Small Wars Journal

10/29/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 10/29/2022 - 11:49am

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National Security News Content:

1. Ukraine is the Modern-Day Sparta
2. Putin WON'T survive the war says Ukraine's spy chief
3. Exclusive: House Democratic Aide Fired after Ties to Chinese Embassy Revealed
4. 12,000 Russian Troops Were Supposed To Defend Kaliningrad. Then They Went To Ukraine To Die.
5. Advanced fighters to deploy to Kadena through phased F-15 withdrawal
6. The Attack on America’s Future - Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare
7. What causes armies to lose the will to fight? Here's what history tells us -- and what Putin may soon find out
8. IDF to deploy all-female tank crews after two-year trial deemed a success
9. Disinformation’s next frontier: your texts and private messages
10.How the 2022 midterms outcome could change U.S. foreign policy
11. Official Describes DOD’s Efforts to Bolster Ukraine’s Defense
12. Could Iran’s regime fall?
13. Why Is Joe Biden Sending U.S. Soldiers So Close to Ukraine?
14. Can the US Deter China? Lessons from Putin's Invasion of Ukraine - Interpret: China
15. Republicans sharpen knives for China with eye on House majority
16. Ukrainians use phone app to spot deadly Russian drone attacks
17. China censors searches for 'Hu Jintao,' the former president removed from congress
18. 'Massive' drone attack on Black Sea Fleet - Russia
19. China: 5 Questions
21. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (28.10.22) CDS comments on key events

Korean News Content:

1. Arms reduction talks with N. Korea could be an option, says U.S. official
2. Washington: If Pyongyang uses nuke, the regime will be terminated
3. U.S. condemns N. Korea's missile launches, urges Pyongyang to engage in dialogue
4. Department Press Briefing – October 28, 2022 - United States Department of State - Korea Excertps
5. Central Cadres Training School to erect monument honoring Kim Jong Un
6. Korean and European ambassadors “North Korea’s nuclear weapons and human rights are two sides of the same coin… must be approached simultaneously.”
7. Is it time to accept North Korea is a nuclear power?
8. This is not the time to abandon North Korean denuclearization
9. Putin 'worried' about South Korea sending weapons to Ukraine
10. Would North Korea Ever Turn Its Nuclear Missiles on China?
11. North Korea-backed Kimsuky gang hacking Android phones to gather intelligence
12. The Guardian view on Korean soft power: harder than it looks
13. Afraid Of Kim's Nukes? Build A Bunker, South Korean Professor Says



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