The Washington Post

The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper.

“A top NATO general said aspects of the alliance were ‘obsolete’, saying that the Western military alliance needs to adapt for a changing world.”

“Officials credit their slow-and-steady strategy, centered on local combat power backed by U.S. air support, for the gradual recapture of much of the territory held by IS militants.”

"They are some of the biggest names in the Republican national security firmament, veterans of past GOP administrations."

"The president-elect favors people who have been successful in the private sector and amassed personal wealth over those who have achieved prominence in academic or policy fields."

“The Islamic State starts the new year with a drastically depleted bank account, counterterrorism officials say.”

“A Kurdish-Arab force is closing in on the Islamic State’s capital in Syria, but there is still no plan to seize it.”