Voice of America

Voice of America (VOA) is the official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government. VOA provides programming for broadcast on radio, TV, and the Internet outside of the U.S., in English and some foreign languages.

Despite a growing narrative that North Korea might be teetering on the verge of collapse, there is a lack of consensus among U.S. experts on the imminent downfall of the reclusive regime.

Senator McCain said he had been assured by defense chief Mattis and new CIA Director Pompeo that they would adhere to the Army Field Manual's limits on interrogation of terrorist suspects.

"With Britain set to leave the bloc within the next few years, the calls for a European Union military force could grow louder."

"Use of the law as a weapon of war may find favor with the Trump administration, according to some scholars and attorneys. The concept is popularly known as lawfare."

Trump has professed no great power doctrine and his advisers discourage applying labels to his vision of the world.

President-elect Donald Trump's campaign pledge to wage war on "radical Islamic terrorism" is about to become U.S. policy.