Small Wars Journal

SWJ Op Pause

Wed, 05/06/2020 - 11:53am

We are taking a knee for a moment. Foremost to remember Dave, but in no small part because we are now a vehicle without an engine going nowhere fast. Dave made SWJ work.

For now:

  • Thanks to those of who have reached out through That mailbox is working. It will all reach Dave's family eventually. Expect some excerpts to be posted here and acknowledgements to come. Optionally, there is a feature at Dave's obituary page to message his family directly. SWJ has no visibility of what you say there.
  • You may see a trickle of new content posted here in the Blog and Journal. There are several authors with publishing rights and they remain free to post what they want when they want.
  • If you're an author awaiting a status on content you've submitted for publication, there isn't going to be one. At least not for some time. Please follow your muse. If applicable, we release you from any commitments you've made to publish here.
  • The Small Wars Council discussion board has been cold for some time but now it is frozen. All the content is still there, but posting and new registrations are disabled.

For the future:

  • We'll get there eventually. It will be a lesser place, yet good people will make it better.
  • It's not clear what a post-Dave SWJ will look like.
  • It is clear that: 1) we will ensure the body of work here and his legacy remains available to future students and practitioners of small wars; 2) we won't be deciding anything in the next few days, and it won't be done hastily or without some collaboration.