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Lessons learned from development efforts as well as practitioners’ perspective and observations on the effectiveness of DOD’s efforts to train and advise foreign security forces.

If historical examples are any indicator irregular warfare will remain a part of current and future conflicts.

As we look back on the third anniversary of the death of Qaddafi it is impossible to argue with the President’s self-assessment that his greatest foreign policy error was made in Libya. 

What if the U.S. military hasn’t been focusing on the wrong thing the whole time?

The anniversary of the Grenada invasion is a watershed for the United States by putting the Vietnam experience behind it as well as restoring the International respect it had lost over time.

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Thanksgiving 2014.

For many, the nagging doubts and frustrations over the waste of time, money, resources, and lives readily come back to haunt.

An attack aircraft that the Pentagon is trying to get rid of has been deployed to the Middle East to take on the Islamic State.

Here are some facts about the holiday that you may not have known.

The Human Dimension White Paper has continued a much needed discussion about how the military should respond to its experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.