The Washington Post

The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper.

"If Tillerson doesn’t develop a stronger voice, control of foreign policy is likely to move increasingly toward Stephen K. Bannon."

"A strategy session on how to counter the Islamic State after a widely expected U.S.-backed military assault on the extremists’ home base."

“The military’s favored option among several variations currently under White House review, would ease a number of restrictions on U.S. activities.”

“President Trump's new adviser will need to avoid the Vietnam-era mistakes he studied.”

"President Trump’s developing plan to defeat the Islamic State may lead to significant alterations in the Syria strategy that Trump inherited from Barack Obama."

"The Islamic State is seeping back into areas it once controlled, taking advantage of rampant corruption in Iraq’s security forces and institutions."