Small Wars Journal

1 April SWJ Roundup


White House Debates Size of Afghanistan Drawdown - Stars and Stripes

Losses in Pakistani Haven Strain Afghan Taliban - New York Times

101st General: 6 Die in Afghanistan Battle - Associated Press

Afghan President: Women's Gains to be Maintained - Associated Press

Afghan Tries to Ram NATO Patrol, Kills 2 Civilians - Associated Press

International Security Assistance Force Incidents Update - AFPS

Afghanistan's Reasons for Optimism - Washngton Post opinion


Suicide Attack On Politician In Pakistan Fails Again - New York Times

Cleric Escapes Second Suicide Attack in 2 Days - Washington Post

Islamist Survives Second Assassination Attempt - Los Angeles Times

Ten Die When Bomber Hits Fazlur Rehman Convoy - BBC News

Bomber Kills 12 in Attack on Convoy in Pakistan - Associated Press

NATO Truck Guards Killed in Pakistan - BBC News

3 Guards Killed at NATO Terminal in NW Pakistan - Associated Press

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

NATO Assumes Command of Libya Operations - American Forces Press Service

Anxiety Roils Libyan Capital Amid Top-Level Defections - New York Times

Ragtag Libya Rebels Struggle in Battle - Wall Street Journal

Kadafi Forces' Onslaught Saps Rebels' Zeal - Los Angeles Times

NATO Says Arming Libyan Rebels Not an Option - Voice of America

2 Cabinet Officials Say U.S. Likely Won't Arm Libyans - New York Times

Gates Insists U.S. Role in Libya Will Not Expand - Washington Post

Gates: No American Troops on the Ground - Los Angeles Times

NATO Rules Out Arming Libya Rebels - Wall Street Journal

NATO Warns Rebels Against Attacking Libyan Civilians - New York Times

In Libya's Rebel Base, Mix of Hope and Fear - Washington Post

NATO Commander Warns Against Attacks on Civilians - Associated Press

U.S. to Gather Intelligence on Rebel Fighters - Washington Post

Gates Calls for Limited Role Aiding Libyan Rebels - Associated Press

In Libya Mission, War Blurs Humanitarian Focus - Washington Post

U.S. Agents Were in Libya Before Secret Obama Order - Reuters

Gaddafi Envoy Has Talks in London - BBC News

Senior Gaddafi Envoy in Britain for Talks - Reuters

Defector Musa Kusa Expected to Offer Insights - Washington Post

Ex-Foreign Minister Could Be Key to Gadhafi Ouster - Associated Press

U.K. Hails Libyan Defection as Blow to Gaddafi - Reuters

U.S.: Libya's Gaddafi Not Close to Breaking Point - Reuters

Envoy Says High-Rank Libyans Trying to Defect - Associated Press

Jazeera Says More Gaddafi Aides Leave Libya - Reuters

Libyan Defector Faces New Peril in U.K. - Wall Street Journal

Foes of Gadhafi Demand Trial for Defector - Washington Times

Libyan Defector to Face Questions on Lockerbie - Reuters

Top Libyan Officials Who Have Defected So Far - Associated Press

Rebels Cheer Cracks in Gaddafi Regime - Reuters

Gadhafi's Rule Relying on Wavering Tribal Support - Associated Press

Gadhafi: Leaders of Airstrikes Should Go, Not Me - Associated Press

U.S. May Use Covert Action Against Gadhafi - Voice of America

NATO Commander Warns Against Attacks on Civilians - Associated Press

Gates Outlines U.S. Role as NATO Takes Libya Mission - AFPS

Gates Defends Action in Libya - Voice of America

Mullen Credits International Urgency for Libya Success - AFPS

Gates Grilled on Price of 'Illegal War' - Washington Times

U.S. Lawmakers Vent Frustrations About Libya - Voice of America

America's Deepening Role in Libya - Los Angeles Times editorial

Obama the Neocon - Washington Times editorial

The Defection Track - New York Times opinion

Rwanda Was Genocide. Libya Is a Civil War - Foreign Policy opinion

Winning Ugly in Libya - Foreign Affairs opinion

href="">What Is the Mission in Libya?

- Real Clear Politics opinion

The Mythology of Intervention - Foreign Affairs opinion

Coalition Faces Many Questions on Libya - The Independent editorial

How to Help Free Libya - Washington Post opinion

Obama's Exceptionalism - New York Times opinion


3 Top Mubarak Cronies Banned From Leaving Egypt - Associated Press

Egypt Panel Seeks to Recover Mubarak Assets Abroad - Reuters

Democracy is Messy - New York Times opinion


Yemen's Future Hinges On Two Most Powerful Men - Washington Post

Yemen's Hamid al-Ahmar Urges President Saleh to Leave - BBC News

Yemen Protesters Remember Dead With Talks Stalled - Reuters

U.K. Strongly Urges Britons to Leave Yemen - Reuters


Syria Offers Changes Before Renewed Protests - New York Times

Syria Steps Toward Lifting Emergency Rule - Washington Post

Syria Committee 'to Study' Lifting Emergency Laws - BBC News

Critics: Syrian Leader May Be Squandering Goodwill - Associated Press

Jordanians Call for Release of Reuters Journalist - Reuters

Assad Attempts to Tighten His Grip in Syria - The Economist editorial

The Myth of Syrian Stability - New York Times opinion

Syria's 'Reformer' - Washington Post opinion

Syria's Assad No Longer in Vogue - Foreign Affairs opinion


Bahrain Releases Blogger After Day in Custody - Associated Press


'The Other Iraq' Has Its Own Problems - National Public Radio

Iraq Blames al-Qaeda for Tikrit Attack - BBC News

Al-Qaida Tied to Tuesday's Attack in Iraq? - United Press International

Violent Attack in Tikrit Raises Questions About Security - PBS Newshour

Air Pollution Another Potentially Deadly Threat - Los Angeles Times

Polluted Air Another Danger to U.S. Troops - U.S. News and World Report


Don't Meddle, Bahrainis Tells Iran - Agence France-Presse

Kuwait To Expel Iranian Diplomats - Radio Free Europe

Kuwait Will Expel Iran Diplomats Linked to Spy Cell - Bloomberg

'Arrests' Made at Mousavi Father's Funeral - Agence France-Presse

Congressman: U.S. Policy on Iran Shows 'Weakness' - Jerusalem Post

Getting Serious About Iran Sanctions - Weekly Standard opinion

The Message of Iran Sanctions - Commentary opinion


Kuwait Cabinet Quits to Avoid Ministers' Grilling - New York Times

Kuwait Cabinet Resigns Over Bahrain Crisis - Associated Press


Loyalists of Jordan's King Deny Link to Violence - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

'Abducted' Palestinian Engineer Appears in Israel Court - BBC News

Israeli Government Watchdog to Check PM's Spending - Associated Press

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

U.S.-Yemeni Cleric: Arab Unrest Chance for Al-Qaida - Associated Press

Latest Updates on Libya and the Mideast - New York Times

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

The Middle East: False Spring? - Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial

Obama's Islamist Middle East - Washington Times opinion

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Radiation Levels Rise Again at Nuclear Plant - New York Times

Radiation Found in Groundwater at Japan Complex - Wall Street Journal

Along NE Coast, Several Hundred Miles of Cleanup - Washington Post

Japan Nuclear Evacuation 'Will Be Long-term' - BBC News

Japan Seeks French, U.S. Expertise in Nuclear Crisis - Associated Press

Water, Beef and Bodies Contaminated Near Japanese Nuclear Plant - VOA

Japan Urged to Expand Evacuations - Washington Post

Anger and Abandonment in Nuclear Ghost Town - Los Angeles Times


Europe Relies on U.S. Power Again - Washington Times

What is the Purpose of NATO? - Baltimore Sun opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Army Suicide Prevention Efforts Raising Privacy Concerns - USA Today

Top Enlisted Leaders Share Views With Congress - AFPS

United States

Federal Workers: Anxiety Over Possible Shutdown - Washington Post

Defense Calling 6th Witness in ex-CIA Agent's Case - Associated Press

In Search of the Obama Doctrine - Washington Post opinion

Truth About the False Choice - Washington Post opinion

United Kingdom

Who Will Defend the Defence Industry? - Daily Telegraph opinion


Ivory Coast: Tension High in Abidjan as Rebels Advance - Voice of America

Ivory Coast: 'Heavy Fighting' Near Gbagbo Residence - BBC News

Ivory Coast Battle Nears Decisive Stage in Key City - New York Times

Ivory Coast's President-elect Troops Outside Key City - Los Angeles Times

Ivory Coast Fighters Make Final Push to Unseat Ruler - Washington Post

Ivory Coast Hotel a Seat of Government and Prison Too - Los Angeles Times

Ivory Coast Fighters Descend on Main City - Associated Press

Heavy Fighting After Ouattara Troops Reach Abidjan - Reuters

Ivory Coast: French Forces Patrol in Abidjan - Reuters

Liberia Uneasily Linked to Ivory Coast Conflict - New York Times

Nigerian Governor Candidate Arrested Over Riot - Associated Press

Zimbabwe: MDC's Lovemore Moyo Re-elected Speaker - BBC News

Ethiopian Opposition Says Gov't Afraid of Revolt - Associated Press

Swaziland Gov't Beefs Up Security Ahead of Protest - Associated Press

Somali 'al-Shabab' Suspect Held in Canada - BBC News


Mexico's Drug Lords Fall; War Goes On - Washington Post

Calderon Replaces Mexico Attorney General - Los Angeles Times

Mexico: Attorney General Chavez Resigns - BBC News

2nd Mexican Attorney General Under Calderon Quits - Associated Press

Mexico: U.S. Offers $5 million in Killing of ICE Agent - Washington Times

Critics: U.S. Lacks Overall Strategy at Mexico Border - Associated Press

Danger on the U.S.-Mexico Border - Washington Post opinion

Venezuela: U.S. Losing Big Drug Catch - Wall Street Journal

Guatemalans Demonstrate in Support of Drug Lord - Associated Press

Teachers Strike Fuels Unrest in Polarized Honduras - Associated Press

Central America Remains a Hotspot of Instability - AFPS

Argentine Torture General Jailed - BBC News

Argentina: Ex-Agents Sentenced in Operation Condor - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

China Lays Out Vision for Military - New York Times

Missing Australia Writer Resurfaces in China - New York Times

S. Korea Trade Pact Will Bar Imports From N. Korea - Associated Press

Vietnam Clamps Down on Independent Christians - New York Times

Thailand Mounts Rescue Effort After Powerful Storms - New York Times

Malaysia Clerics Ban 'Poco-Poco' Dance for Muslims - Associated Press

Central Asia

Opposition Paper in Kazakhstan Says Publisher Missing - New York Times

Kazakhstan's Progress Toward Democracy - Washington Post opinion


Three Mail Bombs Explode in Europe, Injuring Three - New York Times

2 Wounded by Bomb at Swiss Nuclear Industry Office - Associated Press

German Arrested Over Possible Stadium Attack Plan - Associated Press

Ex-Soviet Georgia Says Bombs Found, Blames Russia - Reuters

150 Detained in Russian Protests - Associated Press

Italy Ships Migrants to Mainland, Asks E.U. for Help - Associated Press

France Calls for Global Nuclear Safety Standards - Voice of America

France: Ex-Sarkozy Aide Lashes Out at Debate on Islam - Associated Press

European Financial Problems Deepen - Washington Post

Deficits in Regions Compound Fears About Spain - New York Times

Portugal to Hold Snap General Election June 5 - Reuters

South Asia

India's Population is 1.21 billion, Census Finds - Washington Post

India Population Count Hits 1.2bn - BBC News