - NYT

Work to Foil Kabul Attacks Starts Far From Capital - AP

How Will Afghan Women Fare in Taliban Reconciliation? - Reuters

Outcry Over Afghan Civilian Deaths - WSJ

NATO: 2 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan - AP

Soldier Accused in Afghan Slaying Granted Release - ST


Suicide Bomber Kills 1 in Rare Attack in Islamabad - AP

Blasts in Peshawar Kill 34 - AP

Taliban Denies Involvement in Pakistan Bombings - VOA


Tanks, Helicopter Gunships Patrol Syria's North - VOA

Syrian Troops Retake Control of Rebellious Town in North - NYT

Syrian Unrest: Army in Control of Jisr al-Shughour - BBC

Syrian Forces Take Border Town as Inhabitants Flee - Reuters

Regime Cracks Down Hard. But is the Military on Board? - CSM

Activists: Syria Uprising Killings Rise to 1,300 - Reuters

'Gay Girl in Damascus' Comes Clean - WP


Libyan Leaders Defiant as Battle Rages at Oil City - NYT

Fighting Erupts on New Libya Fronts - WSJ

Resurgent Rebels Claim Victories; Government Denies - AP

Gaddafi Forces Repel Rebels at Libyan Oil Town - Reuters

Rebels Renew Fight in Oil Port of Zawiya - BBC

Battle for Libya Oil Town, Fighting Near Tripoli - Reuters

Libya Rebels 'Smuggling Weapons Through Tunisia' - BBC

UAE Recognises Libya Rebels, to Open Benghazi Office - Reuters


Islamist Extremists linked Lo al-Qaeda Emboldened in Yemen - WP

Yemen's Power Struggle - CSM

Israel / Palestinians

US Seeks Israeli Agreement to Negotiate on 1967 Lines - WT

Hamas Rejects Fayyad for Palestinian Prime Minister - WP

Dispute Jeopardizes Palestinian Unity Deal - VOA

Abbas's Fatah Expels Ex-Palestinian Strong-Man - Reuters

Netanyahu in Italy to Rally Help for Israel - AP

Egypt Detains Suspected Israeli Spy - Reuters

Palestinian Statehood: What is the UN's Role? - LAT editorial


Missing Iraq Money May Have Been Stolen, Auditors Say - LAT

Iraqis Blast US Congressman's War Repayment Idea - AP

Suicide Bomber Kills 4 People in Southern Iraq - AP

Bye-Bye Bidets! US Troops Leaving Saddam Palaces - AP


2 Years after Marred Election, Hard-liners Anything but Triumphant - CSM

Police Break Up Protest in Iran - AP

What the Inspectors Say - NYT editorial

Middle East / North Africa

King of Jordan Promises Elections, but Doesn't Say When - NYT

Jordan King Abdullah Vows to Allow Elected Cabinets - BBC

Tribunal Sends Bahrain Protester to Prison - WP

Bahrain Medical Personnel Face Trial Over Protests - AP

6,000 Moroccans March Through Casablanca Calling for Democracy - WP

Saudi Arabia's Freedom Riders - NYT opinion


Clinton: Death of Embassy Bombing Suspect Big Blow to al-Qaida - VOA


NATO at the Crossroads after Gates Speech - AP

US Department of Defense

Army Nixes the Beret for ACUs, Offers Alternative to Velcro - S&S

United States

FBI Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds - NYT

International Monetary Fund

Egypt Backs Lagarde's Bid for IMF Chief - VOA


Fighting Ramps Up in Sudan Border Regions - LAT

UN Pulls Staff from Sudanese City - NYT

Diplomats: Sudan's Bashir Agrees to Abyei Withdrawal - Reuters

Southern African Region Debates Zimbabwe - VOA

Mugabe Pressured to Act on Zimbabwe Elections - NYT

Zimbabwe's Neighbors to Take More Active Role - AP

Clinton Honors Victims of 1998 Embassy Attacks - AP

Clinton Pledges Justice in Tanzania - BBC

Britons Held as 'Spies' in Eritrea Released - BBC


Raid Puts Mexican Casino Mogul in Role of Victim - LAT

Gunmen Kill 5 Members of Family in Northern Mexico - AP

Venezuela Struggles With Repeated Power Outages - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Recovering After Surgery in Cuba - AP

Asia Pacific

US Said to Turn Back North Korea Missile Shipment - NYT

Chinese Street Vendor Dispute Expands into Violent Melee - NYT

Protesters Burn Police Vehicles in Southern China - AP

China's State Media Say Military Not a Threat - AP

S. Korea: N. Korea May Have Miniaturized Nuke Warhead - AP

Vietnam in Live-fire Drill Amid South China Sea Row - BBC

Vietnam Holds Live-Fire Navy Drill Amid China Spat - AP

Senior Chinese Official Visits North Korea - AP

Japan: In Nuclear Crisis, Crippling Mistrust - NYT

Filipino Journalist Slain; 4th Killed This Year - AP

Candidate in Thailand Follows Path of Kin - NYT

Australian Prime Minister Refuses Dalai Lama Talks - AP


Erdogan's Party Wins Third Term in Turkish Elections - NYT

Turkey's Ruling Party Wins Third Term - AP

Turkey PM Erdogan 'to Build Consensus' After Poll Win - BBC

Turkey Election: Kurdish Anger Looms Over Vote - BBC

Poll Observers Say Turkey Must Improve Freedoms - AP

Russia Concerned About US Navy Vessel in Black Sea - VOA

Italians Begin Voting in Nuclear Referendum - VOA

Italy: Berlusconi Faces Fresh Blow in Referendums - Reuters

South Asia

India Police Find Maoist Mass Grave in Jharkhand - BBC

India Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Ends Hunger Strike - BBC

India: Mumbai Journalists to Protest Killing - BBC