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Trump Announces 'Largest Ever' Sanctions on North Korea (0)

US to Impose 'Largest Ever' N. Korea Sanctions (0)

Why Turkey Says It’s Ready to Go to War With Syria Over Afrin (0)

Trump Still Backs McMaster, Despite Tweet on Russia ‘Collusion,’ White House Says (0)

Trump Signs Budget Deal, Ending Government Shutdown (0)

Inquiry of Soldiers’ Deaths Urges Curtailing West Africa Missions (0)

Trump Signs Budget Agreement, Ending US Government Shutdown (0)

The US and South Korea Now Openly Disagree on North Korea (0)

Far From Winding Down, Syria’s War Escalates on Multiple Fronts (0)

Moon, Pence Reaffirm 'Maximum Pressure' on North Korea Nukes (0)

US Military Kills 100 Syrian Soldiers After 'Unprovoked Attack' (0)

North Korea Says No US Talks Planned at Olympics, Pence Vows Continued Pressure (0)

US Secretly Offered Iran a Channel for Talks on Prisoners (0)

For this Newly Formed Army Unit, the Stakes in Afghanistan Will be High (0)

North Korea to Face Harshest US Sanctions Yet, Pence Vows (0)

US Senate Leaders Announce Agreement on Budget Deal (0)

Two-Year Budget Deal in the Works, With Immigration Set to the Side (0)

Senate lLaders See Two-Year Budget Deal Within Their Grasp (0)

Congress Nears Budget Deal Even as Trump Issues Threat (0)

Mattis: US Defense Strategy at Risk Amid Another Budget Fight in Congress (0)

Trump Would Welcome Government Shutdown If Immigration Not Resolved (0)

Pence Says US to Unveil 'Toughest' Sanctions on N. Korea (0)

Afghanistan Worse Than Ever, Russia ‘Holds the Cards’ in Syria, Warns Former DoD Boss (0)

SpaceX Launches Most Powerful Rocket Since Apollo Era (0)

SpaceX Succeeds in Test Launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket (0)

World Flash Points / Contentious Issues

Latin-America’s Worst-Ever Refugee Crisis: Venezuelans (0)

Iranian Official Panned for Rights Abuses to Visit UN Body (0)

Gang Rapes and Beheadings: UN Reveals New South Sudan Abuses (0)

US Prepares High-Seas Crackdown on North Korea Sanctions Evaders (0)

Myanmar Bulldozes What Was Left of Rohingya Muslim Villages (0)

DR Congo Braces For New Anti-Kabila Rally (0)

Children 'Forced to Watch Rape' in South Sudan (0)

Myanmar: Rohingya Villages Destroyed 'to Erase Evidence' (0)

Iran Finally Let Her See Her Husband. He Was Dead. (0)

US to Open New Embassy in Jerusalem in May (0)

Construction Begins on Afghanistan Section of International Gas Pipeline (0)

Trump Announces 'Largest Ever' Sanctions on North Korea (0)

US to Impose 'Largest Ever' N. Korea Sanctions (0)

How Will Iraq Contain Iran’s Proxies? (0)

Why Peace Can’t Be Processed Now (0)

Another Arab Spring Builds (0)

A Venezuelan Refugee Crisis (0)

UN Report: South Sudan Officials, Military Officers Accused of War Crimes (0)

Philippines: Duterte Wants to Send Troops to China for Training (0)

Russia Opposes US Bid to Condemn Iran Over Supply of Yemeni Arms (0)

Balkans: Talk Of Paramilitaries, Real Or Imagined, Could Fuel Division (0)

China Denies Contacts with Separatist Militants in Pakistan (0)

US Moves to Halt Turkey’s Drift Toward Iran and Russia (0)

Six People Killed in Overnight Attack on South African Police Station (0)

Philippines 'Concerned' as US Intelligence Tags Duterte a Threat to Democracy (0)

Editorials / Opinions / Polls / Interviews

Can the Nation State Survive? (0)

Eastern Ghouta: A Terrible Account to Settle (0)

When Charity Workers Turn Predatory (0)

Latin-America’s Worst-Ever Refugee Crisis: Venezuelans (0)

Russia’s Attack on US Troops (0)

How Will Iraq Contain Iran’s Proxies? (0)

Why Peace Can’t Be Processed Now (0)

Trump’s Aimless War in Afghanistan Expands, Again (0)

The Defense Secretary’s Silence (0)

Give Congo Back to the Congolese (0)

America's Leaderless Foreign Policy Has Hit a Dead End (0)

The World After McMaster (0)

Syria Has Become a Gruesome Cockpit Once Again (0)

Syria is Devastated. Where are the Women? (0)

Iran’s Syrian Front (0)

Putin Protects Assad Again (0)

From ‘Fat Leonard’ Ethics Alerts to Classical Ethics: The Stockdale Exemplar (0)

What Does the US Want in Syria? (0)

Irregular / Small Wars / Related Issues

Turkey's March on Manbij Stalled by Reality (0)

Understanding Eastern Ghouta in Syria (0)

Suicide Blast, Attacks Kill Dozens In Afghanistan (0)

24 Killed in New Syrian Government Airstrikes East of Damascus (0)

Afghanistan: Soldiers Killed in Wave of Attacks (0)

US Military Rejects Russian Claims About Number of IS Fighters in Afghanistan (0)

Syria War: Air Strikes in Eastern Ghouta 'Kill 500' (0)

Syrians in Ghouta Tweet for Their Lives as Bombs Rain Down (0)

Russia’s Attack on US Troops (0)

The Fall of ISIS in Syria Could Spell More Trouble for the US (0)

Russia's Most Advanced Fighter Arrives in Syria (0)

World Powers Press for Cease-fire in Syria, but UN Doesn't Act (0)

Two Car Bombs Explode in Somali Capital and Kill 18 People (0)

Strikes Pound Syria's Eastern Ghouta as World Fumbles for Response (0)

Syria War: Who are Russia's Shadowy Wagner Mercenaries? (0)

UN to Vote Saturday on Humanitarian Cease-fire in Syria (0)

UN Security Council Delays Vote on Syria Ceasefire Resolution (0)

Trump Blasts Russia, Iran, Syria For 'Humanitarian Disgrace' Ahead Of UN Vote (0)

Merkel Calls on Iran, Russia to Curb Syria’s Assault (0)

Tet Offensive: 50 Years Later, Photographs and Memories Still Haunt Vietnam War Photographer Don McCullin (0)

UN Security Council Delays Vote on Resolution Calling for Cease-fire in Syria (0)

Military Strikes Hit ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq (0)

Syrian Rescuers Pay a Tragic Price (0)

UN to Vote on Syria Cease-fire Amid Relentless Bombardment (0)

Trump’s Aimless War in Afghanistan Expands, Again (0)

The Key to Success in Afghanistan Is Logistics (0)

Trump Administration Ready to Scrap Envoy to anti-ISIS Coalition (0)

ISIS Hasn’t Been Defeated (0)

A 3-Step Exit Strategy for Afghanistan (0)

Afghan Ministry of Defense Announces Creation of New 36,000-Strong Militia Force (0)

US Department of Defense / Defense Industry

Giving Troops a Pay Raise Might be Hurting the Military (0)

The Pentagon Shifted $20 Billion From OCO to Base Budget. Here's What it Included. (0)

Special Operations Command Asks For More Troops, Biggest Budget Yet (0)

White House Receives Mattis Memo on Transgender Troops (0)

US Defense Secretary Mattis Sends Transgender Guidance to Trump (0)

Trump Hints at Allowing More Troops to Carry Personal Weapons on Military Bases (0)

Special Report: The State of Defense 2018 (0)

The Defense Secretary’s Silence (0)

Mattis Still Mulling Transgender Guidance: ‘This is a Complex Issue’ (0)

McMaster Could Leave WH After Months of Tension With Trump (0)

What it's Like to Serve in the Army’s New Adviser Brigade (0)

Small Drones in the Middle East Have Become a $330 Million Problem (0)

In a First, US Navy Carrier to Visit Vietnam Since War (0)

Let Pentagon Carry Over FY18 Budget Boost so Money isn’t Wasted, Key Lawmaker Says (0)

Mattis Upguns Infantry: Close Combat Lethality Task Force To Invest Over $1B (0)

McMaster's Fate Up to White House, DoD Says (0)

DoD Now on Track to Rebuild, Restore Military, Spokesperson Says (0)

Army Looking to Funnel Potential Budget Boost Into Modernization (0)

Mattis Faces Deadline Today on the Military’s Transgender Policy (0)

Mattis Upguns Infantry: Task Force to Invest Over $1B (0)

US National Security Council

The World After McMaster (0)

McMaster Could Leave WH After Months of Tension With Trump (0)

McMaster's Fate Up to White House, DoD Says (0)

Trump Still Backs McMaster, Despite Tweet on Russia ‘Collusion,’ White House Says (0)

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US Intelligence Community

Philippines 'Concerned' as US Intelligence Tags Duterte a Threat to Democracy (0)

American Spies Gave $100,000 to Russian Who Wanted to Sell Material on Trump (0)

Memo Wars: When Secrets Get Out, What Happens Next? (0)

Like the News Page? Please Support SWJ. (0)

How the Spies Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fitbit (0)

Size Doesn't Matter for Spy Agencies Anymore (0)

Former Trump Aide Carter Page Was on US Counterintelligence Radar Before Russia Dossier (0)

Russian Spy Chiefs Met in Washington with CIA Director to Discuss Counterterrorism (0)

House Intel Votes to Release Controversial Republican Memo Alleging FBI Spying 'Abuses' (0)

Intel Committee Votes To Release Secret GOP Memo, Withhold Democrats' Rebuttal (0)

House Intel Committee Votes to Release Nunes Memo on FBI (0)

CIA Chief Pompeo: Russia 'Will Target US Mid-Term Elections' (0)

China vs America: The Espionage Story of Our Time (0)

Ex-spy Chiefs Weigh How to Say Enough About Trump Without Saying Too Much (0)

Pompeo: ‘Reckless’ to Keep CIA Saddled With Too Much Bureaucracy (0)


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