Voice of America

Voice of America (VOA) is the official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government. VOA provides programming for broadcast on radio, TV, and the Internet outside of the U.S., in English and some foreign languages.

The independence dream was felled by a lightening advance by Iraqi counter-terror units, trained and equipped by the U.S., and Shi’ite militias, trained and equipped by Iran.

Secretary Mattis is urging Kurdish and Iraqi forces gathered on the outskirts of Kirkuk to "tone everything down" as Kurdish officials continue to warn of an imminent Iraqi invasion.

Trump's new policy on Afghanistan, which pressures Pakistan to take more action against terrorists or face consequences, may be having an effect.

American troop deployments to Afghanistan to support the Trump administration’s new strategy there have lagged due to the military's ongoing support of hurricane relief efforts.

The outgoing head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency urged analysts there to “speak truth to power” despite any political pressures they may face.

As international pressure is mounting on Islamabad to do more against militant groups operating from its soil, some militant groups are rebranding themselves as political parties.