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As the United States and Russia clash on Syria, another war-torn nation could play out as a renewed theater for the U.S.-Russia rivalry: Afghanistan.

The provincial police chief in Uruzgan told Afghan media that intelligence reports showed visiting Russian generals were providing Taliban militants with weapons and training.

The top U.S. diplomat, meeting for the first time with other leaders from the world's major advanced economies, is looking for support for U.S. military action before heading to Russia.

The Iraqi government announced Saturday that it would temporarily halt the battle to re-take Mosul from IS jihadists after reports emerged of heavy civilian casualties.

Secretary of State Tillerson: "Degradation of ISIS is not the end goal. We must defeat ISIS".

An ad hoc arrangement that curtailed conflict in a Syrian flashpoint town could be a blueprint in other areas of Syria and Iraq for peace and stability once IS fighters have been routed.