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Who Are US Allies in Fight Against Islamic State? (0)

IS Said to Experiment on Prisoners with Chemical Weapons (0)

How a British Citizen Became One of the Most Notorious Members of ISIS (0)

Top General Rejects Notion Pentagon is ‘Putting Band-Aids’ on the ISIS Problem (0)

Yemen Conflict: IS Suicide Bomber Kills Army Recruits in Aden (0)

Islamic State Group Leader Urges Attacks in Europe and US (0)

Coalition Strikes Hit ISIL Terrorists in Iraq, Syria (0)

Islamic State Calls for Attacks on the West During Ramadan in Audio Message (0)

Top Islamic State Official Suggests Militants are Feeling the Heat (0)

How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS (0)

Military Strikes Target ISIL in Iraq, Syria (0)

Bangladesh Machete Murder Claimed by IS (0)

US Warns ISIS Capital: Get Out Now (0)

Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq (0)

OIR Commander: ISIL Campaign Shifts Toward Taking Mosul and Raqqa (0)

US: Alleged IS Supporters Heard Discussing Syria Travel Plans (0)

Paris Attacks: Abdeslam Stays Silent in French Court (0)

Paris Attacks Suspect Keeps Silent (0)

Agreement That Could Lead to US Troops in Libya Could be Reached ‘Any Day’ (0)

ISIS War Costing $11.7M per Day (0)

Those Old OV-10 Broncos Sent To Fight ISIS Were Laser Rocket-Slinging Manhunters (0)

Counter-ISIL Strikes Hit Terrorists in Syria, Iraq (0)

Cyber War Versus Islamic State ‘Work in Progress’ (0)

Car Bomb, Clashes With IS Kill 18 Libya Unity Govt Forces (0)

Pennsylvania: Feds Say Teenager Tweeted Names, Addresses of Service Members (0)

Book & Movie Reviews / Excerpts / Lists

Book: Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror (0)

Book: The Secret War: Spies, Codes and Guerrillas 1939-1945 (0)

Book - A Rage for Order (Arab Spring) (0)

Book Review - America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History (0)

Book - The Syrian Jihad: Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and the Evolution of an Insurgency (0)

Thinking Forward: An Analysis Of The Special Operations Commander’s Reading List (0)

Book: The Unraveling of Western Counterterrorism (0)

Blood Year: The Unraveling of Western Counterterrorism (0)

Book Review: America’s War for the Greater Middle East (0)

Marine Corps Commandant Drops Longtime Staple from Reading List (0)

Spy Kid: A Young CIA Officer Breaks Cover and Spills Secrets (0)

Book - Game Changers: Going Local to Defeat Violent Extremists (0)

Book - The Case Against Military Intervention: Why We Do It and Why It Fails (0)

Book - Presidents and Their Generals: An American History of Command in War (0)

Book Reviews: Blood Year and Chaos and Caliphate (0)

April Book Reviews (0)

Book: Blood Year: Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror (0)

Book: The Rope (After Saddam Was Hanged) (0)

Book: Benjamin Franklin in London (0)

‘Hyena Road’ Brings Grinding Complexity Of Ground Combat In Afghanistan To The Screen (0)

Book: ‘United States of Jihad’ (0)

Middle East / North Africa

Egypt’s Allies Rally Amid Fears Over Worsening Security (0)

Yemen Conflict: IS Suicide Bomber Kills Army Recruits in Aden (0)

Yemen Suicide Attacks Kill at Least 45 Army Recruits (0)

US Forces Still in Yemen Amid Uptick in Violence (0)

EgyptAir Mystery Deepened by Absence of Responsibility Claim (0)

Uncertainty Grows Over EgyptAir Crash; Black Boxes Not Found (0)

More Than Half of UN Schools in Middle East Targeted in Conflicts (0)

EgyptAir: Images Released of Debris Found in Plane Search (0)

Investigators: Smoke Detected on Egypt Jet Just Before Crash (0)

Hamas Tunnels Instill Dread on Both Sides (0)

With Oil Prices Stubbornly Low, Saudi Arabia’s Future Looks Fraught (0)

Sensor Data Points to Rapid Loss of Control on EgyptAir Jet (0)

EgyptAir: Smoke Detected Inside Cabin Before Crash (0)

Tunisian Islamists Ennahda Move to Separate Politics, Religion (0)

Israel’s Defense Minister Abruptly Resigns in Slap at Growing ‘Extremism’ (0)

Egypt Military: Plane Fuselage, Passenger Belongings Found (0)

Debris From Missing Jet Is Found at Sea, Egypt Says (0)

EgyptAir Crash: Debris Found From Flight MS804 (0)

Israeli Defense Minister Resigns Over Clash with Netanyahu (0)

French FM Questions Whether Plane Disaster was Terrorism (0)

Israeli Defense Minister Announces Resignation (0)

EgyptAir Flight: Search Intensifies for Missing Plane (0)

Kerry Will Attend Meeting to Restart Peace Talks Between Israelis and Palestinians (0)

EgyptAir Plane Made ‘Sudden Swerves’ Before Vanishing Over Mediterranean (0)

Agreement That Could Lead to US Troops in Libya Could be Reached ‘Any Day’ (0)

Editorials / Opinions / Analysis / Forecasts / Interviews

Moving On In Vietnam, But Remembering Its Lessons (0)

A Baffling, Hard-line Choice in Israel (0)

Combat: Policy, Law, and Reality in the Fight Against ISIL (0)

Lifting of Vietnam Arms Embargo 'Not About China'? Pull the Other One, Obama (0)

Obama Confronts Past Wars with New Way Forward (0)

McNamara’s Morons: Salvaging the Deficient for the War Effort (0)

Glenn Reynolds: When Leaders Cheat, Followers ... Follow (0)

Strategy, War, and Skepticism (0)

If America Wants to Defeat the Islamic State, We Must Get the Politics Right (0)

The Drone War Crosses Another Line (0)

Disillusioned Defectors Key to Rebutting Islamic State Rhetoric (0)

Analysis: Mexican Government Will Not Be Able to Stop Cartel Violence in Acapulco (0)

Taliban Will Go On, Even Without Mullah Akhtar Mansur (0)

Vietnam and the Promises of the Asia Rebalance (0)

Why ISIS Will Outlast the Coalition Arrayed Against It, and Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault (0)

The UAE Approach to Counterinsurgency in Yemen (0)

Obama's Pivot to Asia Is Working (0)

The Left on the Run in Latin America (0)

The New Coalition to Destroy the Islamic State (0)

Obama’s Fatal Fatalism in the Middle East (0)

The Major Problems Facing a Rising Asia (0)

Flip-flopping Between Deterrence and Appeasement (0)

Reduce US Casualties By Arming Iraq’s Minorities (0)

Why Political Islam Matters (0)

Why Is Google Honoring A Marxist Terrorist Who Thanked Bin Laden For 9/11? (0)

Why Venezuela Could Be on the Brink of Collapse (0)

Cruel to be Kind: Authoritarian Counterinsurgency and the Winning of Hearts and Minds (0)

Analysis: Threat from Russian and Chinese Warplanes Mounts (0)

Defeating the Islamic State: Advice from Sun Tzu (0)

The Myth of American Disengagement (0)

The Liberal International Order is Under Fire. The United States Must Defend It. (0)

Hell’s Kitchens: Makeshift Weapons Becoming More Dangerous (0)

China's Worst Nightmare: Is a US-India Military Alliance Brewing? (0)

Drone Blowback in Pakistan is a Myth. Here’s Why. (0)

In Venezuela, God Does Not Provide (0)

Israel’s Army Goes to War With Its Politicians (0)

An Openly Gay Man Runs the Army (0)

Why the United States Should Consider Creating a Foreign Legion (0)

When Everest Just Isn’t Your Summit (0)

Playing Chicken in the South China Sea (0)

The Kurds: A Divided Future? (0)

Iraq and the Costs of Coming Home (0)

How White House Spin Undercuts US National Security (0)

Take the Gloves Off Against the Taliban (0)

Analysis: Why Junta Rules Thailand, With No End In Sight (0)

The US’s Show of Power Against the Islamic State (0)

The Case for Lifting the US Vietnam Arms Embargo (0)

Russian State Mobilization: Moving the Country on to a War Footing (0)

If Diplomacy Fails, Then What for Syria? (0)

Russia's Hybrid-Warfare Victory in Syria (0)

Go Big or Go Home: Applying The Full Force of the U.S. National Security Apparatus (0)

A Deception Primer for The Fledgling Red Army (0)

Dear President Obama (And Successor): War Is War (0)

Nigeria Needs US Help Against Boko Haram (0)

We Need an American Foreign Legion (0)

ISIS Targets Egypt (0)

Go Ahead and Sell Arms to Vietnam (0)

The Obama Administration Snubs Another Arab Ally (0)

Mercenaries Are the Silent Majority of Obama’s Military (0)

CONTEST, Prevent, and the Lessons of UK Counterterrorism Policy (0)

Amid Setbacks in Somalia, al Shabaab Hints at Resurgence (0)

Can America Ever Escape Its Failing Foreign Policy? (0)

Stealth Is King, The World Is Flat (0)

An Undemocratic Vietnam Awaits Obama (0)

A Rebuke to Venezuela’s President (0)

A Challenge in the Philippines (0)

Can Boko Haram Be Defeated? (0)

Putin’s Dangerous Obsession (0)

Time to Ditch ‘One China’ Fiction and Normalize Relations with Taiwan (0)

How the War on Terror Failed Yemen (0)


Migrant Crisis: Turkey Could Block EU Deal Over Visas (0)

Austria Votes in Run-off Between Far-right and Independent (0)

How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS (0)

Turkish Parliament Approves Stripping Lawmakers of Their Immunity (0)

EU Seeks to Curb Visa-Free Travel for Noncitizens (0)

Admiral Michelle Howard Picked to Lead US Naval Forces Europe (0)

Strikes Rock France as PM Urges 'Harsh' Treatment for Rioters (0)

Catalonia Pushes Ahead Quietly with Independence Plan (0)

French PM Urges 'Harsh' Punishment Over Anti-Police Violence (0)

Turkish Military Says Helicopter May Have Been Downed by Kurdish Militants (0)

Europe's Increased Defense Spending (0)

Turkish Warplanes Hit PKK Targets in Turkey, Northern Iraq, 10 Killed (0)

Smugglers Made at Least $5 Billion Last Year in Europe Migrant Crisis (0)

Europe Migrant Crisis: EU Faces 'Populist Uprising' (0)

Bomb Blast in Istanbul Wounds Four People (0)

Turkish Military Says Killed 22 Kurdish Militants in Clashes (0)

UN Says Turning Migrants Away 'Won't Work' (0)

Turkish Military's Influence Rises Again (0)

Poland's Defense Minister Accused of Undermining Military (0)

Migrant Crisis: German Politicians Say Merkel Left EU Exposed to Turkish Blackmail (0)

Kurdish Militants Just Challenged Turkish Air Defenses in a Major Way (0)

Resentment Over 1916 Deal Still Drives Turkey Foreign Policy (0)


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