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Continue on for information concerning the conference and updates on Libya, Somalia and ISIS in Africa.

A dubious badge of honor, less for skill than experience. Hard won, but never desired. Awarded with the greatest of merit and impossible to refuse.

"For military planners, the appeal of concrete barriers during an urban COIN campaign is clear."

Secretary of State Tillerson: "Degradation of ISIS is not the end goal. We must defeat ISIS".

“To achieve key national security objectives, the U.S. government and U.S. Department of Defense must effectively and credibly communicate with a broad range of foreign audiences.”

“Our national security focus and increasingly prevailing wisdom suggest the international system may be returning to an era of great power war. Except, it is not.”

“Serious crises loom, and Tillerson and Mattis should be the go-to guys to confront them.”

"These people are not saints. They are young middle-class and poor people who often joined up because they had no idea what else to do with their lives."

"If Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson hopes to reverse a growing impression of his own inefficacy in government, he will have no better opportunity than this week."

"Pouring hundreds of billions into pay and benefits has not and cannot solve the military’s personnel problems."

“Prime Minister Abadi’s visit comes as Trump administration weighs options against extremist group.”

“The foreign-aid budget is vital. But it includes plenty that’s wasteful and counterproductive.”

“For nations without big defense budgets, small tactical air forces are the trend.”

USIP - A Conversation During His Washington Visit to Meet President Trump - Watch Live Today at 5 PM EST

“President Trump is shifting more authority over military operations to the Pentagon reversing the tendency by the Obama White House to micromanage issues.”

“He had promised to be more aggressive in taking on the Islamic State - but had also signaled a desire to rein in the notion of the United States as the world’s peacekeeper.”

"The Pentagon has quietly unveiled a new kind of mission: It's called reassurance and deterrence.”

We should continue to do our little part because we have the economic power many other countries don't, because it comes at very small actual cost to us.

An ad hoc arrangement that curtailed conflict in a Syrian flashpoint town could be a blueprint in other areas of Syria and Iraq for peace and stability once IS fighters have been routed.

The Trump administration has to clearly understand that North Korea is not going to unravel or abandon its nuclear weapons.

A damn shame, the U.S. Institute of Peace is on the chopping block. The USIP costs the taxpayer $35.3 million. One F-35A costs $102.1 million.

“Secretary of State Tillerson told agency employees in a letter Thursday morning that next year’s budget proposal is a harbinger of new priorities.”

The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security announces its Call for Papers for its Fall 2017 issue.

It is very hard to explain combat and its effect on people that have not been there. It requires no explanation for those that have.

Continue on for information concerning the TRADOC / Georgetown University conference and call for papers.

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“There has been a recent wave of fretting about our inability to train foreign militaries; one attempt to address this has been the establishment of new ‘Advise and Assist’...

“The U.S. has been relying too heavily on Shiites and Kurds. It needs to cultivate Sunni Arab partners.”

Growing up with Distributed Common Ground System-Army has been both painful and insightful.

RAND Report: How the Past Can Inform the Present and Future