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12 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan Commanders Show New Defiance in Dealings with Americans - S&S

Afghan Army’s Defiance Grows - WP

Uniformed Attacker Kills US Soldier in Afghanistan - VOA

Wearing Afghan Uniform, Gunman Kills US Soldier - NYT

Man in Afghan Army Uniform Shoots Dead NATO Soldier - BBC

Attacker in Afghan Uniform Kills US Soldier  - AP

Most ‘Green on Blue’ Attacks Individually Motivated - AFPS

NATO Head Urges Pakistan to Open Transit Routes - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Mass Protests Across Syria, Bomb Plot Foiled - VOA

Syria Says Thwarts 1,200 kg Car Bomb in Aleppo - Reuters

Suicide Attacks in Syria Add Wild Card Element - AP

US: Too Early to Call UN-Syria Peace Plan Failure - Reuters



Nuclear Negotiator Seeks ‘Beginnings of the End’ of Iran Dispute - NYT

Iran Presses for Official to Be Next Leader of Shiites - NYT

Iran, the Next Cyberthreat - WT


Middle East / North Africa

US to Resume Arms Sales to Bahrain - WP

US Resumes Some Arms Sales to Bahrain - AP

US Resumes Arms Sales to Bahrain - BBC

Israeli Envoy to Meet Palestinian President - AP

Israeli Military Faces Culture War - WP

Hezbollah Says Able to Strike Anywhere in Israel - Reuters

Saudi Arabia: King Sacks Key Conservative - BBC

Appeals Court Revives Iraq Contractor Torture Cases - Reuters

Egyptian Campaign Focuses on Islam’s Role in Public Life - NYT

In Libya, the Captors Have Become the Captive - NYT

Ruling Party Wins Big in Algerian Elections - VOA

Algerian Election Results Draw Disbelief - NYT

Algerian Islamists Fall to Govt Party in Election - AP


Terrorism / Counter-Terrorism

Lawmakers Want Haqqani Declared a Terror Group - AP

More TSA Lies - WT editorial

The Poetry of Al Qaeda and the Taliban - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

DOD Expands Contractor Cyber-threat Protection Program - AFPS

Pentagon Expands Cybersecurity Effort - WP

No Plans to Shrink EOD Force, Military Officials Say - S&S

Pentagon Condemns 'War on Islam' US Training Class - BBC

‘Whole-of-Government’ Focus Boosts Eucom’s Effectiveness - AFPS

Army to Study Use of 'Off Label' Drugs to Treat PTSD - S&S

Female Commandant of Drill Sergeant School Speaks Out - S&S

Real Consequences of Delaying F-35 Program - WT opinion


United States

Around World, Obama's Presidency a Disappointment - AP

Defense Chief, GOP Lawmaker at Odds - WP

Immigration Agency to Expand Fingerprint Program - NYT

Judge Rejects Effort to Open CIA Volume on Cuba - AP

Apollo Astronauts Reunite at New Navy Flight Academy - AP


United Kingdom

'Sonic Weapon' Deployed in London During Olympics - BBC


United Nations

UN Adopts Historic 'Land Grab' Guidelines - BBC

UN Says Nations Endorse Anti-land Grab Policy - AP



UN Refugees Chief: Africa Sinks Deeper Into Crisis - AP

UN 'Outrage' at Sudan's Bombing of S. Sudan - BBC

UN Official Condemns Sudan for 'Indiscriminate' Bombing - Reuters

UN: South Sudan Pulls Police Out of Disputed Abyei - AP

Uganda Warlord Kony on the Move as Manhunt Steps Up - Reuters

Congo Clashes as Deadline Expires - BBC

Clashes Resume in Congo's East - AP

Guinea Opposition Calls for More Protests - VOA

US Calls on Mali Coup Leader to Step Aside - Reuters

Somali Pirates 'Seize' Tanker Near Oman - BBC

Sierra Leone: Taylor's Lawyers Say Proposed Sentence is Vindictive - VOA



Mexico's Pena Nieto Widens Poll Lead After Debate - Reuters

Armed Men Open Fire on Newspaper Office in Mexico - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez Ends 'Successful' Cuba Cancer Treatment - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Returns Home After Cancer Treatment in Cuba - AP

Crossword Puzzle Stirs Controversy in Venezuela - NYT


Asia Pacific / Central

Protesters Rally in China, Philippines Against S. China Sea Claim - VOA

Filipinos Rally Against China's Claim to Shoal - NYT

Philippine Protest Over China Row - BBC

Blind Chinese Activist 'Happy' With Beijing's Handling of Case - VOA

'No Progress' for China Dissident - BBC

China: In Blind Activist’s Village, Only Fear Can Enter - WP

US Says 'Eyes Wide Open' in Response to Burma Changes - Reuters

Task Force Says Papua New Guinea Riddled with Corruption - VOA



Leftist Party’s Rise Upends Greek Political Order - NYT

Greek Euro Exit No Longer Unthinkable - AP

Greece Faces Final Coalition Push - BBC

Election Impasse in Greece Could Force a New Vote - NYT

Germany Sees Increase in Crimes With Political or Racist Motives - NYT

Anti-nuke Anarchists Claim Italy Shooting - AP

Serb Mladic Defense Team Wants 'Biased' Trial Judge Replaced - BBC

A Russian Protest Leader Takes Center Stage - NYT

Russia: Putin's First Week Sees Wave of Challenges - AP

Tajikistan Looks to Russia for Lease, Security - WT

Joke is on Dictator in Belarussian Dissident Media - WT

Shoe Thrown at Defendant in Norway Mass Murder Trial - NYT

Russia’s UN Power Play - WP opinion


South Asia

Indian Intelligence Goof Irks Pakistan - WP

Pakistan: Bomb Kills Police Officer in Northwest - AP